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(If you received commission work from me you are free to share it any way you like. If you wanna share any of my personal art go ahead. Just keep it within the community if possible. Though i really shouldn't have to tell you not to post fetish art where it isn't wanted.)

What you'll mainly find in my gallery here: Male-ish preds, Scalies/Demis/Shapeshifters, preds in distress, OV/CV/AV, endo/safekeeping & romantic vore, yaoi & mpreg.

Like my stuff? Leave a tip! Your support is truly appreciated and helps me to keep doing what I do~

Currently running comic series:
Cold Soil
Home Sweet Ogre

More comics over on tumblr:
Island Realm
Lullaby Tales

RP? No.
Requests? Nope.
Art Trades? Maybe. Depends on my mood. Feel free to ask tho.

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You may or may not have noticed that I got a Ko-fi link on my userpage now. If you never heard of Ko-fi it's basically the same as a tip jar to support your favorite artists. All you need is a paypal account to do so, no registration or anything else required.

So yeah, if you enjoy my content and wanna see more of it, this is the easiest way to get me to draw more. Earning money this way makes it possible for me to do less commission work and focus more on my personal projects instead, meaning a more frequent content output on my part.

*Disclaimer: I may not actually drink coffee but I do have to buy pens and stuff. Any financial support would help me out a great deal and puts you on the official awesome people list.

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