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Hey there! All you have to know is that I do Girl Vores and like to talk with people and other Artists!
I currently don't do Requests, But I can do Commissions!
Here's what you will see:
- Sexy Girls :3
- Sexy Girls Eating Stuff and People
- Their Butts and Stuff
- AV (Well, Yeah, Guys, I'm prob gonna do it here)
- Vore Of course
- Anthro Girls
- Full Tour (Still practicing)
- Human Vore (Soon)
- Digestion and Post-Vore
- Expansion
- Fatal Vore (Sorry for those that don't like it on my other Accounts)
- More stuff that I don't remember but it's all Straight

Things you WON'T See (Unless someone Pays for it)

- Male Preds (It will Hugely Depend on the Pred/OC/Character)
- Futanari (Not gonna draw that even with the Money)
- Scat (Hell naw... But Bones are an Arguable thing...)
- Unbirthing (No way I'm doing that)
- Dick Pics (No way I'm doing that)
- Stuff with... Cum (Ewwww... No way I'm doing that)
- Gas/WaterSport (No way I'm doing that)
- Gay stuff (No way I'm doing that)
- Mewtwo [Or a Character I have Affection with] as a Prey (SCREW THAT)
- Children in Vore/Children Hurt in it (That's just too Sick for me :| )

Gonna Update this Later

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I've been very busy, but for now, I'll actually be very lacky with Digital Drawings and Vore because my PC died almost a Week ago, I'm looking foward to Fix it but It'll take a while, It's the CPU Cooler so it can't be too hard, I'll keep up with some Paper Drawings that will lack alot of tags.

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Posted by Darksider110 4 weeks ago

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Oh ok!


Posted by Darksider110 4 weeks ago

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On my end one of your posts say

Item has been deleted

By: RemnArtX

20 hours ago


Posted by Darksider110 4 weeks ago

I'm watching your artwork because I love it

What was deleted?


Posted by Darksider110 2 months ago

Nice to see you back


Posted by Darksider110 10 months ago

Girl lucario

And that hot pikachu girl on DA
Are popular pokemon


Posted by Darksider110 11 months ago

What gender is mewto?


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 1 year ago

Heya, glad to see you on Eka! I has been watching you for really long on DA and now will continue doing it here! ;)


Posted by Searinex 1 year ago

Hey, welcome to the portal ^_^

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Posted by Shadowfang 1 year ago

Da booty is nice. ouo Pray ignore the ogling kitty.

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Posted by krow 1 year ago

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i see you got a eka account pretty new to it huh?


Posted by massvore 1 year ago

Hi and welcome to Eka

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Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 1 year ago

I really love your art =D

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