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(If you received commission work from me you are free to share it any way you like. If you wanna share any of my personal art go ahead. Just keep it within the community if possible. Though i really shouldn't have to tell you not to post fetish art where it isn't wanted.)

What you'll mainly find in my gallery here: Male-ish preds, Scalies/Demis/Shapeshifters, preds in distress, OV/CV/AV, endo/safekeeping & romantic vore, yaoi & mpreg.

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RP? No.
Requests? Nope.
Art Trades? Maybe. Depends on my mood. Feel free to ask tho.

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Reinhardt/Mei wins!

...Ya know I cannot deny, the pairing of big burly [s]Santa Claus[/s] and smoll round girl is exactly my thing. (≧ε≦) This gonna be fun to draw~

Also don't ask me why the total votes say 11 when there are 16 votes in the poll...Blog polls must be glitchy.

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