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Hello, my name is Firefly, and I write stories for your pleasure as well as my own.

Contact: [email protected]

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beaches of Naboo couldn’t have been more soothing with its crystal
clear, blue water and the gently flowing waves. The sun had risen
proudly and softly glowed onto the land, the air was faint of salt
but heavy with the scent of tropical flowers, and even the sand was
soft to the touch. True beauty had been given to this planet, and
although it lacked military might, Naboo made up for it with its
wondrous, welcoming nature.
Tano allowed her amber-colored feet to lay on the sand wher

Human Giantess
color: Milky White
6’8” (regular height)
color: Sapphire Blue
color: Maple Brown
cup size: H
attitude: Gentle, fun, humorous, maternal, promiscuous, loving
Growing to enormous heights, her sexual partners and loved ones,
having her feet pampered, eating, music, fashionable clothes, movies,
romance, sex, sweets, sleeping
Being restricted to one size, rude people, bad food

can’t, sweetheart. I really can’t do it,” Olivia felt sorry for
saying those words to her beloved son, a boy she never wanted to
disappoint. However, this time the request was too much to grant.
not, Mom? You said that I could ask for anything for my birthday,”
Oliver argued, clearly disappointed by his mother’s answer, an
answer he simply wouldn’t take.
I love you, baby boy. Doing such an act would cost us both too much,
and I would never hurt my sweet boy,

the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka Tano and Senator Chuchi visited one another
in the spartan space of Ahsoka’s quarters. It had been some time
since Chuchi had seen her Jedi friend, and so the women chatted for
hours into the night until Chuchi had decided that it was too late to
continue on. Ahsoka wanted to keep visiting, but her body had other
plans. Ahsoka let out a loud yawn and quickly covered her mouth,
making Chuchi laugh as she gathered herself to leave.
think it’s about time tha

do you see my problem, Leia?” Juno asked, her eyes looking so
hopeful as she explained her request.
Are we dropping the formalities now?” Princess Leia laughed
lightly, trying to joke around despite the serious situation laid
before her. The joke worked a little bit, as Juno did form a tiny
sorry, Princess…” Juno bowed her head in defeat, but Leia, being
so kind a person, gently picked up Juno’s head so she could look
into the blonde woman’s eye

also affectionately known as “Val”, was a beautiful, very
striking girl. In fact, many people held the opinion that Valerie was
the most beautiful girl in the whole town, and for good reason. First
of all, Valerie was a blonde, and who doesn’t love a blonde? Her
shiny hair was long and ran past her shoulders, all the way down to
her precious bum. That rear was probably the best feature of Valerie,
as it was both sizable and succulent. Those who were lucky enough to
touch Valerie

sat in her room as she dominated the other players on her online
game. Armed with a controller, her experience, and a bag of Chocolate
Maids, the blonde geeky girl wiped out all of her opposition within
mere minutes of starting her game. The screen displayed the sign of
victory as Beverly single-handedly won the match for her team, and
Beverly smiled to herself as she devoured another tasty Maid. The
little Chocolate Maids, which were tiny cocoa candies in the shape of
attractive French

rolled unto her side of the bed once she had finished her task of
pleasing her lover, Emma. Both women were panting heavily with sweat
trickling down their temples. Their last lovemaking session was as
passionate as it was exhausting, as the women had been going at it
for a few hours. Laura was gasping for air as she rested on the
mattress of the white bed, her legs and feet barely covered by the
damp sheets. Her chest arched up and down with every breath, causing
her exposed chest to jut

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A few items are bothering me.

First of all, hardly anyone listens to me when I speak, whether I message/text my words or when I speak verbally. People just do not pay enough attention to realize what I am saying, as if they are giving me only half of their attention. And then, they ask me several questions that pertain to what I just told them, even when I’ve given them all the information that they needed to know. They’ll ask the most basic questions of what, when, and why, and then I repeat my words once or even twice, and then they all say, “Oh! I get it now!”

You could have gotten the message earlier if you had given me your full fucking attention. Is it really that hard to listen nowadays?

Granted, I speak with a low voice, and I do mix up my words. I also have a bad issue...
[ Continued ... ]

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