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Finished+ Final story folder Posted 4 months ago
Every story i've wrote can be downloaded here in a zip file: note this may not stay up forever so get it while you can.

So yeah with the dodger and oliver i'm finished writing vore now after ten years doing it. Started in 2012 with some really bad stories on deviantart and random chapters on, then graduated to slightly better stories on DA and chapters on Then I took about a year off around 2014, took a lot of time to write outside of vore and came back (i'd say) pretty decent at writing this type of thing. Been uploading consistently since then and I feel like i've reached the natural endpoint at this time. I started vore writing because there wasn't a lot of what I liked in vore (Disney themed...
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Final story dump coming the 31st Posted 6 months ago
Next monday i'll be releasing a final story dump, then i'll post one final journal and a link to a zipped file containing all my stories. (not my commissioned art, you'll have to save that yourself.) and After that i'll be retiring this account.

Talk to you guys more then.
Retiring in january 2022 Posted 1 year ago
So come January 2022 I will be retiring from writing vore stories for this site. I'll probably still favorite and comment occasionally but for the most part I'll probably pull myself away from that too over time.

I've been doing this vore thing for nearly 10 years now, learned a lot and met a lot of cool people but part of the journey is knowing when it should end, and I think now is as good a time as any. I've reached my limit with what I can do with the medium and I want to focus on more serious fiction writing, and vore as an actual fetish doesn't consume (lol) me as much anymore. Simply put, i'm moving on.

I'll keep my art and everything still up and before I go I'll throw up a zip file with all of my stories held within. Thanks for all the fun times guys,...
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june update - still on break Posted 1 year ago
not much to say this month tbh, been busy with work and other stuff. Will try to be more active in July and onwards, gonna try and get through my backlog before my hiatus next year. Pulling back a little bit on commissions rn as well to save money, so expect mostly stories for the next while and not much art.
May update + taking a break Posted 1 year ago
Happy may everyone, I'm gonna take a few weeks off from writing stories. Probably for the rest of the month, my creative juices are running a little low. I do have an RP log to upload later this week and an older project that should be up the week after, but aside from that i'm gonna be quiet for the rest of the month while I regain my creative energy. :p

Other than that may is going p good, hope you're all doing well.
Discord open again Posted 1 year ago

If you wanna join, you might also get the chance to have a story ideas of yours written by me X3 join for more info <3
Uploading too much? (thoughts on schedule) Posted 1 year ago
So I think i'm probably at my most active i've ever been rn, both because of the quarantine and just a general ease with what i'm making now. My question to you all, as the actual consumers of my work, Am I uploading to much/too fast? I've been uploading stories on a monday and a friday for the past 2/3 weeks, with a third story on Wednesday if I have one ready. Do you guys feel it would be better to space them out more? maybe do a story a week? let me know.

I'm mostly asking because my Lockjaw/Rocket story did not do as well I would have thought, and i'm curious if it just got sort of lost in the wave of content i'm putting out. hmmm. lemme know your thoughts in any case.

tbh my rocket stories never do as well as I think they would lmao they're some of my...
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Made a Trello board for stuff i'm writing Posted 1 year ago

Here you'll find info on all my in progress stories and where they're currently at if you're interested. Note nothing is guaranteed to be finished and things often change in the writing process, but generally I expect most of these stories to eventually see the light of day in some way or another.

Also if you don't want to know what i'm working on don't look at it. :p
March update Posted 1 year ago
Happy March everyone, so with the housepets! RP I just uploaded that's my RP backlog done, everything from now on will be either completely or mostly new. X3 Hope you enjoyed some of those old little logs <3 they were fun to revisit.

So from now on the weekly updates might turn biweekly or even random depending on when I can get stuff done, but the good news is that I've found a really nice rhythm to settle myself into writing wise. So I'd expect a pretty constant array of stories up until the end of the year. :p I'm up to 15 stories/projects that I have in various stages of development and I feel very confident that I'll get them all done by the time I take my hiatus next year.

I guess the question I'll throw out this month is, how is my story formatting? i.e...
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Give me a pred or a prey, i'll rank them! Posted 1 year ago
Took this from Cheshire_cat_master over on FA :p should be fun:

So, the rules are simple: name a fictional character in the comments below (or even multiple fictional characters), and I will give you a ranking on where they stand for me on my Pred/Prey scale.

The ranking goes:

Completely Consume Me
F*ing Devour Me
Swallow Me Whole
Eat Me
No Thanks
God, No!
Maybe a Snack
Pretty Tasty
Enjoyable Meal
Absolutely Delicious
Hungry Now!