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A furry and writer who's been in the vore community since 1995. Earlier free work (even the really early, really bad stuff) can be found in my gallery here.

Some of the full stories can be found at my Smashwords profile: or on Amazon Kindle store: for purchase.

Occasional extra stories and small freebies like articles and such will be posted here on Eka's in their entirety.

For contact and random sexy/vorish talk, you can follow my Twitter: It's locked, so just have something in your profile to let me know you're one of us, or PM me here to let me know who you are.
I also have a Curious Cat if you want to ask a random question to see what I say:

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Got hit by Patreon's recent spate of suspending accounts that have strange adult material because they feel the need to moralize and protect fictional characters to please investors or whatever reason. Given that I've had to pause and not charge folks more often than not lately due to not being able to get the time to write the way I want to, I'm just letting it go. The format apparently wasn't working for the way my schedule has been the last several months, so maybe I'll actually get some other things done when I'm not stressing about the fact that Patreon work isn't getting its time. Here's hoping.

I appreciate the hell out of everyone that tried to support me on there and was patient with me in the multiple times I had to pause the account. I'll still be supporting the creators I have...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by dkrule 1 year ago

So, this comment section is kinda dead


Posted by 2quick4u 2 years ago

I recently picked up the two Succubus family stories you had, and i thoroughly enjoyed both of them! Any plans to continue them?


Posted by Felicekitty 3 years ago

Heeeeeey wolf thank you for watching me~<3


Posted by smukmave 3 years ago

Hey! I don't want to be a bother, but I was wondering if you were thinking of continuing The Family Devorantis?


Posted by Bookie 3 years ago

<< Reply To the_Wolf

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh I got a reply from one of my fave writers ;u;


Posted by Bookie 3 years ago

I have found you ! The one who writes the good stories in yellow on black ! :D


Posted by GalionFiremage 3 years ago

Hello there! Just stopped by to thank you for inspiring me to get back into writing. I love your work!


Posted by Stalbon 4 years ago

Heyo, bud! I figured I should finally give you a watch, since it's hard to ever spot you anywhere else. :)


Posted by Malezor 4 years ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Vempyremon 4 years ago

Thank you for the watch~! <3


Posted by Rac0r 4 years ago

Hey!! THX for the Watch!! ^-^

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