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Busy Dragon - Why So Slow? Posted 12 days ago
So some or most of you properly know I am normally rather a slow dragon to get things done, with delays between uploads, work being produced, responding to messages and such. Firstly sorry about that, I do get to things when I can but ya... slooow durg!

Recently though it has gotten a little worse and I wanted to quickly explain why for those who have been so amazingly patient with me and understanding. So at the start of the year I moved from my shift work to a year long secondment where I should of been working 9-5 Monday to Friday. There have been times where I have had this and it has been soooooo nice! But due to Covid and other factors work is having very busy spikes indeed, so I have sometimes been leaving the house around 6am and not getting home till around 6 or 7pm,...
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DING! (^. .^) another lap around the sun complete! Posted 3 weeks ago
Weeeeeeeeee made it another year (^. .^) getting older and apparently wiser too, buuut hard to be sure with that last one tehe. Thanks to everyone another crazy 52 weeks of experiences, goodies, giggles and confusion.

Very strange to not be able to go out and celebrate or see family and friends, but just means I will save those for later and celebrate all the harder for it when I can I guess.

Thank you again everyone for the continued support, kind words and just generally being delicious and awesome! Big happy dragon snugs to you all and treat yourself to some cake today for me (^. .^)

Umi x
New Hours, Hopes and Horizons! (^. .^) Posted 4 months ago
Ahoy hoy sweeties!
So as some of you may have seen on my most recent post/update I was talking about getting through to the interview stages of a new job... well I got it!!!!
I actually started last week, from having the interview they told me later that day I had the offer and they wanted me to start 3 days from then, so there wasn't really much time to get things sorted or organised properly. I am now nearing the end of week 2 and I have to say I am very much enjoying what the new job has to offer so far. Currently I am doing longer hours due to the commuting to our main building and back home but that will even out soon and I should be able to take things easier, it is also a novel experience for me as this is the first real time I have worked a Monday to Friday job, so...
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Happy Blue Year! (^. .^) draggie news and ramblings Posted 4 months ago
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy new and blue year you tasty lot (^. .^)
I hope the end of 2019 treated you all well and that 2020 is going to be chocked full of treats, fun, and experiences to cherish and grow from.

So some of you may of noticed a general slow down and lack of big blue dragon around these last few months. Fear not I am still here and have been well, just kinda lost my rhythm and had a lot going on. Honestly since summer I hit something of a stumble and I am not sure what started it, but been struggling to find my feet again since then. Works been manic and stressful, been loads going on at home and my weight has got a little out of control again. That said there was some awesome stuff as well, couple of holidays and visits from friends and family, getting engaged...
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A Very Happy Announcement (^. .^) Posted 6 months ago
I have a very happy announcement I would like to make, but first let me take you on a little story.

13 or so years ago on a certain little website known as Eka's & Aryion there was a roleplay forum, on this forum there was a watering hole, and in this watering hole a dragon and a human first bumped into each other. Let the clocks slowly drift forwards and these two like minded individuals found out they lived but one city apart and decided to meet up as their friendship was growing. The sands of time drift further still and these two have fallen in love, and through bumps and changes in life end up living with each other in a very happy relationship of around 10 years at this point, forming the couple some of you know today as the TakanTwins and Umiriko.

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Off for an an adventure (^. .^) Posted 6 months ago
Ahoy hoy my sweet and scrumptious watchers and online friends.

Just a quick heads up that I will be even slower than normal on replying and responding for the entirety of November as I will be away travelling with my partner the Takan Twin s (^. .^) We will be flying to the other side of the globe for exploring, relaxing, adventure and slacking. I will try and peep online every so often but with how slow I can be when home XD expect some delays and what not.

Hope you all have a super month and wish us luck, wish I could smuggle you all with me as travel snacks tehe.
Hugs and slurps for all before we go (^. .^)
Big Wet Playful Slurps!!! (^. .^) Posted 7 months ago
Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarp! (^. .^)
Licks, slurps, slarps, slobbers and tongue rubs for all!
Why? No reason just wanted to give my tasty watchers a lick and I hadn't posted a journal/blog since EF so needed a new one tehe.

Hope you are all keeping well and stay scrumptious sweeties!
Hi Ho EF, Awaaaaaaaaaaaay (^. .^) Posted 9 months ago
Ahoy hoy my delicious and slurpable followers (^. .^)

Just wanted to let you all know I will be vanishing for a wee bit, off to Eurofurence first for a week and then enjoying some time abroad with friends exploring Germany a little.
I do plan to take my old laptop with me so I should be able to get online but if all goes to plan I will be busy for a good amount of it so alas I won't be keeping up with things on here for a couple of weeks.
So sorry for the slower than normal replies to comments, notes etc, but rest assured I will get back to you when I can.
Hope you all have a super couple of weeks and anyone who is going to EF be sure to say hi if you want (^. .^) I'm the cuddly type.

Slurps and nibbles for you all! Wish I could take you all...
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Eurofurence! EF 25 (^. .^) Posted 9 months ago
Weeeeee (^. .^) just about a week to go now until we set off for Berlin (^. .^) super excited for my 3rd ever fluffy Con! Hope to see as many of you there that are going. Saw this lil thing going around so thought I would fill it in myself just in case anyone was curious.


Where are you staying?
Sadly no main hotel for us this year, but we have found a rather lovely looking apartment not too far away (^. .^) so a little communing back and forth each day.

Means of transportation?
Public transport

What is your gender?

How old are you?
30 now

How tall are you?
Errrrm... 5ft10 maybe

Which languages do you...
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UmiBot - Back Online Posted 10 months ago
Rawr (^. .^)

Good news for any fans of the UmiBot Project, after much fiddling, trial, errors and fussing we finally have hir back online! We were chasing a few bugs and issues that had completely sidelined the bot but thankfully that all seems to be resolved now. Thank you for your patience everyone!

Slurps and nibbles all around