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Commission Slots Posted 3 weeks ago
Slot 1: Downwiththethiccness
Slot 2:  ManWithNoVowels
Commissions Closed Posted 3 weeks ago
Thanks to everyone who submitted! I’ll be announcing the commission slots shortly
Commissions Open Posted 3 weeks ago
It’s been ten thousand years…

Not really, but, yeah. Commissions are open again!
I’ll be taking only two slots this time, and submissions will be open until Wednesday. You can just message me on Ekas to put in a submission.

Just make sure you read over the rules at the link below:

New Profile Pic Posted 1 year ago
I prooooobably shoulda mentioned this the other day when I actually changed it. Buuut.

I got a new profile picture! The art was done by @Meltingfoxy on twitter and the coloring was done by  solodots!

It was kind of prompted by having a few people reach out to and start chatting with me on twitter, and at some point during each conversation, they all mentioned how they were surprised at how I acted and what my personality was like. I guess Sensei was sort of giving off the impression I'm an grumpy old boomer :P

So I decided it was finally time to retire Ol' Sensei, and in his place I figured I might as well slap up another picture of Mari cause she's already all over my page at this point.

I don't think this one is quite accurate...
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Commissions Closed Posted 1 year ago
Well it's getting towards the end of Friday and it doesn't seem like there's any further interest, so I'm gonna close up comms now. I'll figure out which are being done and get into contact with those who submitted them soon.
Commissions Open Posted 1 year ago
Alrighty, this week's been pretty good for me, and I've actually got some drive to write now, so let's give this a shot.

I'll be opening for writing commission submissions from now until sometime on Friday afternoon. Once Friday hits, I'll announce that submissions are closed and look through anything that's been sent in and contact the ones chosen. Submissions will be chosen off of my highly complex, arcane algorithm code-named "I haven't decided how I'm gonna do that yet".

I'm currently planning to take 3-4 of them, depending on how the planets are aligned and what secrets the knuckle bones whisper to me during the prophesied hour.

Please check out my Commission Status page for pricing, rules, etc.

So uhm, yeah. That's about...
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Sorry about That Posted 1 year ago
I apologize for posting that previous blog, and I'd just like to say that currently, I don't actually have any plans to stop creating content or posting here.

As for an explanation for what's been going on...

It's been a really rough year for me. Stress has been really high and motivation has been really low. I'm an extremely anxious person and I (unsurprisingly) have depression, and both of those have just gotten worse and worse over the years. Combine that with all of the current world events and a lot of turmoil in my private life recently, and well, my depression came very, very close to hitting the lowest point possible. I panicked, was feeling physically sick, and just thought maybe if I ran away from everything, I would feel the tiniest bit better. It...
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I'm Done Posted 1 year ago
I've still got one or two commitments I've made, and those will still be worked on and delivered.

Sorry for all the disappointments.
Tweester Posted 1 year ago
To further the spirit of me not being a hermit living in a remote mountaintop hut, I've set up a twitter account! Hopefully this will make me seem less like a reclusive weirdo and more like a regular, non-reclusive weirdo. Link is just below!

Additionally, I finished answering all of the CuriousCat prompts and the answers are all up on my Twitter.
CURIOUS CAT HAS FAILED Posted 1 year ago


I'll answer all of em post-haste