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If you are new to requesting from me, refer to the blog down there. I will know if you didn't.

Requests are up, grab a spot before line gets way too long. And for the 1st time ever, for convenience sake, I will post the line order below for now on so you know where you are, this is all strait from what my binder tells me (Order may or may not have been slightly altered):

1) Hibbyjibby
2) NIKO1337
3) IsistheKitsune
4) madvillain
5) Undeadresearcher14
6) thesadonion
7) Whitefangs
8) Ginga
9) Digestionfan
10) WankersCramp
11) joshfang69
12) Themastermushroom

If I missed you, PM me, we will work you in where you belong.
Then there are the Special drawings in which I will do before anything else if I please:

1) StormyRange
2) Smiley
3) JackHereTheRealOne (OC Ebony drawing)
Finally, I think I will close commissions when requests are up, I mean, who wants a commission when I will draw for free :P Not a very good practice, but what do I care.

Instead i'll just leave this here shamelessly, you know, for donations: handsomejack7171@yahoo.com

Small donations can be used to get NEW NIBS for my pen! Because I am drawing with a mouse right now and its just miserable. Are there incentives? Well lets just say, an elephant never forgets.

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EDIT*** Alright I am officially starting requests as of today, a bit earlier than expected, but that's only because I put my OC drawing to the side for now while I think of a few things to make her a less dull of a character. Any idea for that topic is completely welcome. But back on topic, if you requested something before I closed requests, I will start from there...HOWEVER!!!

I am gonna be a bit more strict here now. I hate being that way, but there needs to be a few ground rules apparently:


1) DO NOT bug me about the request, If I said I will do it, I will, but you need to be patient, there are no shortcuts. If you are in a rush, you could always commission me. You can also check in to see where you are in line, or the progress of your...
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Posted by CMvoreroom 1 month ago

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No problem, and thanks ;)

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Posted by gbrille2215185 2 months ago

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thanks :)


Posted by 9kirby99 11 months ago

<< Reply To JackHereTheRealOne

Alright, note me. :3


Posted by 9kirby99 11 months ago

Hey, interested in collabing again?


Posted by Royal_Starlord 1 year ago

Good luck on the Grizela vore spriting. 'w'/

I think lady Gum on the youtubes would love to use her for some sexy shenanigans. =w=~♥

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Posted by 9kirby99 1 year ago

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Well, either we do two pics, each one with a scenario of our choice, or we use one of our characters as a prey and the other as pred in a single pic.


Posted by 9kirby99 1 year ago

Hey there, would you be up to collab?


Posted by Heisenborg 1 year ago



Posted by thatshortguy 1 year ago

Huh. I honestly thought you of all people would hate this kind of community.

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