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What is real?

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hefty pile of creamy jizz splattered onto the floor as the two cocks
met tip-to-tip. A thick purple rod impacted throbbing cyan girl-meat
with a gooey splat as the owners of the two girthy lengths locked
lips yet again. Soraka let loose a deep moan into Lamb's accepting
mouth, and the snow-furred huntress returned the gesture in kind.
Their two tongues, one a simple pink and the other a shimmering blue,
met in a sinuous tango, swapping bac

matter her approach, tactics, battle cry or lack thereof, the eredar
always looked surprised when Yarae leapt at them with blade held
high. The intimidation factor of a plate-clad draenei charging
heroically towards oneself, massive greatsword clutched in her hands
and thunderous hoofbeats pounding against the ground, was truly a
force to be reckoned with. After her third eredar "cleansing",
however, Yarae began to wonder if there was some other cause for her

“Schlk… Glrmp…”

The sounds of her own body seemed deafening to her as Lamb licked her lips and slowly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She groaned heavily when the grumblings and deep, gooey gurglings of her belly started up again. Lamb’s fingers went to her gut and grabbed at a handful of doughy, fuzzy flab. Her fingers squeezed and arms pressed in with as much st

    “Y-you cow! You heifer! Let me go this instant!”




! When I get out of here, I’m going to carve out your--!”


errant lamia slithered contentedly through the fields, enjoying the
feeling of the sun warming her body and the meat digesting in her
belly. The frontmost portions of her tail carved a path through the
golden-brown grasses, smoothing them down and pressing them into the
earth to make a smooth trail for the rest of her distended tail to
follow. Her extraordinarily long, slender tail was coated in
brilliant patterns of gleaming orange, red, and yellow-hued scales,
forming beautiful patters of

was just the most logical progression, in the end. The catalysts to
the whole thing were simple: Lamb was sick of Ahri, and people on the
internet were all depraved weirdos. All it took was a little bit of
preparation, a pinch of surprise, and one very, very pissed fox. The
next morning, a lovely photo featuring a smelly pile of bones, white
fur, and dung hit the internet, and Lamb watched her bank account
number roll upwards and upwards.
snow-furred huntress had considered a solo career

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Sorry to anyone who wanted a commission and didn't get a slot. Everything was done first-come, first-served, and the slots filled up crazy fast. I'd like to be able to open more, but for now, I just don't have enough free time.

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