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Hey, how's it going? My name is AegisOfRoses, and I write stories! I need more Permanent Entrapment, Non-Fatal, in my life, and like to write it, but have many other things as well. Have feedback? Tell me! Want to tell me something completely random? Go for it! Anyone interested in talking to me is implored to, and if you have a commission or idea, don't keep it to yourself! With an average story being 5,000 words, my content can come out a little slow (Mondays and Thursdays) but I do my best to make it nice. Welcome to my house of Roses, the pain of Thorns and digestion, yet the beauty of Petals and vore.

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Outside, Cynthia was cooking with her daughter as her toys sat on a shelf above the sink. Jacob was looking down, smiling to himself as he watched Cynthia.
“Hey, what's your name?” He jumped in surprise, and looked back, the woman giving him a coy grin.
“J-Jacob. Who are you?” He asked.
“Jacob… no, she's gonna change it, that name doesn't suit a toy. What are you good at?” She ignored his question.
“Who are you?” He

“Baby Girl! I'm home! Where are you sugar?” The Giantess, Cynthia, walked into her home with a big smile on her face. She had a hand on her stomach, feeling as those inside her womb rejoiced and were merry inside of her. She loved to make people happy with her body, to have them be inside her, to own them.
“Hi, Mommy! Did you bring me more toys from work!?” A girl, eleven years old, ran from around the corner, wearing only a shirt and underwear. Inside of her panties, a

“Sam! Hurry up or we’ll leave you behind!” One of his friends called. Samuel rushed to catch up, having been looking at a store window, his short brown hair swaying slightly as he moved his tiny form.
“I'm coming! Don't leave me!” He shouted, his three friends standing on the corner.
“Dude, you do not want to miss this theater, it is awesome.” Jacob, one year younger than the rest of them, and was sort of the clown.
“Yeah, yeah, t

“*Mulatto butts, (mulatto butts), mulatto butts, (mulatto butts)! Black and white butts, (black and white butts), mulatto butts, (mulatto butts)!*”
“Who's phone is that!? Turn it off right now, or I'm taking it.” The teacher turned and called out into the room, squinting his eyes as he scanned for the perpetrator. He couldn't detect whoever's phone it was, there wasn't any shuffling except for the scratching of pencil on paper. He shrugged, turning back to the board.

While the girls went to a male prison, the boys left to a women's correctional facility. John eagerly rubbed his cock through his pants on the bus, a squirming bulge underneath that rubbed up against his dick with him. One look around the bus showed other boys all whipping their own penis’ out, some with friends or others alone. Yet, never actually alone. Every boy in this class either had someone dicked already, or had a tiny woman masturbating him like John did.
He decided

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I'm sure many of you have noticed my lack of uploading once again. I want to assure anyone who's worrying that I did not break my laptop again or anything like that. I've simply been part of writing and putting on a play, and haven't had the time to upload. I will be done by the end of the week, and begin uploding this following Monday, the ninth of April, 2018. I'm sorry to anyone waiting on me, especially all those wondering about commisions. They will be finished and uploaded soon, I promise, if not on the ninth.

I appreciate any and all patience, and I want to apologise again for any inconveniences.

Best Regards, Deepest Apologies,

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