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I write stories about the food, people, and the combination of the two.

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Physical Therapy
Mike’s social circle became much larger after meeting Velika. First in bits and pieces, but soon enough, the wolf was taking the young tiger-man all sorts of places he’d never have thought to try going himself. It helped that the muscular wolf was there to introduce him to all of these folks, and he was always good to spend time with her. All sorts of time, in fact, as their first meeting had set the tone for how they got on.
Still, she was insistent on getting him

Big League Rules
Frederick had gone to Carlie’s practice for the first time, and although he did finish his homework, he didn’t actually remember doing a single problem of it because of everything else that was occupying his mind and vision and other things. The team practice was full of huge, energetic, bouncy girls all working their hardest and making the noises of working hard, but in all that he was always able to pick out Maja’s long, semi-wild blonde hair. As huge as the

Big League Sis
Frederick sighed. He didn’t really mind waiting for his sister, as it gave him plenty of time to work on his homework- he could usually get it done before it was even time to head home. It was also good for him to have some alone time when he had a rough day at high school, which happened every so often because, to be frank, he wasn’t mister all-star.
Not that he was bad looking by any stretch, but he had topped off at just under five and a half feet, and that, plus

The Hero’s Trail
Ylira was huge and loved it. The brown and gold, dark-skinned lamia just adored being herself. She was over a hundred feet long, for one, and just so big- from her vast hips up, she had just a huge, beautiful belly, unspeakably tremendous breasts in a gold and black top, lovely long dark hair and golden eyes. The forest creature was happy to just eat whatever caught her fancy to gulp down, and she had lived that way for… Well, who knows how long, really. She didn&r

A Grand Inheritance
Ralan received the news- his father was dead, so it was time for all the sons to come home and see to the estate. His father was a powerful lord within his country, but he hadn’t been home in some time- he had been sent away when he was 15 to study abroad for years- officially because even as the youngest, he was expected to be taught by the finest minds.
Unofficially, it was because he was the freak of the family.
Now, this had nothing to do with the fact that he did

The Hero’s Keeper
Leverom was a dragon. A great, huge, blue one that had lived for many years and matured in almost none of them. Massive and mighty, broad and strong, no less than sixty feet long, to be sure, and had appetites for anything which dragons were hungry for, perhaps treasure more than anything else.
The temple of the unnamed hero was known for its many visitors, many offerings, and, furthermore, its many treasures, which is why it was no surprise that it attracted the attenti

Hirtha didn’t know why she had been summoned back to her clan’s village, but she didn’t mind leaving the hunting camp to go back. The big feline has something to show from her time out in the wilderness- a second set of markings on her large belly, this time marking the profile of one of the lake hydras- an angry brute of a thing which had moved into the area and been a menace to fishing while demanding tribute. For all its pride and fury, the creature that believed

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Talaria's Blog - Been Writin' Stuff. Posted 3 years ago

As some of you may have noticed, of course. :)

But yeah, even though not much of what I do is anything near lengthy- I think the longest thing I've done recently is 21 Days, that's mainly a byproduct of the fact that I know if I don't jump on an idea as soon as I have one, that idea just isn't getting wrote. And the fact that it feels good to just start getting things out there again, even if not all of it is top-notch stuff. So my current creative process isn't so much a process as "I just had a whim that was amusing to me, time to turn it into a couple thousand words or so."

However, that doesn't mean that I'm any less of a feedback junkie, so spare a few words on my...
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