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Call me Naga or Naganommer. I answer to ether.
I write erotic vore stories. usually involving superheroes or other fantasy stuff.

With me is the lesbian demon Lalaka who sometimes hangs out with me. She's the straightman to my goofy. And she's the goofy to my straightman. Depends upon the situation.

I have a Discord account. If anyone wants to talk to me through that feel free to PM me your contact info.

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She was here to study humanity for her

graduation paper. Her name was


and the place she decided to begin her studies might come across as a strange choice for us humans. A collage campus.

Taking the disguise of a human girl named


, it was kind of similar to he


really liked hiking. Even now she loved going up the mountain paths on the outskirts of her city. Which definitely came as a surprise to anyone she ran into considering the massive sphere of a belly she sported.

The quadruplets she had in her stomach were definitely a bit of a dead weight, but all that meant was that she had to take breaks more often.

And she found

Lilly leaned in slightly and gives me a kiss on the top of the head. I look up at her and she smiles. “Hey there.” She says cheerfully.

“Hey yourself.” I say. The two of us had been cuddled together thatching TV for a while now. Lilly laid with back with her arm around me and I stayed snuggled up to her chest. “You excited for tonight? I am.”


Henry was hanging out at Amelia and Yazmin’s apartment. He was a close friend to the lesbian couple and often hung out at their place to play video games, watch anime, or various other things friends did.

The three were playing co-op on the latest FPS

, repeating the campaign a second time with all three of them. As they neared the final level though Amelia paused the game and leaned in slightly tow

Eve sat down at a table in the café. It was a booth seat with her back to the wall, which was her favorite way to write because there was no way someone could be looking over her screen from behind. That reassurance helped her concentrate.

So then she started writing,

it was her favorite subject as well, Yaoi

. It wasn’t a subject that she’d admit to mo



sat back on the

kingly throne

. His stomach groaning as



what was left of the

self proclaimed

king of the bandits

. He had been here on

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You know what seen from my stories I've always wanted to see in drawing? It's that scene from the first Powergirl where Powergirl is texting Zatanna and Zatanna mentions that Helena isn't answering her texts and Powergirl smirks because she knows why. I can even see it in my head, first panel is fullbody Karen with a digesting belly, second panel is the text chain with extra emphasis on "Hel's not answering her texts", then a close up on Karen's mouth smirking with a caption box of "I wonder why?" Don't know who I'd get it from though. Suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, I've been sort of aimless lately. I haven't been consistently developing the same story from day to day. So I thought I'd ask all of you. What do you want to see more of? More Powergirl...
[ Continued ... ]

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