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Vore Writer, mostly do Disney vore, sometimes other canon universes, sometimes original stuff too. Check out my gallery if you're into canon vore, ferals, digestion, cruel preds and innocent, unfortunate prey. X3

Check out my interactives here:

1. Animated film WG and Vore: a continuation of my old interactive. an almost complete archive of the original and with extra chapters. Feel free to add to it if you want. (current status: fleshed out, several finished storylines.)

2. Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers WG/Vore/Sex: - An interactive vore/WG story based off and staring Marvel's furriest super team, the pet avengers! Any vore, Any scenario goes. Feel free to add your own scenario or plot thread, or check out the one's I have made. (current status: early stages, no finished storyline.)

3. Werewolf vore reborn: - An ancient werewolf story that used to be hosted on, reborn on Eka's portal. Play as a werewolf of any gender and age, eat your family, your pets,your friends, or get eaten yourself... It's up to you. (current status: open to user submissions, one finished storyline.)

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Ok so in terms of the poll results, original stories featuring younger characters was out in front and more fanfiction was right behind it. Both of them were way ahead of the other results so I'll keep that in mind going forward. Expect to see a big focus on original stories with tasty little boys and girls, and a return to fanfiction as well from me going forward. X3 #

In other news I also hit 5000 total faves recently, and i'm about to cross 300 watchers here. :o That's massive growth from last year and if it keeps up the momentum I could well be at 500 by this time next year which would put me as one of the more popular writers on this site. :p Obviously it's not all a numbers game but i'm really happy people appreciate the type of work I'm making/commissioning. <3...
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Posted by PerilStories2020 1 day ago Report

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Wanna discuss more over PMs?


Posted by PerilStories2020 2 days ago Report

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Thanks! Anything in particular you might like to see?


Posted by Duskthewolfcub 6 days ago Report

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no problem


Posted by rockysavannah 12 days ago Report

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You're welcome.


Posted by HungryLion812 3 weeks ago Report

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No problem! You keep up the good work and I'll keep enjoying it


Posted by Stanku 1 month ago Report

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Thanks a lot, that's much appreciated ^^. You also have very neat cartoonish vore.


Posted by StalkOBroccoli 1 month ago Report

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thanks, im gonna strive to be a little bit more active. cheers!

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Posted by ArtBound 2 months ago Report

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Np man. Keep up the good content


Posted by Personad 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the favs!


Posted by Noaht65 3 months ago Report

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You Welcome


Posted by FanficFetishist 3 months ago Report

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Always. :D I've got a bunch of new interactives up too, if you're interested in those still.


Posted by FanficFetishist 3 months ago Report

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I am, yes! I'm glad you've liked me all this time!

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