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Hi, thanks for visiting my profile. I write stories, usually involving M/M and animals. Most of them are fanfiction based around animated movies but I do original stuff as well.

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Lady sighed heavily and pawed the carpet absent-mindedly, bored out of her mind. Jim dear and his wife had left on vacation for the weekend, leaving a neighbour in charge of keeping the spaniel fed and happy. But the women had gone home for the night and left Lady alone and bored, very bored.
“I think i'll go outside” The dog thought and walked over the large glass door, jumping up and grabbing the handle to pull it open, luckily enough the neighbour had forgotten to lock it. &ldquo

The young tiger scowled at the ground beneath him, massive clawed paws tapping impatiently and a low rumble echoing from his belly. “if Kaa doesn't come back soon” he turned to the plump monkey sitting above him, so deliciously out of reach and smelling quite divine in the summer sun “I might just have to eat whatever is hanging around.” And Shere Khan was telling the truth, a tiger like him needed to be fed and if a friend was prey well, that was their problem. He waited

It was a freezing cold night on the outskirts of the wintry town of Arendale. Flynn, the princess Rapunzel and Flynn's white steed Maximus all huddled together for warmth. Soon enough, the cold became too much for the group and they had to stop. They were all starving, Maximus' stomach snarling especially loudly as the two humans set up a temporary post, putting up a tent and hammering a stake into the snowy ground, tying Maximus up to it with a rope. They then started a warm fire, where they co

Light, padded paws crept upon the rotting wood of the houseboat, stopping once for a small nose to lift itself up and sniff at the air, then move forward again with an air of feverish anticipation.
Tito had waited for this moment for a long time, three months to be exact, three months since he’d first laid his eyes upon the most tantalising catch he could ever dream of. A light framed body adorned in orange fuzz, laden with juicy kitten fat and topped of with the sweetest, softest smell t

Thomas O’Malley awoke in the middle of the night, his belly rumbling as it demanded to be fed. “Guess it’s time to hunt” he thought, glancing at Duchess “hopefully I can get back before she wakes up.” You see, Duchess had forbidden Thomas from hunting any small animals and only let him eat cat food, something which he hadn’t exactly been enthusiastic about. “But since we’re staying in Paris I could hunt down lots of little animals and no one

After a long day of swinging through new york city and causing mischief, dodger the dog finally retired to his bed with a bellyful of sausages and tired legs. “Weird not having anyone around” He thought to himself and entered the houseboat, everyone except him, Rita and Oliver present at that time since the rest had gone off with Fagin for the weekend. Dodger somewhat hoped he wouldn't run across the cat for...his own personal reasons, truth to be told Oliver's scent had been getting

Maximus trotted dutifully through the grass that was growing increasingly sparse, nose stuck to the ground like a hound as he hunted his prey. “that damn thief has to be around here somewhere” the horse thought having long lost the scent of Flynn Ryder and sight of the Tiara he had stolen. But Maximus would find both of them, eventually...
as it got increasingly dark he did begin to worry however, aware of how many wolves and bears roamed these parts and not exactly willing to become

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I've deleted the following stories from my Gallery:

tod's new game
lilo and stitch: first impressions
bolt: the food chain
frozen: now they know
Bolt last adventure
gurgi's meal

These were among some of the first vore stories I wrote and, frankly, I know now that I can do better. They embarrass me, so I've rid myself of them. :p In time though I'll clean them up and you'll see them again in a much better light.

In other news I've finally abandoned my Deviantart account, so all of my DA exclusive stories will eventually make their way over here once I've cleaned them up. Otherwise i'm doing very well, this year has been the most artistically productive year I've had to date and it shows no sign of stopping. So stay tuned for plenty more vorish adventures in the future.

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Posted by MavenTreecat 8 days ago Report

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Thank you! Hopefully you enjoy the stories yet to come

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Posted by Erysichthon 1 month ago Report

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Ohh my... thank you so much <3 pardon me for the late reply as my laptops faulty but that aside, again - thank you very much!!! For both the watch and the kind words!!! I'll be sure to get back into the swing of writing when I get a working keyboad!!!


Posted by Deathbycardboardbox 1 month ago Report

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Thank you ;_; <3

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Posted by Deathbycardboardbox 1 month ago Report

Thank you so much for favoriting my piece. I'm new to Eka's Portal so I'm really happy to see people are liking my work.

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Posted by SexyDino5 2 months ago Report

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Land Before Time actually isn't Disney. It was originally created by Don Bluth (who used to work for Disney), George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg.

That said, I do have a Lion King themed vore coming up where I was going to show what would have happened had Mufasas NOT shown up after Zazu made scar lose his lunch.


Posted by oCajade 3 months ago Report

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Thank you. I'm glad you like my stuff :3


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No problem! :D and thanks ^^


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 1 year ago Report

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Cool!^^ cant wait to read the other stories then~ especially the bambi ones uwu. And.hey, if you want we can rp sometime as well maybe? But we can discuss about that in a dm and not here. Id also love to help with future stories and give ideas and such. Its always an honor for me to help good writers^^


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 1 year ago Report

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Np!^^ i just got the idea for disney vore and well when i looked them up i found a bunch of your work and well i really liked your rapunzel vore~ especially cuz i love rapunzel as a character as well. And i think you deserve some more attention. Anyway good job on your work. And keep it up gonna read more of your stories as time passes definetly^^.


Posted by CausationCorrelation 1 year ago Report

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thanks man c: happy to hear it :3


Posted by Silent_E 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


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Thanks for the fav!

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