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User since 2008, Creator since 2015-sitewise, that is. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or thoughts! I love to discuss/debate with people about the various intricacies of the fandom. If you would like to borrow any of my characters for RP's or your own works please ask/inform me before usage-I have TOS in my blog! I'm usually pretty amicable about that sort of thing. If you've paid for art (Or I've gifted/traded with you), you can repost it wherever you like, just drop a link to the original-otherwise ask first before reposting my art. If you would like to cameo in any of my works (Images, stories, comics, ETC.) You can leave a reference sheet somewhere, along with a few guidelines regarding usage-and I'll pick a few of them to sprinkle in from time to time. If you think one of my images would look good coloured or lined-I don't mind if you give it a shot, so long as you ask first and credit the original image/me if you post it.

Critique is SUPER WELCOME! I'm an entirely self taught artist, so any advice is greatly appreciated!

Commissions: Under Revision.
Suggestions: Feel free to leave a comment.
Requests: Closed. Working through backlog; some ideas may be abandoned.
Trades/Collab's: I'm up for it, if you really like my art that much.
Gifts: At my discretion. Build up my S-Link!



Now on Twitter:

I also exist in the world of Video Games! I'm (sometimes) Badfurson there, too; play with me if you like!

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Badfurson's Blog - Tagging Request Posted 1 month ago

Oiya! Love you guys wanting to help out, but I can-for the most part-tag these things accurately myself. I leave the permissions open so you can plug in the one or two that I occasionally miss. But! If there's an "obvious" tag that's missing, it's most likely not because I've forgotten it-it's because I'm purposely foregoing it, because it is not appropriate or correct for the given instance.

So please, if you see an instance such as this-don't add the tag to the image/writing. Especially if I've already had to DELETE said tag, multiple times. If I remove a tag, I would appreciate it if it stayed removed. If this continues to occur, I'll just have to restrict the tagging rights, and then where will we be?

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Posted by KSapphire8989 18 hours ago Report

Thank you so much for watching.


Posted by TaffyTheGenie 1 day ago Report

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You're welcome^^


Posted by joeburp22181 6 days ago Report

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You bet! You've got talent no doubt about it!


Posted by joeburp22181 6 days ago Report

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Yeah. Jo rocks.


Posted by joeburp22181 7 days ago Report

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Posted by joeburp22181 7 days ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Ghostdragon 13 days ago Report

Thankies for the watch. ^.=.^


Posted by Lady_List 2 weeks ago Report

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Yeah, she's awesome :D


Posted by Zex 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch ^^


Posted by Ebur64 2 weeks ago Report

Thank you oh so much for the watch~


Posted by ilbv 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for showing interest in my page and gallery. I really appreciate the support. It's nice to know where people are coming from and what they like.

I hope that you will continue to enjoy the artwork and stories I post in the future, thank you very much!

Feel free to let me know what caught your interest and how you discovered my page, I like hearing what brings people to my page and what entices them to stay.


Posted by darkflame8 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch

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