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I... sometimes have ideas and write them down but never finish anything and... I don't like them after a while. I can be talkative but know I am a bit slow on the understanding of a situation and never have an idea on how to introduce myself other than 'standing' around.

If I replaced I with John. John knows little. John reads and writes on his spare time. John tries to not make himself noticeable or come off as an attention seeker. John feels he fails at this and limits interactions. John prefers games and story. John attended college for video games and flunked out.

Hello, says John.

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A / represents either or between subject matter some older concepts don't have this implemented.

Extreme content in BOLD. Contains digestion, incest, or can be mistaken for referring to underage characters.

Personally prefer prey being of age, above age, or just turning of age(18). However, if a writer feels a different age fits a scenario better than my own suggestion. They can feel free to leave age as unspecified, ambiguous, or some other form of unnoted. Such as prey being completely ambiguous. But pred remarks on prey's size. This is because some see little creatures automatically as underage, something I have personally been attacked on.

The following content is sometimes left open and unspecified to allow the writer free...
[ Continued ... ]

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