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Can't draw at all but I enjoy writing. I tend to write what I can't find online. So although I like various types of vore, I will only write stories I feel are unique. If you like my stories and have an idea you think I will like then let me know. I also have a patreon should anyone wish to express there thanks. Full details about it can be found in my blog here on aryion.

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Part of the Show

Callum was sat in front of his computer. The young man was struggling to keep his eyes open. Cans of energy drink were littered around him. He had been staring at this screen for hours now, locked in his room in a transfixed state. He was searching for something. He had clicked onto countless adult sites since first thing this morning. But he wasn’t looking for something to jerk off too. What he was looking for was his sister Wendy

Crushing Affection

“Mommy look! A doggy!” said Sammy, the 8-year-old pointing into the window of a pet shop. Sat in the centre of the display was a white fluffy dog. Although Sammy was small for his age, this dog was even smaller. Barely coming up to the boy’s waist, the small dog pressed its paws against the glass and let out a chipper bark to the boy.

She-hulk’s new growth

Iron Man soared through the sky, making sure no one was following him. He was heading to an island just off the coast of Louisiana. While to the public it was just an island protected by endangered wildlife laws, to the Avengers it was a secret lab. Run by Bruce Banner, it was somewhere he could look into unknown diseases, alien life forms, as well as the strange effects of turning gamma radiation into a big green behemoth. Bu


“Mom! Is Tasha in there!” yelled Brian, banging on the door to his mother’s room. The young man was furious, driven by a sense of dread born from experience. Today was meant to be a good day. He had invited his new girlfriend round to meet his mother Clarise. Brian then nipped out to the shops to get some ingredients to cook them a meal. He had only been gone for 10 God damn minutes. But that was enough time it seems. Because he

Practise makes Perfect

“Brother! I’m home” cheered a voice that made Dan curse under his breath. The 28-year-old had intended to go for a run before his sister got home. She had mentioned that she was going to invite some of her friends over from the volleyball team. Although he had not met the other members, if they were as tall as his sister, it would be a miserable experience for him. The front door then opened as his sister Callie w

Beth's Adventure Into Avatar: The Last Airbender. Book One: Water

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred

years passed and my brother and I discove



“You’re the pretender! What if I say, that I will never, ever never suspenders!” said the drunken Stan in the toilet cubicle. The drunken human had a bottle of beer in his hand and was currently attempting to sing to the music blaring out in the dance hall. It was his first time at an anthro party and he was loving it. He was initially concerned that there wouldn’t be any human food o



It was 10am when John stirred out bed. His brown hair was a scruffy mess and his pyjamas were all creased and uneven. The boy was out of work, out of education and out of a social life in general. Not that it really bothered him though. It also didn’t seem to bother his mother. Only thing she kept asking him about was exercise. It wasn’t that he was fat, if anything he was the opposite. All skin

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Hey all

Suddenly got an urge to make an interactive story ... gone-wrong

I have already made a start by offering you guys characters in the boy section, but I encourage anyone to make characters and create scenarios.

Premise is simple, male or female hero is rescued by a powerful female hero. However their rescuer has plans for the hero.
Themes can include but not limited to vore, giantess, futa, smothering, squashing, loli, maternal play, femdom and of course HAIR!!!!

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with and by all means send me any questions...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Mancrer74 1 month ago Report

Hi I would like to know if after finishing GTS Sumo there will be a continuation, like a season 2.


Posted by Mancrer74 1 year ago Report

Hi. Any news about your GTS Sumo story?


Posted by stargate1990 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

idk why whenever I look for that I always miss it lol, this is like the 4th time I've looked for it over the last couple years Thanks!


Posted by stargate1990 1 year ago Report

was that chocolate transformation story removed?


Posted by ShamefulInterest 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

It Worked! thanks so much for taking the effort to do that for me!

[ Reply ]


Posted by ShamefulInterest 1 year ago Report

Sorry to bug you but did you ever write a story by the name of "Inflight meal"? if so I noticed it was removed do you still have a copy of it? i wanted to download it but i forgot to and now its gone - forgive me if i'm wrong here and your not the creater of it, coulda swore it was you...

[ Reply ]


Posted by Giovaigiog 2 years ago Report

Where's the story commissioned by Anon2727? I started reading it 2 hours ago but now has disappeared...

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