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Opening up commissions on the 1st of march Posted 8 days ago
Yeah, i'm finally taking the leap. :p On the 1st i'll open up a google form and take ideas/submissions, then get in contact with the offers I take up about a week or so after. This is a trial run just to see how the interest and workload pays off for me so for now I'll restrict it to three slots With the possibility of opening up more next month.

I'll aim for every story to be 5k words or above (for no extra cost) and It will be €50 base price (about 54 dollars), with a reduction to €30 if the story ends up being considerably shorter than 5000 words. But we can negotiate that individually.

So 3 commissions slots, 5k words or more, €50 base price, open the 1st of march. See you then.
February 2020, 200 watchers and still taking writing prompts on my discord server Posted 3 weeks ago
Happy February everyone, hope you had a fun January.

So this month has been perhaps one of the most productive Januaries I've ever had. :D

First of all was the second part of “When kittens play with wolves”, The time not featuring any (solid) kittens. This has always been one of my favourite Rps to look back on and I'm thankful that  dokudoku indulged me for another round. there’s something just really fun about a predatory wolf who gobbles up his best friend, and then ends up with a sort of bounty on his head as a result. :x catch it here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/572855

Then came “Marion’s mistake”, the fourth housepets themed story i’ve ever wrote although the first solely original one that wasn’t part of an RP. I honestly loooove Marion’s...
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January 2020 update and Discord server Posted 1 month ago
Happy new years everyone!

So I started a discord server today, peep it here: https://discord.gg/PmRBJqN It’ll be based around my own work and general vore fan art or fan fiction, so expect lot’s of Disney and Pixar and literary characters being nommed, :p or if you just wanna join for a chat feel free.

Main reason for this server is because I’ve been doing a lot of short writing drabbles on Discord and elsewhere, small 1000 word scenes and scenarios that are too short to upload anywhere and too vague to develop into full stories. I’ll be uploading them to my server and have opened up a suggestions channel if you have a scenario or an idea or characters you wanna see a short, 1000 word maximum flash fiction based around. A more thorough explanation is...
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December Update and 2019 retrospective Posted 2 months ago
So one of my 2020 resolutions is to a blog here every month detailing what's going through my mind and what i'm currently working on/getting commissioned. :o

So first off, December 2019, the end of a year and the end of an entire decade. I first started writing vore stories back in 2014 on writing.com and from there I moved to Deviantart (remember that hellhole?), then furaffinity and finally onto here where most of my audience is now contained. I never honestly expected to get any sort of a following here, after all who'd of guessed that there was an untapped audience of perverts waiting to see characters from Lady and the tramp, The fox and the hound or Oliver and company (among...
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Looking to commission drawings of Leon eating cartoon cats Posted 3 months ago
More info here: viewtopic.php?f=99&t=57280
Taking a break Posted 4 months ago
=Been going through a really bad period of Writer's block and real life is really busy rn, so i'm gonna be stepping away for a bit (maybe a month?) to see if I can get the mojo back. This has been my most productive year ever and I guess it was only inevitable that i'd burnout eventually. Sorry if I owe any stories or such to anybody, they will be completed in due time.
Turning 25 on the 15th of this month. Posted 5 months ago
On September 15th I will be 25 years old, I've been doing vore work for close to 5 years now too. I started back in 2014 on Writing.com before moving to Deviantart when writing.com went tits up. Then when Deviantart went tits up itself I focused on my Eka's and FA profiles.

I guess I just wanted you all to know that I love and appreciate you and I'm grateful that you enjoy the type of art I make and the subjects I pervert. :p I'm really grateful for the sudden growth i've had in followers this year (I've around 210 watchers here now) and I hope I can make it worth all your while in the future. :p I gave up vore writing in 2017 and only returned when I noticed that, despite me not uploading in close to a year, that I was still getting comments and faves and notes from people...
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Rewriting some old stories and a general update Posted 6 months ago
I've deleted the following stories from my Gallery:

tod's new game
lilo and stitch: first impressions - finished
bolt: the food chain
frozen: now they know
Bolt last adventure - finished
gurgi's meal

These were among some of the first vore stories I wrote and, frankly, I know now that I can do better. They embarrass me, so I've rid myself of them. :p In time though I'll clean them up and you'll see them again in a much better light.

In other news I've finally abandoned my Deviantart account, so all of my DA exclusive stories will eventually make their way over here once I've cleaned them up. Otherwise i'm doing very well, this year has been the most artistically productive year I've had to date and it shows...
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Add me on discord for a chat or RP Posted 9 months ago
Looking for more people to RP/Discuss vore with, so add me at: Anyonarex#1967 if you’re interested :p
Story Requests closed Posted 1 year ago
Have five I like, we'll see how they turn out. :p