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My big projects planned for 2021. Posted 2 weeks ago
So far January and 2021 is going well for me, hope it’s going well for all of you. :p I just wanted to get across to you a clear idea of what I'm going to be working on for this year, you can check back here for updates if a particular idea interests you enough to keep tabs on it.

1. The 300 watcher special/the alternate endings compilation – This will probably come in batches over the year, and then at the end I'll combine it into one big zip file. atm there’s 9 instalments/scenes that I want to write of varying length and complexity and most likely i’ll leave it at those 9.

Current status: finishing up the first story, eight more to go after that.

2. An ongoing multiple part collaboration with ActualAlisterWilde featuring a famous...
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I have a twitter account now Posted 1 month ago
idk follow if you want some minute by minute updates or just random vorish musings on whatever character i'm currently obsessed with:
December update and winner of the 300 watcher special Posted 1 month ago
So when I stopped the voting sometime last week the collection of alternate endings was juuust in front, so that's what i'm going to do. X3 I have a nice little spread of scenes and stories that I want to write, and I may upload it first as a purchasable pack from gumtree before eventually posting all of the stories here. I haven't quite decided on that yet. But stay tuned, eventually it will all end up here. X3

Aside from that, December is upon us. As difficult as this year has been it's been an incredible year artistically and growth wise for me and i'm thankful for all of it. I've wrote some things I'm very proud of, and I've met some wonderful people <3 Here's to an even better one next year.

Also mommy's little piglet part 2 is on the way ;) stay tuned.
one last poll - 300 watcher special tiebreaker + extra details Posted 2 months ago

So the CYOA disney story and a collection of near vore scenes changed both ended up tied. So this is gonna be a tiebreaker poll with an opportunity to give me more details if you wish. :p
300 watcher special poll (choose what I create) Posted 2 months ago

So here's some ideas im thinking of for a 300 watcher special :p let me see which ones you like, its gonna be fun <3

* Collection of flash fics of alternate endings to near vore scenes - basically i'd take a list of near vore scenes in movies and...change them around :p i'll probably put this in a zip file or something

* New round of Leon eating cats off his list - more Leon content, this would mostly be commissioned art. And I may do a poll allowing the audience to choose which cats get priority

* Simba and company 2 - A sequel to one of my most popular stories :p I have an interesting plotline for this so if you wanna see simba slurping more cats and dogs this is the one to pick

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Just hit 300 watchers! Posted 2 months ago
Yep, finally hit the big 300. Thanks to everyone who helped me push past this milestone, it means a lot. :p hope you enjoy all that I have planned for the future of this account.
Decide what happens next in mommy's little piglet! Posted 2 months ago

Ok so I've started work on this and I'm a little unsure of where exactly to take it, so above is a straw poll with some ideas/scenes I thought of and if you want you can go vote on it and help me figure out which ideas get people going. X3 OR if you have your own, post it below. :p This will help me shape how part two (and maybe part three and four will go....)

Pick as many options as you want but be aware the higher placed options will get a lot more attention and longer scenes than the lower placed ones.
Poll results + Approaching 300 watchers Posted 3 months ago
Ok so in terms of the poll results, original stories featuring younger characters was out in front and more fanfiction was right behind it. Both of them were way ahead of the other results so I'll keep that in mind going forward. Expect to see a big focus on original stories with tasty little boys and girls, and a return to fanfiction as well from me going forward. X3 #

In other news I also hit 5000 total faves recently, and i'm about to cross 300 watchers here. :o That's massive growth from last year and if it keeps up the momentum I could well be at 500 by this time next year which would put me as one of the more popular writers on this site. :p Obviously it's not all a numbers game but i'm really happy people appreciate the type of work I'm making/commissioning. <3...
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Last chance to vote for what you want to see me work on Posted 3 months ago

It's a close tie, i'll be closing it in about 24 hours so last chance to vote for what you want to see me focus my attention on going forward. already it's been pretty illuminating,and I will take the info here on board. X3
What would you like to see more of from this account? (Fanfiction, art, original stuff etc) Posted 3 months ago

Did a quick straqpoll to see what peoplw want me to focus on churning out going forward.
feel free to leave suggestions or answers below too.