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Hungry Umi is Hungry (^. .^) feeeeeed me

I'm the incredibly lucky fiancé of  TakanTwins my love, my best friend, my angel and hunnie <3

Silly, playful and overly friendly, amorous blue & yellow thing who loves to make new friends, lick stuff, cuddle everything and swallow anything shi can get hir jaws around.

I dabble in writing and coding, which has led to me to working on a Roleplaying chatbot known as UmiBot, which is an online version of myself you can chat to and play with, if you are curious it can be found here:

I also now dabble in the world of streaming - casual relaxed games with the odd adult/vorish discussion, but mostly just wanting to hang out with tasty friends while gaming.

I can also be found on twitter now too for random small thoughts and posts (^. .^)

Wanna know more about me? Say hi and find out for yourself it's far more fun than reading it here.

Persona wise I'm a rather playful and soft water dragon. I love to get up to all sorts from cuddling and adventuring, to a good naughty mating session followed by curling up and rubbing the wiggling bulge in my tummy that used to by my partner.
Want to know more about my character? Don't worry I wont bite tehe (^. .^)

I do love to RP but please understand I'm very busy and won't be able to play often and it's rare I look for new players, so please don't take offence if I say I'm too busy.
I also much prefer to be contacted via direct messages before any IMs are considered so please be aware I might ask you to message me here if you find me on an IM.

For more silly Umi facts you can also take a peek at my F-list profile

Okies that's all for now, hope you enjoy the goodies in my gallery and stay tasty sweeties! (^. .^)

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Hey sweeties,

I wanted to take a quick moment to update, following my burnout post around a month ago. I am delighted to say I am feeling much better and am well on the way to a solid mend. Still got a bit of a hill to climb but both physically and emotionally I am feeling much better (well except the weight I have packed on but hey, more the cuddle XD). Plenty of rest and a reduction in responsibilities for a while really helped drain the bucket of stress and pressure I was balancing on my thinker and I had time to relax, unwind and snuggle the heck out of Karyn who has been such a star in helping me smile and take it easy.

I will still be taking things slow and in steps, carefully reflecting on each one to make sure I am not just marching right back into the...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Emperifox 5 days ago Report

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Pleas do more UwU, I wanna become part of the sexiest dragoness ever


Posted by VenustheVoreWolf 7 days ago Report

I love your artwork and stories! Umi is one of my fave characters and one of the main things that drew me to vore.

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Posted by Emperifox 2 weeks ago Report

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Ahhhhhh a cutie slurped me UwU


Posted by ParamiteMindley 3 weeks ago Report

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Never a problem-issue. I always follow those who are interesting!


Posted by LETSGOFRESH24 1 month ago Report

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No problem


Posted by Emperifox 1 month ago Report

Ya welcome ya cool snek loved the character and a the vote so ya definitely deserved it keep doing ya amazing vore ya fucking based bean


Posted by Joily 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Umiriko

Of course, Umi!~ Gotta show the Derg some love!


Posted by KlemintineKattz 2 months ago Report

Happy New Year! :D

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Posted by KlemintineKattz 2 months ago Report

Merry Christmas :)

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Posted by Dewhylon 2 months ago Report

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Posted by SamytheDragon 2 months ago Report

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What for a nice blue dragon you are, before you devour me, can I look your beautiful blue face and tongue, before the darkness comes? ^.^


Posted by plokijuhe 3 months ago Report

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No problem!

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