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I never want to talk about my problems. Posted 7 months ago
But recently some tough crap has been happening, from reasonable to straight up dangerous.

Firstly, College. College has been draining me recently, and it's okay, I'm learning and working on stuff on the career, it's actually interesting and I like it pretty much, it just gets tedious when you keep getting projects and excessive homework, but that's honestly the least reason to write this, all I'm saying is that College is slowing me down on Commissions, and I hope you all understand, thank you.

I've been considering on making a Patreon, but my anxiety and lack of confidence makes me doubt if it's gonna be a good idea, I'm not paywalling anything or something, but I'm struggling to find a way to keep things equal and fair for everyone, it has come to this because...
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Got a New Tablet, But... Posted 8 months ago
This is more focused for the Upcoming Commissioners.
I got a new tablet, one of those that connect to the PC and display it's image on the tablet, which allows me to draw directly on it, instead of using a graphic tablet that let's me use it as a mouse with pressure. In easy words, I got an actual Drawing Tablet, but here's the deal, to test it and use it for real I'd have to uninstall the drivers of my current tablet to install the ones of the new one, so it's not like "Oh, this didn't work yet, I'll go back to my old tablet" no, if I decide to start using it I might not be able to go back to my usual drawing tool, I also plan to use a new Drawing Software for it too, so here's my question:

Should I go for it and use the new Tablet I just got and attempt to do...
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Commissions now Open! (Pricing notice) Posted 1 year ago
Hello, after a while, Commissions are open again! Prices increased this time though, mainly because of PayPal's new ToS, but if you're interested, check the info here: ... d=RemnArtX
Guys, I'm not Dead! Posted 3 years ago
I've been very busy, but for now, I'll actually be very lacky with Digital Drawings and Vore because my PC died almost a Week ago, I'm looking foward to Fix it but It'll take a while, It's the CPU Cooler so it can't be too hard, I'll keep up with some Paper Drawings that will lack alot of tags.
Hey, A Question. Posted 3 years ago
You can actually post Non-Fetish Fanarts? If so, You'd be amazed of what I can do besides Vore!
I just want to know if it won't give me troubles since I think this is a Fetish Only Site