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Icon by FatalSyndrome, on FA.

User since 2008, Creator since 2015-sitewise, that is. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or thoughts! I love to discuss/debate with people about the various intricacies of the fandom. If you would like to borrow any of my characters for RP's or your own works please ask/inform me before usage-I have TOS in my blog! I'm usually pretty amicable about that sort of thing. If you've paid for art (Or I've gifted/traded with you), you can repost it wherever you like, just drop a link to the original-otherwise ask first before reposting my art. If you would like to cameo in any of my works (Images, stories, comics, ETC.) You can leave a reference sheet somewhere, along with a few guidelines regarding usage-and I'll pick a few of them to sprinkle in from time to time. If you think one of my images would look good coloured or lined-I don't mind if you give it a shot, so long as you ask first and credit the original image/me if you post it.

Critique is SUPER WELCOME! I'm an entirely self taught artist, so any advice is greatly appreciated!

Commissions: OPEN! (Sorta) [] Ask me about Commissions! If you want one, PM me and we'll talk about it. (UNDER REVISION)
Suggestions: Feel free to leave a comment.
Requests: Open, with no promise of completion. It's up to my interest, at this point. (I'm EXTREMELY busy...)
Trades/Collab's: I'm up for it, if you really like my art that much.
Gifts: At my discretion. Build up my S-Link!



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I also exist in the world of Video Games! I'm (sometimes) Badfurson there, too; play with me if you like!

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It’s gonna happen, sometime in the next month or so-probably around when I take off for MFF. I’m still sorting around my new work hours, and quite frankly, I’m exhausted. My equipment is still garbage, since I have poor impulse control, but I’m really trying to get down my paper sketches. I haven’t forgotten anyone-and I’ve done a few practices with some of your requests/suggestions, but nothings been completed to my level of satisfaction as of yet. I believe my energy and enthusiasm to be somewhat diluted amongst the breadth of projects and required activities I am to devote myself to, and I’m finding it somewhat difficult to make significant progress into any of them.

Plotbunnies are continuing to happen, but not many are worth my investment. Some, however, might do well...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thank you for the fave!


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Nice to see you watching here on Eka's as well, cheers :D


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Thank you for watch. ^_^


Posted by JacktheDragon 3 weeks ago Report

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You're welcome, looking forward to see from ya!


Posted by Dysmos 3 weeks ago Report

A bit late, but thank you very much for the watch and the likes~ Also I like your stuff <3


Posted by unknownincognitoguy 3 weeks ago Report

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No problem. I had actually thought I was watching you already, quickly noticed and corrected it lol

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Posted by ThatWeirdo 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Heartman98 1 month ago Report

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Your welcome.


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Hello, I am germanor123 on FA, I like your art

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Your welcome


Posted by mirrormind101 1 month ago Report

Cheers for the faves bud :)

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np buddy :3

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