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Hirtha didn’t know why she had been summoned back to her clan’s village, but she didn’t mind leaving the hunting camp to go back. The big feline has something to show from her time out in the wilderness- a second set of markings on her large belly, this time marking the profile of one of the lake hydras- an angry brute of a thing which had moved into the area and been a menace to fishing while demanding tribute. For all its pride and fury, the creature that believed

Wedding Feast.
Third son was a polite term. A better word would be “surplus”.
There was the heir, and the spare, and then there was Johnathan, third prince of the kingdom of Thrandia, someone to play backup when the king or either of his older brothers found something to be useful for the family to attend, but not so important that any of them had to do it. However, rather recently, they found another way for him to be useful, seeing as he was quite marriageable, having come to tha

Show and a Dinner
It was always useful to have friends that made more money than you did.
In the case of Mike, being an intern didn't leave him much room to go out and see the good stuff in town, but Velika was able to make up the difference when showing him around. In this case, she took him to a particular establishment to see a dancer called Emerald. She was a creature known, based on the region, as a lamia or naga, but she was both lovely and skilled, with her long, thick tail, overhwelming

A Very Good Morning
Mike never knew that waking up could be so hard, and he knew that because he was in an unfamiliar room in a strange bed, there was some time between last night and right now that he couldn’t account for. He reached for his phone, which should be inside of his pants- and it probably still was, only his pants were elsewhere on the floor somewhere. He was able to fumble around on the night table to find his rectangular glasses, and put them on- and then decided to make su

Challenge From the Sea
It was not enough for the island’s goddess to simply have a priestess, because the island was surrounded by the sea and its creatures. And because their goddess of plenty wanted her people to have a capable protector, every fifty years the priestess of the islander elves chose to stay in that position meant they would have to undergo a test- they had to face a challenge from the sea, or be claimed by the ocean through its representative.
Elatholia had always prepare

Varinoa made her way up the long road, trotting away on her four hooves. She was a centaur, and quite a plentiful one at that. She was an herbalist who did much of her collecting in the deep wilderness, and one of the things she was told was that one of the best ways to ensure that one always had food for long trips into the unknown was to already be carrying it on her body. It was for this reason her chestnut-brown horse body was heavily fattened both outwards and downwards, her lower belly off

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Ladies' Night

By Stalbon

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As some of you may have noticed, of course. :)

But yeah, even though not much of what I do is anything near lengthy- I think the longest thing I've done recently is 21 Days, that's mainly a byproduct of the fact that I know if I don't jump on an idea as soon as I have one, that idea just isn't getting wrote. And the fact that it feels good to just start getting things out there again, even if not all of it is top-notch stuff. So my current creative process isn't so much a process as "I just had a whim that was amusing to me, time to turn it into a couple thousand words or so."

However, that doesn't mean that I'm any less of a feedback junkie, so spare a few words on my works if you can.

Also, I...
[ Continued ... ]

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Good writing deserves a fav.


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I still need to catch up on the rest of your stories, so it may take me a while. sorry about that.


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Just like a fuckin lot your stories, friendo. Keep up the good work!


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Because it's an amazing story, that's why ^_^


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What do you mean?


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Thanks for the good story!


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You're welcome! I liked it quite a lot!


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Whoa, awesome stories!


Posted by Gypa 8 years ago Report

I do wonder if you like any one beside yourself? But your stories are cool specially your latest Naga on Naga. but are you planning to write more?

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