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Can't draw at all but I enjoy writing. I tend to write what I can't find online. So although I like various types of vore, I will only write stories I feel are unique. If you like my stories and have an idea you think I will like then let me know. I also have a patreon should anyone wish to express there thanks. Full details about it can be found in my blog here on aryion.

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The Best Gamer Couch

Tony and his mother were currently playing a racing game. It was one of those novelty kart racing games that Tony never seemed to grow out of. He also never seemed to grow out of the idea of using his mom’s ass as a gamer couch. While his mother towered over him when standing, what really stood out about her was her ass. It was a towering behemoth capable of squashing cars into pancakes. When he was little, he was scared of his

Interview with a Vampire

“Eh! The Esmerelda estate? What do you want to go there for?” said a passing dog walker to the oddly well-dressed man. It was currently the middle of winter in outskirts of Yorkshire. The snow was thick and the only light came from the large moon in the sky. While the dog walker wasn’t expecting to run into anyone so late, he was certainly not expecting a man so smartly dressed. The guy was in his mid-20’s

Super Short Story

Prison School

Hana looked at her phone impatiently. More specifically she was looking at the time. It had been just over 8 hours since she and Meiko had shrunk the prisoner Kiyoshi. Suspecting him and the other prisoners of hiding something, the school president gave them permission to use a shrinking drug to get the information out of Kiyoshi. The method of shr

Super Short Story

Mysterious Medical

It had been a big story when the boy reappeared mysteriously after missing for decades. Ricky hadn't aged, but his family had gotten older. He was in the hospital now because they realized he didn't have an appetite and had not slept since his return. The fact was that he no longer seemed to need sleep or ever seemed to get hungry or thirsty o

Super Short Story

Arachnid Arousal

Seiji awoke from his nightmare with a bang to the head. In his dream he had been captured by two giant spiders and brought back to the web. Reality however didn’t help relieve this nightmare as he found himself bound up in webbing. The terrified blonde boy looked up to find he was in a dark cave. Lit only by a strange purple mist, it smell

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Should anyone who likes tabletop games be interested in hearing me rambling.


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Posted by slupiniks 2 weeks ago

Dear crime0edge, I read your stories for some time, but damn, I absolutely love the GTS Sumo series. I hope that you will continue with it. Thanks for everthing.


Posted by Dragónmacro 2 months ago

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Posted by Dragónmacro 2 months ago

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Do you like diapers ?, What you tried to ask is that if you would like or like diapers but put on girls, boys, giant women?


Posted by Dragónmacro 2 months ago

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ok thanks, but before, what kinds of fetishes or content do you like for the stories?


Posted by Dragónmacro 2 months ago

friend can I give you some ideas for your future stories?


Posted by Dragónmacro 2 months ago

Hi, I'm new, I like your stories


Posted by kramooo 1 year ago

Happy Vore Day


Posted by Shrapnel333 1 year ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by JackNoName 1 year ago

Heej, thanks for the fav! I like your work too. O, there might be a chapter 2 soon, don't miss it :)


Posted by AegisOfRoses 2 years ago

Thanks for the favorite!


Posted by darc22005 2 years ago

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Ahh I see thanks

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