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The Noise Archives V.2 Posted 1 year ago
Been almost two years since the last one! It's been updated to have all the current comms/requests I have gotten since then, as well as various stories and drabbles that I have written, or that others wrote to go along with some of the pictures.

Again, if there is anything missing or the link doesn't work let me know, and have a happy and safe 2021!
The Noise Archives 1.0 Edition Posted 3 years ago
Heyo all, it sure has been a while since my last journal post hasn't it? Figured I'd post something to replace the dusty old one.

This post will mainly be up to provide a link to an archive containing all of the stories I have written so far, as well as pictures I have commissioned and requested. I've also included some of the little drabbles that were on various picture descriptions as well. The archive should contain everything but if I have forgotten anything go ahead and let me know!

I've gotten a few messages here and there about deleted things in my gallery, so hopefully this will be helpful to those interested in keeping a copy of my stuff!

Gonna try to keep this archive updated every so often. Also if the link is busted or just not working...
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Nuthin going on here~ Posted 8 years ago
Just wanted an excuse to post my first (amateurish) attempt at typsetting a translation someone did for this Touhou 4koma.

A no prize to anyone who can figure out why I saved the shit outta this one.
Halfway Point Posted 9 years ago
Nothing much this time. Almost halfway done with my final semester at college. So of course I am left with less time than usual. But once that is over and done with, I expect to have enough free time to get what needs to be written.

One more thing, I am trying my hand at some non-vore stories, and vore stories outside of my usual fare. So expect those, eventually. Don't worry, I'll tag them and give out plenty of warnings so it won't feel like so much of a trap.

Till then!
Noisekeeper, tear down this wall! Posted 10 years ago
Well, as you might have guessed it, I got hit with the bit of the ol' writers block. So first and foremost an apology to those patiently awaiting that Touhou story that won the poll last time. For the life of me I could not even get a single line out of my head, even though I have the entire scenario planned out. The story isn't dead, but I feel the need to move on and write other backlogged stories that need to be written, before I end up losing all focus entirely. Thankfully it wasn't a fatal case of the WB, as once I decided to continue with another story, I was able to do so without much problems. As of right now, a new Persona 4 story (yup, another one) is about 80% complete. Unless I'm totally braindead, it should be done (barring any revisions) by the next few days. After that,...
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Update Posted 10 years ago
Well, since finals are finally over, and after having a few days of rest, I think I better start getting back into the routine of writing again.

First things first, gotta write up that Touhou story, which won the poll quite a while ago. I want to finish that off as soon as possible so that I can dip into the rather burdensome well that is my story backlog (which of right now consists of 20 or so ideas that interest me enough to put to paper and another 10 being merely fragments that may or may not be turned into stories one day).

Case in point of a possible idea that came up recently:

I am not usually one to watch currently airing anime, mostly due to apathy and disinterest to new shows that clearly don't appeal to me. One such show, is Haiyore...
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Experiment Part Deux Posted 10 years ago
sure why not? Going to try a poll out this time. It'll last for about a day, so whichever has the most votes I'll write next.

I won't put up any description, I want to keep that a secret at least, but I'll tell you the Touhou, Susie, Queen's Blade, and Madoka stories are all sequels to their previous ones.
An Experiment Posted 10 years ago
I got a list of stories that is updated whenever an idea pops into my head. I do this so I don't forget, since I have a tendency to otherwise. It has various degrees of tiers (Top-middle-low and Touhou). Right now I am unable to decide what story to do next. So I decided to try something. It is not a contest, but something to maybe help kick start me into writing the backlog I have.

So to propose, I have the numbers 1 thru 8. Whoever posts first, be it stranger or watcher to my page, says one of those eight numbers, and I'll write the story corresponding to it on my list. I wont say what story it is until it is done, so to keep it random and a surprise. I intend to write it within a week, if things go well.

So there we go. If it turns out well, I hope to make this...
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Small Update Posted 10 years ago
College classes taking more of my time than usual. In the home stretch so trying to be done with it as soon as possible haha. Any free time I get (that isn't taken up by my acquisition of Persona 1 and 2 on the psp) is spent bum rushing as much of a story as possible.

Also as a side note most file sharing sites are going belly up. And that bobbys world clip was stored on MU. How unfortunate.

Here is the new link to mediafire, I suggest all that are interested check it out without delay since who knows what might be next on the chopping block. Its not the whole episode, just the two money shots I mentioned, since I didn't feel like waiting a hour or two for it to upload. Anyway enjoy.

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Happy Belated Holidays! Posted 10 years ago
Whew, that was a busy month. Both classwork and preparing for Christmas left me little time to myself. Thankfully that is over for the most part, and I am hoping to return to a more my previous routine.

Two side notes:

1) Saw some people asking for that Bobby World's episode, and after digging through my hard drive, found the file I had downloaded off of Youtube. It is only half the episode, but it contains the scenes I mentioned. It is in a mp4 file, so you'll need something like VLC or windows media player classic to play it.

2) For those that like Touhou AND fucked up things in general, might I point you...
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