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The True Face of Existential Dread





Jean-Pierre removed his tricorn hat and wiped through his straw-blond hair with a palm, making a disgusted sound in the back of his throat when he saw

Things Stand
Part I:
The young
sell-sword put a booted foot up on a rock and leaned forward to prop
an arm upon his lifted knee, staring out from the top of the hill to
the city sprawled out in the distance. It was still a good couple of
miles down the rolling fields to the gates, but the wind was coming
in strong from the sea, and washed all manner of smells up to the
small stand of trees under which he stood. There were no fields of
planted grain or milling cattle this

A Dinner Date for
Straeth could
hardly believe his luck.
The black-scaled
naga reclined out in a massive sprawl on his back, dark red eyes
half-lidded, which meant that the smoothly-hewn roof of the deep cave
was somewhat hazy in his vision. That could, of course, simply be
chalked up to his torpid lethargy after such fine meals. The
forty-foot naga’s bulky length was bulged out heavily at his
stomach, where his dark, smooth bellyplates parted around the
writhing forms insid

The Naga & The Witch

By Stalbon

Larissana slithered her way along the well-beaten path in the woods slowly, not giving the appearance of hurry or haste, despite how eager she was to arrive at her destination. A small, predatory smile graced the large naga's lips as the cottage came into view beyond a bend in the path: it appeared small and quaint, and though the windows were darkened, smoke poured from the chimney set at its rear. It seemed to her a fitting hovel for a once-powerfu

Does Brass Look Good Against Green?

By Stalbon

The first thing Kanzareth heard as he came out of the blackness of unconsciousness was a great, rumbling belch. Along with the startling sound, which brought the large brass dragon fully awake in a start, came the heavy, eye-watering scent of chlorine, which meant that it must have been the green drake he'd been fighting before he'd blacked out. This was only cemented by the great smacking of lips from somewhere above and to the right, an

Ladies' Night

By Stalbon

“So,” I half-shouted over the pounding bass from the dance floor to my left and the rowdy conversations and clink of glasses around me, “what's so special about this place again?”

“That'd spoil the surprise!” cried the stocky hen I was following, having to weave my slim, furred form around the diners just to keep up with her. She stopped, tailfeathers gently flitting as she turned left, then right, before deciding on a tab

The Usual Rounds

Michael `Stalbon' Peleh

“Oooh…oooh yeah! Yea-ouch! Damn it! Ow! Get your fucking teeth out of me, you bastard! Ah!” Jedana pushed the heavy, scaled body up off of hir, feeling the wrenching pain of sharp fangs pulling out with the motion. “Damn it!” The dragoness gave a sharp kick to the male's plated underbelly that sent him rolling off of the bed, the big crocodile letting out a dangerous snarl as he clawed himself up behind the fo

The Path Less Taken

By Michael `Stalbon' Peleh

Kanalor Meadowstep rubbed his index finger along one side of his tapered chin, looking down the darkened forest path ahead of him before turning to his companion with a shake of his head. “I really suggest we find another way for your trade route to come through this area. There's no telling what might be in this forest, whether you believe the rumors or not.”

The man next to him, a tall, mustached human by the name of Jaret

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“What do you see when you look at me, old man?” Cain rumbled.
His companion sat a bit straighter and looked up to him. “Mmm?” A gap-toothed smile showed for a second, and the old man seemed about to throw out a witty remark. He paused a moment then, and perhaps sensing the deeper meaning to the question, took a longer look, pensively stroking his snowy white beard. Cain tried to see himself as he might appear through the villager’s eyes: a great dragon, fifty feet in length, with scales the color of deeply-tanned leather and a pair of deep, ruddy-red eyes.
The old man cleared his throat. “I see an old dragon,” he said, “well past his prime.” The man stroked a palm aimlessly over the worn wood of his walking stick and loudly sniffed. “A dragon who stays too long in his...
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