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After lurking around for a number of years, I've finally decided to make a page here. Don't know how much I'll post, as I have a lot of non-fetish type of stuff.

That being said, I like decent fetish stories - I want substance. A story that's focused only on a fetish is like being served dry turkey at Thanksgiving - I want gravy on that turkey, I want mashed potatoes, with gravy, cranberry sauce (no gravy there!), sweet potatoes, vegetables, a roll, and a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.

As for fetishes, I'm into anthros and Nonfatal Vore (Fatal Vore is okay, if there's a good story that goes with it, and Reformation is acceptable - I don't like the unnecessary deaths of those that are Good, as it were, unless it is necessary.)

Here is two places to find my stuff.

Here's my Interactives - Camp Lucky Animals Dungeons and Monsters Interactive

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Julia and the Wolves

After her death, a woman finds herself with a pack of wolves.

The pain in Julia’s leg was excruciating, as she sped, the masked robber keeping their gun pointed at her head.

“Remember,” the man said. “One wrong move and I’ll blow your head off, just like I did your friend.”

Karma Hotel

Karma is a Hotel

A male Dalmatian dog laid in a dog bed, alongside of a female German Shepherd dog. Their owners, a male human and a female human, were typing away on their respective computers.

“Long day at the fire station?” the woman asked.


A Hard Choice

To save his allies, a soldier must make a hard choice. Can his friend help?

Rex watched as the turret of the tank turned towards him. Fear came to him. Not of death, but of worse. He waved his left arm, to signal the tank to stop, as around from a rifle flew past him, barely missing him.

“What’s the trouble, Bi

Bad Timing!

A Group of Robbers Finds it’s a Bad Time to Rob a Bank

“Taking a Bath!” was the sign posted on the door of the Sheriff’s Office/Jail of Smooth Gulp. Most townsfolk knew what it meant, as did most criminals – or at least those living nearby that were also smart. Only a fool dared to disturb the Sheriff’s bathing, especially since it was also his day off. He

On a Hot Summer Night

A Romance between a Male Werewolf and a Female Human

It was a hot summer night, as Rodger stood under a tree, the werewolf holding a red rose. He sniffed it, taking in the scent. Another caught his nose – that belonging to a woman. A smile came upon Rodger’s lips, as he looked up, catching sight of the owner, a human woman.

Because of a Bear

Because of a bear, the fates of two are entwined.

Robert Wolfe was enjoying his rest after a long day’s work, when something awoke the werewolf. He walked to his window, gasped in shock, and yelled, “Hey! Get away from him!”

“What is it?” Julia asked, awoken by the commotion.

Dungeons and Monsters Interactive

Monsters like to roll the dice too! Roll for Initiative!

Back in 1974, Gary Gygax, among others, developed what is known as Dungeons and Dragons. Unknown to them, they were being watched by the vary sorts of creatures their game used as possible allies or enemies. The creatures decided to take the game, and tweak it to make Dungeons and Monsters. For each version of Dung

Camp Lucky Animals Interactive

A group of friends in a Science-Fantasy Land win a trip to a Unique Camp. Interactive Link.

In a world where reformation technology exists, along with advanced technology, magic, talking animals,


, and beings from the realms of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other such places, you live in a pr

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alockwood1's Blog - Sneak Peaks Posted 1 day ago

Once I get my computer back, here's a few things I hope to work on -

A Typical Day and Date - A human, raised by Anthro Wolves, and dating an Anthro Fox, goes through a Typical Day, and Date. Will include Willing Prey, Non-Fatal Vore, Oral Vore, Soft Vore, Food Play/Prep, Wolf/Human, Fox/Human, Wolf/Rabbit, Tiger/Human and a few other such things. About 80% done.

A Dragon's Princess - A Princess claims she'd rather be eaten by a Dragon, instead of marrying a Prince. Guess who is listening? Will include Willing Prey, Non-Fatal, Oral, Dragon/Human, possibly romance.

Cat and Mouse - In a world where human are mouse-sized, and many other animals are Anthros, a Cat has fun with her human housemate. Will include Willing Prey, Non-Fatal, Macro/Micro,...
[ Continued ... ]

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No problem! Keep up the awesome stories!


Posted by wolfSnack 1 month ago Report

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I liked the new story. I especially enjoyed the disposal and the nearly instant digestion. Did you borrow the idea of the colored disposal from my work, out of curiosity?

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Posted by Nomad3628 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the watch


Posted by anyonarex 2 months ago Report

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Think there should be a members section and you can invite from there. I dont really remember actually.


Posted by anyonarex 2 months ago Report

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I made you the sole founder, you can do whatever you want with it.


Posted by OneEyedSnake 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the Watch!
*Happy Snake Noises*


Posted by vixingirl 2 months ago Report

I spy with my fox eye, you are watching me. Thank you <3


Posted by Ixtili 2 months ago Report

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You're welcome, it was a good story.

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