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Tiny Boyfriend

My name is Anthony, but most people call me Ant as I am only


inches tall. This includes my regular size girlfriend Bella. You may ask how I got a girlfriend, how our relationship works and are there more my size?


I will answer all those questions.

Hot and steamy

Your name was


and you had been going out with your girlfriend


for a month now.

Things were going well despite the new lockdown.

We had talked a lot, told each other plenty of secrets but there was still somethin

You owe me a meal

Your name was Nar and you were a male Naga. You had the

patchy brown scales of a Boa Constrictor on your tail. You lived alone in a large forest as your tribe had been scattered. Your tribe had been attacked by the people of the local town. They feared that if your numbers got to great you would pose a threat to the population. It was true that your people did prey on those the people o

Fantasy Fix 4

Charlotte pulled the least thread free from her spinnerets and turned to face you. You were now tied to her bed with her silk. The stands felt soft and smooth against your wrists and ancles yet tight and unyielding. Despite not liking BDSM, bondage was just natural for a Drider it was the causing pain and domineering side of things she despised. The bonds served a practical reason, keeping her small human lover in the corre



war brewing you need allies. Flying on Ling not only demonstrated your friendship with dragons, but you were faster and more reliable than any other diplomate. Your kingdom had a few allies mainly the surrounding countries that your kingdom traded with. These were old and important allies but with war you needed more allies to avoid fighting on multiple fronts. There were a few kingdoms that

We met at a party

Tanya had just had one of her fantasy’s fulfilled. She had Becky the naga squeeze her with her coils and had a lesbian experience with her at the same time. They were at the 18


birthday party for their friend Samantha. Lilly the dragon had just asked Tanya if she wated to go a second round in a threesome with her and Becky.





This takes place a month after the Jelly of vengeance story

. Miss

Evelyn Oakwood

was happy in her relationship with


Whitedeer and planning how to pr

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I have been inactive for a bit and have just found time to explain why. I am working long and late hours at the moment on the run up to Christmas. After Christmas, I will have more time for writing

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