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Seeking Knowledge! VR-Chat and Vtubing Rigging (^. .^) Posted 3 months ago
Ahoy hoy you tasty and delicious treats (^. .^) Hope you are all keeping scrumptious and squirmy.

Now got a favour to ask anyone with good working knowledge around Rigging for things like VR-Chat and V-tubing, or know peeps to point me towards.

What I am sniffing around for is someone with experience for doing this for quadruped or feral models. Have seen a few great ones out there but when it comes to linking an awesome model with face or movement tracking I am at a loss.

Need to discover the secrets for translating human tracking into feral movements, if you know yourself about this mysterious and magical method or know anyone who uses feral stuff in VR-Chat or V-Tubing I would adore being pointed in there direction.

A big pre-emptive...
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UmiBot Update - Panic over (^. .^) all swimming and slurping again <3 Posted 9 months ago
Hello sweeties (^. .^)

Massive thank you for the offers and cheers of support for you all <3
Delighted to announce that not only is the panic over, but it wasn't as I first feared and was a simple error on the site.

The domain wasn't taken over and replaced by a bitmining place as I first feared - the bitmining is a another separate part of the larger server group/cluster/domain thingy (sorry don't understand web hosting in the slightest XD ) the bot is hosted on. Something got jumbled and muddled in the code so that part was coming up where my playful and still very much early stage roleplay bot should have been.

So good news, no hackers, and a quick easy fix that the wonderful Val (sweet dragon who looks after the server for me and who I...
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Panic over (^. .^) can ignore this one! Posted 9 months ago
** all resolved ^^ can ignore this blog now **

Good evening everyum,

Sorry really quick news, the site we host Umibot on has been taken over it seems and what should be my hungry dragonic self is currently a sodding bitmining front ¬_¬

I have quickly gone round to remove all the links I could find to the site until we get this back under control and sorted - wish us luck!

Please don't use the bot or site in anyway as I don't know if it could harm your machine, and that is the last thing I want.

Be safe and sorry about this, claws crossed.

Umi x
Short Story Poll - Results (^. .^) Posted 9 months ago
Thank you everyum for voting and giving me your thoughts on the short story idea (^. .^) because I like spreadsheets far too much I just collected all the results for a fun little comparison.

FA voted for:
High Saving throws, Steamy Dragon Sex warm up, Feral predator with smaller prey, head first soft oral vore, Digestion with implied reformation and then reformation.

Ekas voted for:
Low saving throws, Steamy Dragon Sex warm up, Anthro predator with similar sized prey, head first soft oral vore, digestion with reformation.

when we combine the results we got:
High saving throws, Full on steamy lewd dragon sex, Anthro pred with similar sized prey, head first oral vore, digestion and reformation
Second place was Low saving throws,...
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Short Story Poll - Dungeons and Dragon Posted 10 months ago
Ahoy hoy you adorable and scrumptious sweetie treats,

So I had so much fun writing a silly little tease to my latest upload and as it has been far too long since I did any proper writing for a story or my Bot I thought let's use the inspiration while it is there (^. .^)

I am tempted to write a short story or two expanding on the idea, nothing too complex just a teasing first person piece set in a D&D world where you come across and blue and yellow dragon and they welcome you into their dungeon. Though which entrance and style is still very much up for debate which is why I thought I would enlist the aid of you yummy ones.

I am going to be running a little vote to help me decide on what type of vore to enjoy with...
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A Very Merry Snugmas to all! (^. .^) Posted 11 months ago
Greetings sweeties one and all (^. .^) come closer and know me better little ones!

I wanted to take a quick moment before it rolls over into the 25th to send a message to all who would read. I wanted to remind everyone that across many time zones, cultures and counties in this season of cold and hardship we come together to appreciate and be thankful for what we have and what sustains us. Yes it has been monetised so very much and there is more pressure than ever, and true I enjoy gifts and feasts, but as cheesy as it sounds, what really matters to me most is those who keep me smiling, plump and wagging all year long.

I count my blessings no matter if it’s on one of the few sites I post, on social media, instant messaging, games or twitch streaming. I have been...
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More Streaming News (^. .^) Posted 1 year ago
Hey sweeties!

giant thank you to everyone who has watched, dropped in and chatted on my streams recently. Really enjoyed having you there and appreciate you putting up with my approach to games and casual vorish comments and teasing. Would be so great to be able to gobble all my willing watchers to make a soothing gurgle sound track to game to while enjoying belly rubs (^.////.^) good times!

Anywho from all your amazing support I hit affiliate much faster than I thought I would. Going to stream more for fun when time and social energy permits but wanted to ask you all a question about notifications.
Would you be ok with me posting in my gallery a little "Umi is streaming now" image to let peeps know I have a stream coming up, and then remove it...
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Dipping my paws into streaming (^. .^) Posted 1 year ago

Hey sweeties (^. .^) so with how much fun I have had watching my love Takantwins streaming I got motivated to dip my paws as well. I will be doing the odd casual stream mostly focused on chatting with anyone kind enough to join me in the audience while I play a game in the background. Had a few over the last few days and really enjoyed them.

So if you were ever curious and wanted to chit chat I hope you can join us someday (^. .^) times and days will be all over the place due to my shift work but hope I can see a few of you there so we can natter about anything that comes to mind.

Also I would love to hit affiliate on twitch so I can could add in some fun channel point things for you all to enjoy...
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Quick Writing Poll (^. .^) Posted 1 year ago
Hey sweeties,

So I am wanting to get my lazy butt back into writing, not just for fun voracious stories, but also to get my flare for coding back so I can add more to UmiBot again when the time and motivation are there. To do this I rolled a dice on a few story ideas I have had knocking about for a little while and just wanted to get your help on deciding 2 of the finer points, namely what sort of public transport this casual voracious story happens on, and the type of vore I go with (^. .^)
If it is a close called one I might do more than 1 type of vore, depending on how motivated I feel. Links to the polls on twitter! Many thanks in advance for your thoughts

Setting Location:...
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I think I invented something and it makes me very happy (^. .^) Smoonch! Posted 1 year ago
So my sleep deprived brain couldn't decide between actions this morning, and now I think I have (as far as I know) invented a new word... and I love it so so much! Feels very Umi (^. .^)


The combination, Smooch & Monch

When you kiss someone and end up taking a big soft bite. Potentially leading to voracious fun because love and affection can tastes soooo good.

"Going to Smoonch the heck out of you sweetie."
"I am going to smoonch you little yumyum, and I am not going to stop smoonching until you are all snug inside me for the day."

Happy smoonching everyone!
*Proceeds to smoonch all you tasty and adorable...
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