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Tony and Hope

The following are some short

stories, most inspired by real events. In this universe Vore is possible and reformation is common.

There is some magic in the world but apart from reformation, magic is rare.

Our two main characters are

Tony and Hope. Tony has brown hair and

"Did you see that?" You ask.

"Wha aa t" Hwin vaguely asked still a bit out of it.

"Stay here, I'm going after it. " You state, firmly. You didn't want hwin following you in this state. You realised you didn't have a weapon, you grab Hwin's sword and go galloping off down the corridor. It only takes a few minutes to catch the creature you saw. You see a naked lady with red skin, black hair, bat-like wings sprout from

Your best bet to find out what is going on is to check in with the lord of this town. You take your yurt up to the Manor house where you and Hwin are greeted by guards. "The king has sent us, as his knights, to investigate news of disturbances and weird sightings in this town." You declare.

"We request an audience with the Lord of Manor, here are our official documents," Hwin added and handed over two roles of parchment. She had been teaching you to r


When the reformer was first installed it was this marvel of the combination of magic and technology. The school had created it to mitigate the dangers of learning magic and

to expand the range of scientific study available to the students. The reformer was linked to the school’s website. This was for regular updates, damage reports and most interesting a report of which students had been r

You make your way to the castle. It is late in the afternoon by the time you get there but not quite evening. You are again stopped by the guards. "I am surprised to see you back, beast." The same guard as before mocks you.

"I have slain the Manticore as the king demanded" you inform him ignoring his mockery and you

lift up

the carcass.

Before you go to bed you feel the uncomfortable pressure of a full bladder. You excuse yourself making sure the cub is fine and head off into the forest just far enough to be out of sight. Your equine penis slips partway out of your sheath as you stand with your back legs apart and your tail slightly raised as this helps your bladder relax.


streams out onto the floor.

Centaur Knight

You are one of the Centaurs that fled from your Farther,


. You stopped in a small nearby human village where you gave the villagers quite a shock because of your nakedness. However, after buying clothes to cover up and running a few errands for the village you saved up enough money to have Clive the friendly Blacksmith build you a set of armour and a

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I am moving house and also in with my girlfriend. She is ok with me being on this site but I will be without internet for a little wile as it switches over and will be less active from now on. On the plus side I am working on a short story with a few variants that should be finished soon

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