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Answering question, can you use Pandora in drawings, commissions or stories. Posted 1 year ago
Yes you can use my oc Pandora in commissions from others, be it drawings, fanart or stories etc, I dont mind it, ive been asked a few times so I wanted to make it clear im fine with it. Ive drawn her doing vore of many kinds, so im fine with seeing it done by others.
Updated Gumroad Shop Items Posted 1 year ago
In case anyone is interested you can see them here :

Thank you for reading
New Gumroad art bundles available now Posted 1 year ago
In case any one is interested you can see them here :
Commissions are back open! Posted 1 year ago
Yup after many years of not being here I'm back in business with YCH's and normal commissions! I'll drop all the main details here in case interested!

Send ALL details in the first note including :

- Character references
- Pose references of what you want, or things similar to what you want
- Extra details that you want that need to be specified
- The colour type commission you want from my sheet

If you don't have visual character refs or pose refs, I will decline the commission. I like having clear ideas to work from. I don't like coming up with poses and designs myself as I don't like making multiple unnessercary edits which could be avoided with proper reference details.

- If I accept I will do a sketch
- Once...
[ Continued ... ]
Commissions are open! Posted 2 years ago
Please check my commission status tab for prices and details, simply pm me the details if you want one, and ill see what i can do thank you! =v=