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Professional illustrator, cartoonist, game designer, and genre novelist. Frequent guest speaker at Midwest and Southern conventions. Knows way too damn much for his own good, but already aware of this shortcoming (His saving grace, really.) Probably the first publicly 'out' voreaphile, (1989) and prey at that!

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Working up the nerve to put out a line of femcan e-books, probably pdf format, in the range of 60-120 pages each. The idea was to issue them both on a range of mixed and narrower topics, like an all super-heroine book, or an all manga volume, then bigger, inclusive theme books. But I'm starting to get that old 'wasting my time, nobody's gonna pay any attention.' feeling, which may be irrational, but given the state of feedback (3000 views, 1 comment. It was appreciated.) and general fetish sales, from what others tell me, I'm gonna spend some more time thinking about this before I spend the money and effort.
Meanwhile, feedback on the idea would also be appreciated. Keep in mind; each book would cost me about a dollar or two in fees to sell on line, and I'll have to pay for a set-up....
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Posted by LenevitiosTheWatcher 1 year ago Report

RIP, you will be missed.


Posted by theannoyinggoit 1 year ago Report

Just heard the sad news, RIP William.


Posted by dkrule 3 years ago Report



Posted by z3d 3 years ago Report

glad to see artwork in your gallery again. There was one set of pieces I'm curious on if they will be brought back to the gallery. They were a set of pages called 3CND I think was their titles

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Posted by Hamxxdude 6 years ago Report

If you're not uploading your old work, could you at least PM some to someone who appreciates it (me)? Especially the ones with bones. Thanks!


Posted by GenesisTerra 6 years ago Report

Pity you've taken down some of your work. Is any of it archived? I've been a fan for a while (albeit a bit too silent of one) and would love to find the removed pieces again!


Posted by Hamxxdude 6 years ago Report

You keep removing your art. :(


Posted by Hamxxdude 6 years ago Report

Could you upload some more of your hard vore stuff?


Posted by wiseguy288 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To William

That'd be great thanks :)


Posted by wiseguy288 8 years ago Report

Where is your "Supahvore" work?


Posted by Hamxxdude 8 years ago Report

Hi. I'm a fan of F/M or F/F hard vore, specifically with bones. I've read a lot about you and learned that you made a lot of artwork like that, but removed them. I was just wondering, if maybe you could repost them back to the site? Thanks. (You're an AMAZING writer by the way.)


Posted by herbestmeal 8 years ago Report

some time back you wrote a story about a feline like genie who enjoyed a meal..could you repost?

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