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What I draw: Male-ish preds, Scalies/Demis/Shapeshifters, preds in distress, OV/CV/AV/UB, endo/safekeeping & romantic vore, yaoi & mpreg.

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Commissions? Yes.
Requests? Only on streams. Only stuff I like. I'm picky.
Art Trades? Maybe. Depends on my mood. Feel free to ask tho.

If you wanna share any of my art, go ahead. As long as you only share it with other vore fans, really shouldn't have to tell you not to post fetish art where it isn't wanted.

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SeaQuest will gladly answer that for you:


Yeah so this scene has been haunting me my entire life. Just another one of those traumatizing pieces of media you experience as child, which later lead you to develop a fucked up fetish for the weirdest shit imaginable. As if this whole vore thing wasn't bad enough...I uh... only very narrowly avoided becoming this. Thanks SeaQuest, thanks a lot.

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