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Hungry Umi is Hungry (^. .^) feeeeeed me

I'm the incredibly lucky mate of these two wonderful young ladies  TakanTwins

Silly, playful and overly friendly amorous blue & yellow thing who loves to make new friends, lick stuff, cuddle everything and swallow anything shi can get hir jaws around.

I'm an Amateur Artist and keen to improve and expand my skills (^. .^) currently I use Flash and am trying to branch out into SIA as well.

I'm also currently working on a Roleplaying chatbot known as UmiBot, which is an online version of myself you can chat to and play with, if you are curious it can be found here:
I am now starting a Patreon group to support the development and evolution of the chatbot! If you like the project I would really appreciate you taking a peek <3

Wanna know more about me? Say hi and find out for yourself it's far more fun than reading it here.

Persona wise I'm a rather playful and soft water dragon. I love to get up to all sorts from cuddling and adventuring, to a good naughty mating session followed by curling up and rubbing the wiggling bulge in my tummy that used to by my partner.
Want to know more about my character? Ask me or find out in role play if you are brave enough (^. .^)

I do love to RP but please understand sometimes I'm very busy and won't be able to play, and it's rare I look for new players, so please dont take offence if I say I'm too busy
Here's my F-list profile for a rough guide

Okies that's all for now so go enjoy my gallery or something (^. .^)

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Saw the super sweetie  ForcesWerwolf post this and thought I would post my own (^. .^)

Will be me second every time at a furry convention and second time at EF. Gotta get my butt to Confuzzled one of these days!
Hope to see a few of you yumyums there! Feel free to say hi and give this chubster a hug (^. .^) always happy to chit chat.

Umi x


EuroFurence 24 MEME:

Where are you staying?
Secondary Hostel/Hotel // Alas couldn't get a room this time (^. .^) so gunna be staying out in town and commuting in each day.

Means of transportation?
Bit of everything, car to plane to train and possibly bus.

Sharing a room with:
Takan Twins, Foshu, Mouse26 and Catlikemeh

What is your gender?

Relationship Status:
In a relationship with the Takan Twins

How old are...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by XxShadowGamerXx 4 days ago

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Your welcome I actually followed you on furaffinity but my account got permanently banned so is it ok if I add you on steam and xbox live?


Posted by Mettra 4 days ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

Np ^^


Posted by Derpa 12 days ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

No problem :D


Posted by JamCat 13 days ago

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by 1dragonoid 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

You are welcome great one.


Posted by Base54 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

No problem.


Posted by SeekGr 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

I had no idea I wasn't watching you! :O


Posted by KlaudiaLaTerra 3 weeks ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

*petpets snout* No probs!~ ^w^


Posted by SeraphimDragoness 3 weeks ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

Your welcome, nothing better than whatch something i enjoy looking at ♡


Posted by CioneDavnira 3 weeks ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

You're very welcome, lovely dragoness. ^w^


Posted by KlaudiaLaTerra 3 weeks ago

<< Reply To Umiriko

No probs~ *offers a fishie* ^w^


Posted by scar 3 weeks ago

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