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Twitter Update (^. .^) thanks sweeties! Posted 1 month ago
Hey sweeties,

Thanks so much to everyone for the support and advice. It seems the account has now been suspended so justice has been delivered (^. .^) I didn't have any luck with the impersonating route alas but thankfully they were in serious breach of Creative Commons copyright so I was able to go down that route.

So many thanks again and yes I am now OFFICIALLY on Twitter, have to see how well I get on with it for updating my silly durg thoughts and findings. Feel free to watch me there if you like and if you have any channels you think I should watch please feel free to share <3

Stay scrumptious everyone and nibble you soon, more art uploading soon!
Umi x
Dear Twitter - Please remove the impersonator! Posted 1 month ago
Dear Twitter help team, I hope you are reading this. I hope this helps in confirming that // @umirikodragon is a fraudulent account that is impersonating my online presence, violating your platform's rules and using my created and commissioned works without permission. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

To any of my follows and fans who are reading this, if you have twitter and can help in reporting this fake account I would very much appreciate your support (^. .^) I am tempted to get myself set up on there properly but want to remove this faker before hand. Wish me luck!

I Have now actually updated my Twitter account to an official Umirko one if you want to follow me there too
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Little bit of UmiBot News - Happy Vore day! Posted 2 months ago
Hello sweeties (^. .^)

Just a little shout out to warn you all at some point in the near future UmiBot might go offline and stop responding properly.

I will save you the long story but sadly due to work policies I have had to close down my patreons so the server that host's the bot will have to come down once payments stop as well.

Fear not this is not the end of the project, I am already looking into other ways I could host the bot that saves on the costs of running hir, or looking for a way I could integrate the Bot's database, program and UI into one .EXE so you could play it offline and at home without the need for a server, just an update when ever I can get my lazy butt to finish one.

Sorry in advance for the down time and know I...
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A little personal recalibration -introspective vent- Posted 5 months ago
Hello sweeties! You wonderful watchers, followers and supporters (^. .^) I'd like to start off by just reminding you lot how awesome you are, how much I appreciate you and how scrumptious you are!

So properly a long time overdue and more just wanting to write things down to get them off my chest and to help me accept it so I can hopefully start making progress and moving forwards. So yup apologies for the general waffle but I thought only fair to keep you lot up to date with things in Umi-land.

So a fair few of you might have seen a general slow down over the last year in a fair few aspects, less UmiBot updates and progress, less art uploads, slower reply times to private messages and less instant messaging and roleplaying in general. I have made sure these have...
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Happy hearts and hugs day (^. .^) Posted 8 months ago
So I have been doing a little thinking, dangerous for me I know XD

Anywho I was never really much of a van of valentines day, I felt that the fact it was expected, publicised and oversaturated took most of the core out of it, was it really romantic if you felt like it was an obligation to do it today? Surely it is more thoughtful and impactful to treat your partner with affection and spoil them by surprise? I also felt with just how massive it had become it really did so much more harm than good by making those people who were already feel lonely, that much more so.

Having a bit more of a ponder on the situation thought I have decided to take a new approach on valentines day, and focus more on the other types of love that we are surrounded by, those other...
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AFK for the festivities (^. .^) Posted 9 months ago
Heeeeey sweeties and yumyums!

Hope you are all keeping safe and well in this silly year we have been going through. Has been one heck of a bumpy ride, really hope once the pandemic starts to come under control the world will be a stronger and more untied place afterwards.

There has been so much struggle and strife this year, and our minds are so good at focusing on the bad to try and protect us from it again, but it is important to be thankful and reflect on the positive as well. Their videos are a little cheesy but I found a nice list of silver linings for 2020

I will be heading off to see the Twin's mum for the festive time so will be less able to pop online and keep up with bits, so though I might...
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A Morning's Musing on Gratitude <3 Posted 1 year ago
Good Morning my friends, followers, food and all around fantastic people.

I spent a little time this morning having good long think, I wanted to share that with you in hopes it might help you smile in these difficult times or at very least give you a little food for thought on something you might try or think further on.

As of late the majority of what I’ve seen and heard on social media and the media in general has had a heavy negative swing, deaths, injustices, hatred, anger and violence to name some of the common themes. Some of it very reasonable unrest and hopefully fuelling long overdue positive changes or calling for accountability for those in charge and power. Some of it however... well to say it saddens me is a mild understatement.

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Busy Dragon - Why So Slow? Posted 1 year ago
So some or most of you properly know I am normally rather a slow dragon to get things done, with delays between uploads, work being produced, responding to messages and such. Firstly sorry about that, I do get to things when I can but ya... slooow durg!

Recently though it has gotten a little worse and I wanted to quickly explain why for those who have been so amazingly patient with me and understanding. So at the start of the year I moved from my shift work to a year long secondment where I should of been working 9-5 Monday to Friday. There have been times where I have had this and it has been soooooo nice! But due to Covid and other factors work is having very busy spikes indeed, so I have sometimes been leaving the house around 6am and not getting home till around 6 or 7pm,...
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DING! (^. .^) another lap around the sun complete! Posted 1 year ago
Weeeeeeeeee made it another year (^. .^) getting older and apparently wiser too, buuut hard to be sure with that last one tehe. Thanks to everyone another crazy 52 weeks of experiences, goodies, giggles and confusion.

Very strange to not be able to go out and celebrate or see family and friends, but just means I will save those for later and celebrate all the harder for it when I can I guess.

Thank you again everyone for the continued support, kind words and just generally being delicious and awesome! Big happy dragon snugs to you all and treat yourself to some cake today for me (^. .^)

Umi x
New Hours, Hopes and Horizons! (^. .^) Posted 1 year ago
Ahoy hoy sweeties!
So as some of you may have seen on my most recent post/update I was talking about getting through to the interview stages of a new job... well I got it!!!!
I actually started last week, from having the interview they told me later that day I had the offer and they wanted me to start 3 days from then, so there wasn't really much time to get things sorted or organised properly. I am now nearing the end of week 2 and I have to say I am very much enjoying what the new job has to offer so far. Currently I am doing longer hours due to the commuting to our main building and back home but that will even out soon and I should be able to take things easier, it is also a novel experience for me as this is the first real time I have worked a Monday to Friday job, so...
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