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Poll results + Approaching 300 watchers Posted 2 weeks ago
Ok so in terms of the poll results, original stories featuring younger characters was out in front and more fanfiction was right behind it. Both of them were way ahead of the other results so I'll keep that in mind going forward. Expect to see a big focus on original stories with tasty little boys and girls, and a return to fanfiction as well from me going forward. X3 #

In other news I also hit 5000 total faves recently, and i'm about to cross 300 watchers here. :o That's massive growth from last year and if it keeps up the momentum I could well be at 500 by this time next year which would put me as one of the more popular writers on this site. :p Obviously it's not all a numbers game but i'm really happy people appreciate the type of work I'm making/commissioning. <3...
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Last chance to vote for what you want to see me work on Posted 2 weeks ago

It's a close tie, i'll be closing it in about 24 hours so last chance to vote for what you want to see me focus my attention on going forward. already it's been pretty illuminating,and I will take the info here on board. X3
What would you like to see more of from this account? (Fanfiction, art, original stuff etc) Posted 2 weeks ago

Did a quick straqpoll to see what peoplw want me to focus on churning out going forward.
feel free to leave suggestions or answers below too.
September/October update + taking writing prompts again Posted 3 weeks ago
Getting this in just before the month ends and another one starts.

I'm slowly coming off my break, but don't expect a full return until the new year. I'm holding off on some larger stories until then. mostly I'll just be uploading older stuff and focusing on more serious things on the side. Been doing a lot of small scenes though, so with any luck i'll keep on uploading them periodically.

BUT on that note, I've reopened for vore prompts on my discord server, more info and an invite here: if you wanna throw some at me. Should get a few small little scenes out of that.
Taking a break. i'll be back in the new year. Posted 2 months ago
Yeah i'm taking some time off, maybe a month or two. Haven't really felt the writing bug hit me in a while so i'll take a sabbatical and see where I am in the new year.

Commissions will still be finished, their may still be updates on flavourful flicks if Codebreaker isn't busy and im up for it. And I may commission still art. But aside from that don't expect much new from me for a while.
August update + taking writing prompts on my discord server Posted 2 months ago
Not really much to say this month, me and codebreaker are still working on flavourful flicks, haven't done much writing of my own but hopefully that'll change soon.

I am taking writing prompts on my discord server again though: join here and follow the instructions if you want a short (max 1000 word) story from me.
hit 250 watchers today Posted 4 months ago
I just hit 250 watchers, up from around 120 this time last year :o. I've also had a noticeable increase in faves, views, comments and general engagements in my pieces in the past year. Thanks for all the continued support everyone, hope I keep you all entertained for many years to come. X)
Looking for new discord friends Posted 4 months ago
You can add me at Anyonarex#1967 if you're interested

Just looking for new people to talk in these strange times, obviously conversations about vore of any kinds and cute cartoon characters will goad my interest more than anything else. X) but feel free to draw any topic out, and don't worry about offending/freaking me out, I'm pretty open to a lot of things. X)Looking forward to hearing from new people.
May/June update Posted 4 months ago
Missed May's update so I'm gonna role these into one.

So I got my writing groove back pretty hard this month, managed to get two major stories finished (The boy’s best friend anthro alt and the Scooby Doo story for Roco), plus I got a number of commissions from other artists. :p Overall I'd say it’s been a productive month.

However I’d be willing to guess that June will probably be less so, I've got schoolwork to finish and job hunting to do, plus the desire to write vore stuff has subsided somewhat. We’ll see, but for the most part I think June will be a break month while I focus on finishing commissions, do other stuff and try to sort out my real life.

In other news my inkbunny account is getting pretty popular. It’s a much smaller site and I...
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April update + looking for vore art of the webcomic housepets! (Willing to pay) Posted 6 months ago
See my advertisement for the housepets commissions here: if you're interested.

In terms of where I am now. Well Quarantine and coronavirus threw my schedule into whack, Was hoping to write a lot more this month than I actually did. I didn't finish any full length stuff however I did get some art drawn and some interesting collaborations arose.

This one in particular I thought was quite fun: I've never dabbled in vore audio before and unlion did a fantastic job. : o

But it's p much been a slow month, hoping april is better.