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Hungry Umi is Hungry (^. .^) feeeeeed me

I'm the incredibly lucky mate of  TakanTwins my love, my best friend, my angel and hunnie <3

Silly, playful and overly friendly, amorous blue & yellow thing who loves to make new friends, lick stuff, cuddle everything and swallow anything shi can get hir jaws around.

I dabble in writing and coding, which has led to me to working on a Roleplaying chatbot known as UmiBot, which is an online version of myself you can chat to and play with, if you are curious it can be found here:
I also run a Patreon group to support the development and evolution of the chatbot! If you like the project I would really appreciate you taking a peek <3

Wanna know more about me? Say hi and find out for yourself it's far more fun than reading it here.

Persona wise I'm a rather playful and soft water dragon. I love to get up to all sorts from cuddling and adventuring, to a good naughty mating session followed by curling up and rubbing the wiggling bulge in my tummy that used to by my partner.
Want to know more about my character? Don't worry I wont bite tehe (^. .^)

I do love to RP but please understand I'm very busy and won't be able to play often and it's rare I look for new players, so please don't take offence if I say I'm too busy.
I also much prefer to be contacted via direct messages before any IMs are considered so please be aware I might ask you to message me here if you find me on an IM.

For more silly Umi facts you can also take a peek at my F-list profile

Okies that's all for now, hope you enjoy the goodies in my gallery and stay tasty sweeties! (^. .^)

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Hey hey sweeties,

Just to let people know as I have been getting a fair few messages in relation to an error message coming from UmiBot interactions. The server shi is hosted on is currently undergoing upgrades that I wasnt aware were incoming and the node might be down for the next day of so.

Claws crossed it will all sorted and back online soon. Thanks for your patience while shi is having a nap.

Stay tasty yumyums!

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Posted by NyaatoShiroi 3 days ago Report

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No problem, youre my fave dragongal! =3c


Posted by YveltalSon13 13 days ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

No problem!


Posted by Nekiame 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

Np m8^^ I actually thought I was watching you already, but I wasnt, so I fixed that.


Posted by NaughtyMaggcat 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

No problem, Ive followed you for a while on Furaffinity and never considered the fact you might be on here so its long been overdue. XD


Posted by KathyMorsel 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

Oh hi! Thanks for having so much lovely art~


Posted by ThatOneWeirdAssVuy 3 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

you're very welcome, love your work c:


Posted by JamesV1985 3 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

Murr... that tongue! *squirms*


Posted by battlestoriesfan 3 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

you 're mostly welcome!


Posted by JamesV1985 3 weeks ago Report

Happy Hatchday to my favourite draggie :-) Have a great day!


Posted by ryantokyo 1 month ago Report

How do you do animated avatar picture


Posted by Omegamech 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

You're welcome!

[ Reply ]


Posted by Niku 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

of course! I like seeing Umi in all those different scenarios. and I can't wait to see more.

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