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Commissions now open Posted 4 months ago
Yup they are open again, you can check the comm tab for details, im only taking the most basic colour style commissions as of present being whats shown in the examples.

Pm me if interested thank you
Back and uploading again and commissions opening soon Posted 4 months ago
Hello everyone, I hope you have been doing well.

I have decided after over a year of being away that i will be returning to take on vore work and commissions, basically uploading again.

I wasnt very comfortable with some of the community back then, some were nice to me some were not, those not spread rumors that im some sorta asshole, so not very fun. I am and im not, though i dont talk much so i dunno how this sorta thing spread.

Maybe due to how i used to handle commissions, but since then ive change my formula and offer wips etc... done a couple more thousand commissions since back then so it seems to work well. So hopefully I can start uploading for you all again.

Im coming back with an open mindset, so heres hoping you all dont mind...
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Is it worth making a patreon for vore comics? Posted 1 year ago
Ill be very honest, im not a fan of making comics as commissions outside of close friends, but i keep being asked about the "Ahris hungry adventure" comic, over and over and ill be frank...its damn annoying now.

Its a commissioner funded project and i dont really plan on pushing more of it out myself as im not super into it at this point. It was fun when i did it but so much time has passed id rather make a new one completely. One could say it kick started the old popularity of this account.

Ive seen a bunch of vore artists do patreon for comics, do you think it would be worth me doing it and using is as a base for vore comics, Ive seen some of those accounts with like $5000+ a month, its damn insane...

It would mean i have financial...
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IMPORTANT - bettering myself, for you all and for me Posted 1 year ago
Its been a very rough couple of years and ive decided to sit down over the past month and reflect on myself and i want to divulge into my problems and look to fix them, with my work, behavior and general work ethics, as ive heard your calls online and read them and you opened my eyes. I hope you can bare with me here. To help me reflect and change for the better. I've seeked outside help with this and am working to correct it and its one of the reasons i wanted to make this long journal post. To be completely open with you all about everything. Lets try and fix me. Also, sorry ahead for any bad grammar.

Where to begin, ill write this as some sort of open letter to you all,

We will start with attitude and metal state ;

I would like to start of with...
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Just wanted to say thanks to all of you Posted 1 year ago
Thanks for watching, faving, commenting, commissioning, liking, hating, what ever you are doing that relates to me, just wanted to say thank you for all the support.

I know i dont talk much, as i kinda like to avoid online banter honestly. But here and now i just wanted to let ya know its all much appreciated.

Thank you.
No vore day upload from me. Posted 1 year ago
Sorry guys just not been feeling great and to be honest, not something i feel much people would have given a shit about if i uploaded one so none will be done this year.

Though it would have been my first vore day here... meh.
My New youtube channel - Where i draw fanart requests!!!! Posted 2 years ago

All you need do is subscribe and comment on my video who you would wanna see drawn next!!!! Its all based on that comment system basically. Though NOT OC'S It has to be an existing character! Let the request be youtube friendly, but it can still be any character to an existing franchise or whatever!!!!

The request would be made into a video like down here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enpob6YHLJQ

Feel free to subscribe there if you wanna go at a request, thank you!!!!
New vore ych now open!!!! Posted 2 years ago

please pm me with the details if you would like a slot/s thank you!!!!
Picarto commission stream now online!!!! stream comms open! Posted 2 years ago