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Many thanks to those who view, watch, favorite, and comment on my stories.

I am glad you all enjoy them as much as I write them!

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Just wanted an excuse to post my first (amateurish) attempt at typsetting a translation someone did for this Touhou 4koma.

A no prize to anyone who can figure out why I saved the shit outta this one.

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Posted by EndercreeperMugen 1 hour ago

Wow, thanks much for the fave ^^ I really wasn't expecting it~ :3

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Posted by Flame14 3 weeks ago

I've seen and read a number of your writings and was wondering if you might ever do writing requests/commissions for stories, particularly ones that have a picture to go with it?


Posted by Lampton 3 months ago

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Thank you! :)


Posted by luvboobies 3 months ago

Hi do you rp?


Posted by tendou 7 months ago

Glad you like the Asami pic ^^

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Posted by Underside 7 months ago

Thanks for the fav. (⁀∪⁀)

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Posted by boomerangfish 9 months ago

Happy birthday!! Thank you for all the hard work that you do!


Posted by TrainKay 1 year ago

Thanks muchly for the fave, bruh.


Posted by Cpt 1 year ago

Thanks for the favorite!


Posted by TrainKay 1 year ago

Ey, gracias for the favorite pal.


Posted by assassin 1 year ago

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YAAAAY! Thanks so much! :D


Posted by assassin 1 year ago

Hey um... I just wanted to say that I've been watching your page forever and I've read all your stories. They are a HUGE inspiration for me and the stories I write on my page over on Deviantart. This isn't me begging you to start writing again, as a writer myself I understand that you gotta be in a certain mood to get into it.
No this is me just telling you that I tried using your spectacular writing style to write a vore-fic of my own.

You don't have to read it, I mostly just wanted to tell you that you are probably the best vore writer I've ever read. I figured it was only fair after reading your stories for so long. <3

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