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The boy just stood there stunned. Two unknown pred met with Greg and they went somewhere else together. It made him nervous. This is the reason why he wanted to part ways. To meet with other preds? The other werewolf pointed at the belly of Greg. David wasn’t able to hear what they said due to the distance and all the other students, but he had a good idea of what they said. Did he know that Jim was no more? It was quite possible to figure it out. It was not a big-brainer. But it wasn&rsqu

David got home and had a shower before his parents came back and would have asked why his whole body is like someone came from a stomach. He tried to wash back in the mall but it is not that good compared to a shower. Without the part when he was eaten and of course Jim’s demise, he told everything about his day to his parents at the dinner table. Telling them how awesomely he was saved by Greg from that other werewolf that he had mistaken Greg from behind. Greg was truly a lifesaver back

*GRRRROAN* *Slosh*Besides her heartbeat, David only heard the stomach of the neko working. Her stomach moved all around him. And it worked to break him down. Solely for him.*GRRRRLN* *Slosh*To turn him into fuel to not only expand her lifetime but to hunt more humans like him. The most common death cause for a human like him. But he thought that with Greg on his side, he’s just having a little chance to avoid that horrible, acidic fate. And it happened right after Greg left them behind. R

Another Monday came up on the horizon. Of course, Emily the little two years old girl didn’t even know what Monday is or morning is to begin with. Her eyes were still shut. She needed a lot of sleep to grow after all. The door opened up and a naga slid into the room. Luckily, Sirza was not just a simple, hungry pred who saw every human as a meal. And certainly not this little girl."Good Morning Emily. It's time to wake up."The naga lifted her out of the bed and gently hugged the little gir

As soon as the pred class was over, Gregory stood up to find his friends which was kind of easy because they usually waited for him outside of their previous classroom. And it prevented a panic attack that he suffered two weeks ago when Wendy and David went to the toilet and the grey werewolf thought that Urs got them. "Hey, Wolf!"Greg recognized that deep voice of Urs. The bear closed the gap between them in no time as he casually strolled up to the werewolf. Since Greg was on his feet he faced

Fels the neko looked out of the window somewhat gloomy. Behind her eyes, David appeared in her mind as she thought about going up on him to get a little taste as she usually does. "Why the long face Fels?"Her girlfriend a lioness sat down next to her named Safa."Usually your not like this.""Well, I just thought about something.""Let me guess, your lollipop. What's his name again? I'm not good remembering the names of food.""His name is David.""I don't know. It's weird that you still have not eat

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Remember. First one who put a like on one the sites on my newest chapter will get a reward in a form of hint to the next chapter. I'm gonna upload the fifth one now.

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I have and it's really good so far.


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No prob XD

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You're welcome :)


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Wrong addressee


Posted by Mrinfo 3 weeks ago Report

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Your dragon story is really good, I just can’t get it out of my head.


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you're welcome!


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You're welcome. Feel free to check out some of my things.


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Thank you for the fave!


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Thank you for watching, I'm glad.


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The same for you.


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 9 months ago Report

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xd when it comes to ekas uploads then yes, i check this page way to frequently XD


Posted by Dacuser 9 months ago Report

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already read what happens on your deviantart page, can't wait for C3^^

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