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Know what fellas? Posted 11 months ago
Hey, I'm not afraid of reasoning. Those of you who expressed your issues with how I handle my work, thank you. I never intended it to be as predatory (heh) as it seems. You'll be happy to know that, fuck it, I'll post everything here from now on eventually, or potentially posted by other artists if I worked with them. No more need to sit around in a discord group or whatever. No more need to hope I'll post everything one day. You heard it here 1st, Jack's turning over a new leaf, baby. No BS. Granted, they might not be posted here as fast as Discord or Patreon, but i'll try to do so in a good amount of time, like I use to. Been lazy for far too long, ammiright?

But nah really, thanks to those who brought up your issues. It's honestly humbling, and shows you care enough...
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Poll time! Poll time! Posted 1 year ago
Running a poll in my discord server on who will be drawn 1st in MHA month. Last I looked, they were tied. Fuck the stats up.

And the Winner is Camie by just a few votes. Was a hard battle between her, Ochako, and Mina, but I suppose those 2 failures would rather be ass fat...well, what are you gonna do?
Back from the store, I brought gifts Posted 1 year ago
New Discord, albeit more Patron focused. You can come anyway.
Patreon link. Goes great with the Discord, try some.

AAAAAANYWHO...Think I left my wallet in the car, brb.
Commissions (Closed), but more importantly Posted 1 year ago
Like the title says, closing commissions for now. Those of you who got a spot, sit tight, and i'll do my thing.

But more importantly, Weak willed Jack has acquired a hankering for Tifa content. If you know a writer, or know someone who writes and knows the game ff7 like, really well, come/send em my way, I've a commission of my own to take out. But like, PM me or somethin, I won't see it here, as I never check back on these.
Commission n stuff Posted 1 year ago
Opening commissions publicly for this month to fill free time with work. Not looking for anything super complicated though, like multi-panel and page comics. PM here or discord if interested or if you have questions. Please do not respond here on this post, because I probably wont notice it. And be sure to check out the commission page 1st.

Update n stuff (commissions, Requests, Patreon) Posted 2 years ago
Let's make this quick.

Commissions: Though I am already working on a few, I will be doing a few more after I complete the ones I am already working on, and after I post the requests and other various images either tonight or tomorrow, worse case, Saturday.

Requests: As stated above, I will be posting the requests from last months request winners soon. I am a bit slow on handling the final touches on them. Next to me stopping on them while working on Halloween images, and I have also been playing the new CoD game like crazy, so there went a lot of my time >_>

Patreon: Posting this here to save me from having to do more work. Patreon rewards have been locked in and ready to go. Check em out on the 1st of December when they are all done, as...
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Request results Posted 2 years ago
Went through each request made and have decided to take on the requests of:
- Digestionfan
- Cryogen
- 9kirby99

Runner-ups (in case I can't get a response from one of the chosen 3 when I am preparing to start the requests) would be:
- Failbird105
- Combat
- Azuris

If you didn't get chosen this time, just know that there were 24 Eka's requests, 5 discord requests, and 2 patreon requests, for a total of 31 requests I went through. Lot of competition. It doesn't mean your request wasn't a good one, I just don't have all of the time in the world. So, pretending that they were all equal in depth wouldn't be truthful, and I also...
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About requests (Taking 3 for October). Posted 2 years ago
This blog entry is for those asking or thinking about asking about a request, ignore this if you don't fall into this category.
If you don't have time to read, here is the fast version: Am I accepting any request? No. Am I accepting a certain type of request? Yes.

Since I will be only taking 2 commissions next month, my month will be pretty barren in terms of art stuff, because I will be working on game stuff. Although, I also wont be accepting requests from folks willy-nilly. I am willing to take on 3 for October. However, there is a catch:

- These 3 requests need to be human content this time around. Why? I am sure you haven't noticed, but I like to maintain equilibrium between human/humanoid content, and furry content, a little bit of something for...
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Commissions (Closed) Posted 2 years ago
Commissions down for the month. If I have received one from you before this change, it will still be completed.
Commissions (closed) Posted 3 years ago
I will not be taking any commissions starting today, April 24th - June 1st, next month is gonna be dedicated to my patrons. The commissions that have already been accepted will still be made, but I won't be taking anything new until further notice.