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Hi, thanks for visiting my profile. I write stories, usually involving M/M and animals. Most of them are fanfiction based around animated movies but I do original stuff as well.

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[Warning! This story contains Vore (F/m, Fatal), digestion, burping/belching.
Gaining weight in small amounts was easy for Penny to hide. Though short, only slightly over five feet, the young woman possessed a relatively even frame that easily carried a few extra pounds. However, hiding away 60+ pounds of fat after devouring one of television’s most famous canine detectives was a different story, and it was what put Penny on her uncle’s farm, hundreds of miles away from ‘se

The Lion king and the hyena queen
As Shenzi stalked through the boiling midday sun with shaking feet she thought about her home, both of her homes to be specific.
The elephant graveyard had been a smoky, foul place and Pride Rock had slowly morphed into a decayed, choking version of itself. Neither of them had been great places to live but they were much better than this. Walking miles across the same droll Savannah landscape with the heat steaming her insides, tongue lolling out to conserve wha

Every sound in the bar exploded in Wolf’s ears, to the point where he could hardly hear his own thoughts. After three-or-four pints of cheap booze, the canine pilot’s head swum in alcohol while his typically-lean stomach bloated through his jacket. He squinted with his good eye, trying to focus on the lithe rabbit standing on the other side of the bar, and cracked a toothy grin. For the past hour, his attention was exclusively on her. The other loud patrons, some of whom Wolf ev

one rodent in any Kitchen could be considered a serious health risk
then a teeming mass of Rodents milling about chewing on cheese and
chattering to each other would surely be a full blown emergency. But
La Ratatouille was a special kind of restaurant for it's head chef
was not only a member of that furry, scampering species but tonight
he'd invited no small number of other rodents to reside in the
restaurant and celebrate their achievements. Indeed it had been a
good year for Roden

Foot of the Food Chain


Thumper didn’t understand what was happening, at


he thought maybe pollution had seeped into the ground or perhaps the summer dew was particularly weak this year. But the grass just didn’t taste the same as it used too. Here he

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Have five I like, we'll see how they turn out. :p

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Thank you. I'm glad you like my stuff :3


Posted by hunnter 6 months ago Report

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No problem! :D and thanks ^^


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 9 months ago Report

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Cool!^^ cant wait to read the other stories then~ especially the bambi ones uwu. And.hey, if you want we can rp sometime as well maybe? But we can discuss about that in a dm and not here. Id also love to help with future stories and give ideas and such. Its always an honor for me to help good writers^^


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 9 months ago Report

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Np!^^ i just got the idea for disney vore and well when i looked them up i found a bunch of your work and well i really liked your rapunzel vore~ especially cuz i love rapunzel as a character as well. And i think you deserve some more attention. Anyway good job on your work. And keep it up gonna read more of your stories as time passes definetly^^.


Posted by CausationCorrelation 1 year ago Report

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thanks man c: happy to hear it :3


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Thanks for the watch!


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Thanks for the fav!


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Thanks for the watch and favourite. Glad you enjoy my morbid little things, and Goldie just enjoys preening for the attention.


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Thanks for commenting and faving


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Hello, thanks for your post. I appreciate that you enjoyed my stories. And yes, I am actually going to start uploading more stories. I'm working on one now.


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D'aww, thanks very much~


Posted by SlitheringSnake 1 year ago Report

Thanks for watchin' and favin'!

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