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My name is AegisOfRoses, I write short and long stories, known for the infamous Gutter Universe. Have feedback? Tell me! Want to tell me something completely random? Go for it! Anyone interested in talking to me is encouraged to, and if you have a commission or idea, don't keep it to yourself! With an average story being 5,000 words, my content can come out a little slow (Mondays and Thursdays are my goal.) but I'm doing my best for all of you (I'm also cheesy.) Welcome, one and all, some of you might not be leaving...

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“I can't believe I'm doing this… ohmygodohmygodohmygod I cannot believe that I'm doing this!!!” A young man, probably around 18 or 19 years old, was freaking out in the middle of a dimly lit street. He clutched his head, turning back and forth. He stopped, groaning, before looking down at his crotch. His dick created a large bulge in his pants, semi-hard and twitching rather oddly. He'd never felt like this before, and for good reason. In preparation for having sex for the fir

“Mom, I said I would let my friend have me for dinner, but since her kids are home, can she eat here?” A young girl, in her late years of High School, asked her mother.

“Of course. Although, if they have kids… who is this friend of yours?” Her mother asked.

“Hrm? Oh, you've met her before, you liked her. Said she was very responsible.” The girls said, walking off with her phone

Roaming around a wastlandic bordertown, Garcia Guevara and her two children soon to be three were hard-pressed to find a coyote to bring them over into America so that she could support them with a better life. She had come all the way from Argentina, travelling as much as she could day and night for a moment when her children were not always hungry, and they could be free from the terrorism showed by the U.S. forces burning down houses, beating up the men, and raping the women. She only wished

Kinzie let out a low grown as she felt herself slip back into consciousness. Her whole body felt nothing but swollen, sticky, and sore like she’d been working out before suddenly pigging out. Her brain scrambled to remember the night before as she sat up, wiping off a couple things stuck to her back. The floor… the nightclub floor, it was disgusting. The lights were on and the windows open, fans blowing stale air out into the early afternoon air.

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So I can't actually find this clip anywhere except this article, and the article itself has no idea what it's talking about I think, but Six Inches is a short erotic story about a sexually frustrated woman and a six inch man. We all know how it goes.

At the bottom of the article is a video of exactly that situation played out in 1950's Cinema gloriousness, ending in an ambiguous unbirth sequence for all hearts to enjoy.

Follow this link: ... 12c008564d and it's an article about Six Inches with an unbirth clip.

This could be me late to the party, this might be well known, but it's news to me and pretty good. Wanted...
[ Continued ... ]

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