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Hi there all you wonderful, beautiful people who come to my page. Be thrice blessed in your lives and may you receive numerous blessings.
If you wish to know my birthday, here is my hint : I am a cow who is a virgin. Use that little clue and do not be afraid to shoot for the stars!! ;)

If you believe you have the answer to my little riddle, pm me with your answer and what my riddle means.

Here are my personal rules,because unfortunately ,even here on the (relatively) safe haven known to us as Ekas Portal, we have trolls and cringtrepeneurs(the complainers on YouTube and the entirety of the internet who do not have common sense, decency or for that matter, anything productive to do, be it online or offline).

Yes, they do exist and no , they are not adults, these.....humans(flinch in shame and disgust) are infantile offspring of real people. Not a happy thought, but sadly we as intelligent people have to keep in mind. So I have put up these rules that I live by , both online and offline

The rules

No shaming of any sort towards anyone( unless they are in need of being shamed and socially ostracised, in order to understand why their behaviour is offensive and undesirable. People needing to be shamed and socially ostracised =racists, sexists, any kind of hate mongers and fear festers, homophobes and Etc, etc,...)

No Racism
No Sexism
No Homophobia
No Neoreactionaries

I do not do

Scat(unless the prey really really REALLY deserves it)
Harmful and racist stereotypes
Sexist stereotypes
Homophobic stereotypes
Overtly sexual /sexploitation vore( vore that is casual for sexual reasons only, vore with poor writing or drawing , vore that has not been made with love , effort and careful thought., etc, Etc.)

Otherwise, in rps and works I do indeed love, want and encourage the following

Big bellies and belly rubs,
Gentle, kind and compassionate predators
Empathetic and likable characters
Satisfied preys and preds
Reformation in all types of vore
Good old fashioned chowdown, gulp them whole stories with sex and lust not being the primary motive and drive.

My favourite vore genres

Number 1 on my list: Oral cooking and prep pre and post vore
Oral vore
Breast vore
Anal vore

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We are rapidly approaching December and already, I'm not feeling keen for this year. Especially with the fracked, embarrassing and degenerate amount of bigoted filth and scum boiling and bubbling in the USA. And because so many of my dear friends live there , amidst the degenerate and uneducated rednecks and white trash, I cannot help but feel angry and spiteful , loathing, disgust and contempt for that evolutionary dipwad that is the chief danger at the present.

I want to set up an indiegogo, or kickstarter, or some sort of crowdfunding drive to obtain money so that my friends can get out of this dangerous situation. So that my friends in America can come and visit Australia and perhaps enjoy a taste of the peace , tranquility and harmony-in-progress. To maybe convince a few people (...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thank You :D


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Thanks for the fav! Be sure to check out my commission status if you wish to order a story for yourself : 3


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*nods!* No worries about predator gender for me.


Posted by TaciturnTiger 2 months ago

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Much obliged. As for roleplaying, I'm not too much of one for such these days, but I'd definitely consider it. :o


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Thank you for the favorites! Hoping to draw s'more of Frankie in the near future, so stay tuned. :3


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