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What is real?

Weird fetish writer and deer enthusiast. Slowly learning to art. Feel free to DM me on here or on twitter if you wanna chat.


Avatar drawn by @MeltingFoxy on Twitter and colored by  solodots!

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“And, and do you remember the look on the poor little guy’s face as I ate his friend? Hah! Lalafells are so great.”
            “Delicious, too!”
            “Mmhmm! That’s why I had to have all three, heheeuuUURPH!”
            “O’raha! You fatty! I didn&rsqu

A massive slime cow girl has super tasty "milk"! But when someone tries to drink it straight fro her huge tits, they get sucked up into the creamy goo and are converted into even tastier (and more fattening) milk...
The cow girl's tits were positively gushing from the just the slightest pressure. The slimy cow girl already towered over Sara by nearly two feet, and each of her immense udders was beyond even the size of her own head. Fat, hand-sized teats wobbled gently and spurted thick, gooey, f

Here’s a prompt. What about Luna, after a few rounds of eating prey and food, finds herself needing new clothes after being unable to fit into her sweatpants?
Luna awoke from her nap with not a yawn, but with a tremendously wet belch instead. She was fairly certain she had felt something at least mostly solid make its way up from her gut during the gassy expulsion, but. Eh. Figuring out what that was and where it had landed co

Here’s a idea, what about a dryad who ends up growing fatter the more vibrant the plant life is around her?
Dry and cracked earth crunched beneath Anise's hooves as she stepped into the valley. The acrid scent of smoke hung heavily in the air, and instead of lush greenery and towering trees, the dryad saw only drifting ashes and the twisted husks of scorched evergreens. The dryad huffed and scratched at the ground with one hoof. Life still existed beneath the dunes of ash; it was only slum

                You just can’t tear your eyes away as the huge, lardy deer girl that invaded your home lumbers towards you. Woken from your slumber by the sound of munching, gulping, and a deep, gooey gurgling, you descended the stairs only to find an immense deer girl plundering your kitchen! Distracted with her feasting, Mari didn’t notice you staring at her while she gulped down package after package of foo

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Smoge16's Blog - New Profile Pic Posted 7 months ago

I prooooobably shoulda mentioned this the other day when I actually changed it. Buuut.

I got a new profile picture! The art was done by @Meltingfoxy on twitter and the coloring was done by  solodots!

It was kind of prompted by having a few people reach out to and start chatting with me on twitter, and at some point during each conversation, they all mentioned how they were surprised at how I acted and what my personality was like. I guess Sensei was sort of giving off the impression I'm an grumpy old boomer :P

So I decided it was finally time to retire Ol' Sensei, and in his place I figured I might as well slap up another picture of Mari cause she's already all over my page at this point.

I don't think this one is quite accurate...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by KevinK1993 4 months ago Report

@Smoge16 I noticed that you like deer (if the pictures on your account are anything to go by).

What is about deer that you like, so much and what makes them your favorite animal?


Posted by Spider8Fiend 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you enjoyed the pic!

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Posted by BloodPuma 5 months ago Report

Thank you for another fav!!!


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And now thanks for the favs!

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Posted by BridgeCross10 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by RexLou 8 months ago Report

Thanks a ton for the favorite and watch! I really hope you enjoy my work in the future too!


Posted by Fumika 9 months ago Report

Thanks for watching me

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Posted by YourFriendComputer 9 months ago Report

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Thanks a million for the favorite. I’m glad you enjoyed my work!

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Posted by BloodPuma 11 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch and fav!!!!

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