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What's Your FAVORITE Thing About Rouge The Bat? Posted 3 weeks ago
Go on, I'm curious. And also probably going to go on a Rouge binge for sketches and commissions soon-ish, so I'd like to poll people on it. Plus, I like conversing with the crowd-especially on things like these~

So go ahead and tell me! Boobs?; Butt?; Belly, in the case of this genre?; Attitude?; Outfit?; All?; None?; I wanna knoooooooooooow~!
Thanks All Posted 1 month ago
For those who wished me well yesterday; I had ice cream cake for the first time, and finally finished Borderlands 2.
Happy Birthday to me. Posted 1 month ago
Flaccid Confetti Noises
Tagging Request Posted 7 months ago
Oiya! Love you guys wanting to help out, but I can-for the most part-tag these things accurately myself. I leave the permissions open so you can plug in the one or two that I occasionally miss. But! If there's an "obvious" tag that's missing, it's most likely not because I've forgotten it-it's because I'm purposely foregoing it, because it is not appropriate or correct for the given instance.

So please, if you see an instance such as this-don't add the tag to the image/writing. Especially if I've already had to DELETE said tag, multiple times. If I remove a tag, I would appreciate it if it stayed removed. If this continues to occur, I'll just have to restrict the tagging rights, and then where will we be?
What are you afraid of? (Part II) Posted 7 months ago
Oiya! More irrational-fears time! Last time I told you that I feared both exsanguination and asphyxiation-those are both still true, but now I also may have developed a slight fear of internal bleeding? And bruises, to a lesser extent. To explain, I banged my hand earlier and nicked an artery on the back of it-and after watching the blood swell out underneath my skin I had a mini panic attack, and couldn’t look at it anymore. Now I feel a deep sense of unease whenever I look or think of it. I know logically that the damage is insignificant, and that I’ve experienced much worse injuries (including a severe skull fracture that almost left me blind in one eye, and another injury that almost removed my right thumb-that one was my fault) but something about seeing the red slowly crawl further...
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Better than toys or money... Posted 9 months ago package acquired.

Oh, yeah. Posted 9 months ago
I guess I never really did talk about my experience at MFF. I think that may be, at least in part, because I missed the first day because of work, and the last because of a horrible migraine. But at least my eyes didn’t bleed this time, so there’s that. So I only really got to see the middle of the con, and I felt a little out of place.

Didn’t do much, either. I mean, I saw a few panels-including an excellent one on drawing Thicc characters-and I played cards against humanity for a few hours, but overall I felt like I was kinda just wandering aimlessly. I went to one of the vore meetups but I suck at people, so I just ended up talking to one person about mech games and developer nonsense for a while before leaving for a different panel.

The whole con didn’t feel...
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What are you afraid of? Posted 9 months ago
As it says; what are your biggest tangible and intangible fears? My biggest tangible fear is asphyxiation via blood loss, or suffocation. My biggest intangible fear is having my mind subsumed by a gestalt consciousness. Transhumanism is dumb; people don't realize that your thoughts and memories can't be transferred, only copied. So even if an identical personality is created, YOU still die. Someone, or something, else just trots off with all your memories. I refuse to be absorbed.

Anyway, what are you afraid of?
Obligitory Meme Posted 10 months ago
Information is important, probably. Here's some of mine:

MFF: Going, yes.

Staying at: My house, I think? Or maybe the train station. Depends on how lazy I get.

How are you traveling: How much fuel does my car have? Also-how much is parking?

Who are you rooming with: N/A, unless you want your hotel room invaded by a masked ghoul with no people skills, for whatever reason.

Where will you be, and what is the best way to get ahold of you: Not sure, never been before. And, unless you already have my phone number-odds are you won't be able to reach me any other way. Maybe notes.

What do you look like: Honestly, for all intents and purposes; the reference in my gallery is actually fairly accurate. Just imagine me a bit...
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The Return... Posted 11 months ago
It’s gonna happen, sometime in the next month or so-probably around when I take off for MFF. I’m still sorting around my new work hours, and quite frankly, I’m exhausted. My equipment is still garbage, since I have poor impulse control, but I’m really trying to get down my paper sketches. I haven’t forgotten anyone-and I’ve done a few practices with some of your requests/suggestions, but nothings been completed to my level of satisfaction as of yet. I believe my energy and enthusiasm to be somewhat diluted amongst the breadth of projects and required activities I am to devote myself to, and I’m finding it somewhat difficult to make significant progress into any of them.

Plotbunnies are continuing to happen, but not many are worth my investment. Some, however, might do well to...
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