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After lurking around for a number of years, I've finally decided to make a page here. Don't know how much I'll post, as I have a lot of non-fetish type of stuff.

That being said, I like decent fetish stories - I want substance. A story that's focused only on a fetish is like being served dry turkey at Thanksgiving - I want gravy on that turkey, I want mashed potatoes, with gravy, cranberry sauce (no gravy there!), sweet potatoes, vegetables, a roll, and a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.

As for fetishes, I'm into anthros and Nonfatal Vore (Fatal Vore is okay, if there's a good story that goes with it, and Reformation is acceptable - I don't like the unnecessary deaths of those that are Good, as it were, unless it is necessary.)

Here is two places to find my stuff.

Here's my Interactives - Camp Lucky Animals Dungeons and Monsters Interactive Adopted by Anthros Meal-Pet-Slave Giant Anthro Exchange Program After the Were War

Here is my Forums - Sustainable Prey Population Fatal with Reformation or even Non-Fatal with Magic-Tec The Next Image Ends in a Belch Putting Your Own Spin on a Scenario But I Won't Do That Would You Live in Your World as Prey?

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Homemade Maple-Glazed Ham

The Taste of Love

Hanna Wolfe, Daughter of Robert Wolfe,

Owner of the Wolf Family Farm,

Waited at the dock,

Where a raft was tied up.

She slipped a glass jar,

Containing a translucent brown liquid,

Into a storage hole.

Big Meal Day Meal

It’s Time for the Big Meal Day Meal.

Sam 5691 and Mary 3095 were kissing like it was their last chance. To be honest, it was. Very soon, their owners would come, take them inside the house, restrain them, stuff them, cook them, and then eat them. After that, they’d die. It was Big Meal Day, after all. It was the day that their werewolf masters would each eat a pre-selected h

Big Meal Day Plans

On the Wolfes’ Big Meal Day, someone has plans for an Escape.

August 8
was what the calendar said. Big Meal Day. 2 humans would be dead by midnight. Meals for their Werewolf owners, Robert and Julia Wolfe. One more would follow after them.

John spat as he looked at the calendar

An Early Encounter Rewritten

A visit to a Museum of Natural History rewrites an Early Encounter between Humans and Werewolves.

John kept his face neutral as he walked through the museum, trailing behind Billy, as the young werewolf tried to get as close to the exhibits as possible. While John was impressed at how things had changed in Vampire and Werewolf society over the years, the one thing that stayed

Birthday Cake

A Human Woman becomes part of a Birthday Cake for her Wolf Boyfriend.

Sally embraced her boyfriend, Alex. His wolf fur kept her warmer than any blanket on a cold night.

“Are you sure about doing this?” he asked. “We could go to a restaurant.”

After the Were War

After the war with Weres, society rebuilds.

Werewolves, werebears, werecats, wererabbits, were-whatever – once thought to be myth and legend. They were real. They’d hidden among humans. Many would quietly help out, or just hide what they were. They were content with the way things were.

Others were not cont

A Delicate Diplomatic Matter

Matters become delicate when a diplomate is involved.

John looked at the tracks, as Roberta looked around. The werewolf sniffed them. He sighed. “I wish that the security cameras and microphones weren’t acting up,” he said. “This would be so much easier if they were functioning.”

Nine Months Later

After nine months, it’s time to welcome New Life into the World

Rodger smiled as he looked his belly over. He and his wife were expecting. The werewolf patted his belly. “See you soon, my love.”

He then looked at the ultrasound image on the portable device. There was his wife, a human named Susan, insi

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alockwood1's Blog - Food Hypocrite Posted 1 month ago

Got to laugh at this. I work at a grocery store, in the produce section. Anyways, dude comes in, and picks up several things of tofu. So, I go, "Getting a Vegan selection for a BBQ?"

Dude goes, "Oh, just picking up lunch for some of my co-workers."

I go, "What kind of work?"

Dude goes, "Farming."

Me: You mean like, beef, pork, and chicken sort of farming?

Dude: Yeah, only they don't eat beef, pork, or chicken.

Me: Sounds like some sort of hypocrisy.

Them: Yep.

Like I said - got to laugh. Maybe I'll make a John Wrangler story based off of this sort of thing, where someone who claims to not eat humans (as I do have a religion in that saga that...
[ Continued ... ]

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