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Favorite Art Piece of 2020? Posted 3 weeks ago
What did you guys like most from my gallery? I commissioned A LOT of artwork last year, and drew a few things myself; what did you enjoy more than the rest? What stood out to you?
Content Poll; What do you want to see me focus on? Posted 1 month ago
I’ve been putting a LOT of things off, and still been getting slightly overwhelmed; I think I’d like to narrow my efforts a bit and refocus (again) on what people are actually interested in seeing me work on. The comics I’m working with other artists on are very behind, due to the world ending, but they’ll be back as soon as we have the time and money-this poll is only for stuff I’ll be working on, for the most part.

Feel free to pick multiple answers, and I’d appreciate any descriptions or reasoning you’d like to throw in for why you’d want me to focus on them. You can also suggest something if you don’t see it on there.

Update!: Thanks for the feedback so far! I’d like some more detailed responses to really...
[ Continued ... ]
Go check out this Animation! Posted 1 month ago
It’s pretty nice, and the artist is a big ol’ sweetie~ Go give ‘em a like and tell them what you think!
Gallery Organization Poll Posted 2 months ago
Oiya! Me again. I’m polling you lovely folks to see how you like my page layout; would you like me to reorganize the works on this page by content, character, some other means-or, would you rather I leave it as is? How easy do you find what you’re looking for? Would you prefer I give sequences/comics their own folder, and/or group things together by narrative continuity?

Questions! Questions that need answers! And, answers that need questions! So ask.
Check out this Artist! Posted 2 months ago
BigLadiesIDK (@BigLadiesIDK) is open for commissions on Twitter! They’re a fantastic artist, with very affordable pricing and I highly recommend their services! You can find their commission sheet here:
Q&A Time! Posted 3 months ago
I want to answer questions and gauge character interest! So, tell me which of my characters (at least 3) you like the most, and a blurb about why. Also, if you have any questions for me, directly.
New Posts On Twitter! Posted 3 months ago
Oiya! A few images (Morphs/Edits of screensaves) of one of my multiplayer spartans, HeartBreaker, are up on Twitter. They were done up by BorisAlien, @AlienBuns; but I can't post them to Eka's because they were drawn over game footage. So! You can view them on my Twitter account here:

I'll definitely be working with them again, since I actually really love this sort of thing when it's done well-and Boris is most certainly capable of that~! HeartBreaker will also be making a return later on, most likely accompanied by other spartans I've used in the past. Careful with those cheeks-they weigh three tonnes!
What's Your FAVORITE Thing About Rouge The Bat? Posted 4 months ago
Go on, I'm curious. And also probably going to go on a Rouge binge for sketches and commissions soon-ish, so I'd like to poll people on it. Plus, I like conversing with the crowd-especially on things like these~

So go ahead and tell me! Boobs?; Butt?; Belly, in the case of this genre?; Attitude?; Outfit?; All?; None?; I wanna knoooooooooooow~!
Thanks All Posted 5 months ago
For those who wished me well yesterday; I had ice cream cake for the first time, and finally finished Borderlands 2.
Happy Birthday to me. Posted 5 months ago
Flaccid Confetti Noises