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What is real?

Weird fetish writer and deer enthusiast. Slowly learning to art. Feel free to DM me on here or on twitter if you wanna chat.


Avatar drawn by @MeltingFoxy on Twitter and colored by  solodots!

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            Arrogance practically oozed from every inch of Alchemist’s body as she strode back into Sangvis Ferri’s base. And why shouldn’t she be looking smug? In the brief time between her deployment and the mission’s completion, the elite doll has successfully subdued, digested, and added four of Griffin’s own dolls onto her frame. The special-ops operator had practically doubled in size, all of her assets ba

                The sudden screen of sirens and the flashing of lights shocked Dan out of his stupor. The car swerved to the left, then the right, before finally steadying back out as Sandy’s hand firmly grasped the wheel.
                “Dan, pull over.” She sighed, keeping the wheel steady as her drunken husband slowly deaccele

                The gentle summer wind whispered through the fields of grass. Within the barn, the lone structure yet standing in the war-torn fields, Lamb rested upon a pile of hay. The snow-furred huntress, death incarnate, lay with her hands crossed over her stomach. Expression inscrutable behind her ebony mask, the huntress lay silently upon her back, content to watch the clouds pass by. Yesterday, this farmland had b

            Lamb sighed, patting her engorged stomach and rubbing gently as it sloshed messily with every step she took. Barely squeezed into the skin-tight orange suit that made up the bulk of her Su

                You gasp for breath as the pressure suddenly, blissfully lifts away from your head. Blinking blearily, your eyes try to focus as the air rushes into your lungs. Gradually, your vision returns properly, giving you an excellent view of the huge, gray-skinned ass hovering just above your face. A thick tail, tipped with a spade and composed of some sort of inky substance, waves and curls lazily above the two p

                The air stank of fel. Despite the Legion’s ultimate defeat on the distant surface of Argus, the scars of their occupation yet lingered. Blackened earth webbed with jagged cracks stretched as far as the eye could see. Sharp, unnatural rock formations jutted into the sky, the remnants of the island’s former landscape that the Legion had twisted and crushed beneath their demonic heel. Far off upon

The protag has a friend who they haven't seen in many, many years. They decide to meet up again at a restaurant That's close to the protag's house. However the protag is shocked to see that, when they finally arrive, they're friend is no longer the person they used to be, but instead is now a massive behemoth of lard, gluttony, and hedonism. Scarfing down both food and people with nary a second thought and extreme ease. Hijinks ensue.
"Hmm, I wonder if she got the directions okay? This place can

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Smoge16's Blog - New Profile Pic Posted 2 days ago

I prooooobably shoulda mentioned this the other day when I actually changed it. Buuut.

I got a new profile picture! The art was done by @Meltingfoxy on twitter and the coloring was done by  solodots!

It was kind of prompted by having a few people reach out to and start chatting with me on twitter, and at some point during each conversation, they all mentioned how they were surprised at how I acted and what my personality was like. I guess Sensei was sort of giving off the impression I'm an grumpy old boomer :P

So I decided it was finally time to retire Ol' Sensei, and in his place I figured I might as well slap up another picture of Mari cause she's already all over my page at this point.

I don't think this one is quite accurate...
[ Continued ... ]

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