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Can't draw at all but I enjoy writing. I tend to write what I can't find online. So although I like various types of vore, I will only write stories I feel are unique. If you like my stories and have an idea you think I will like then let me know. I also have a patreon should anyone wish to express there thanks. Full details about it can be found in my blog here on aryion.

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My j

ob is to care (and to be eaten) 2

My alarm went off at 6am which I quickly switched off before it woke my mother. While I may not be used to getting up early, I was actually beaming with excitement. Because I finally had a patient and what a patient she was! Towering body, hair I could lose myself and 20 dogs in, breasts which could knock a

Preposterous Prospects

The sound of an alarm was heard by the sleeping Nel. It was however muffled, sounding like it was buried underground or perhaps at the bottom of a lake. It was however Nel that was buried as he recalled the heaving mass of weight on top of him. His body was completely numb and it was impossible to see. Yet it was his nose that reminded him of his location. The sweaty musk that emanated from his girlfriend Chelsea. Well, girlfriend

Momma’s panty sniffer

“And this is the vagina” said Mrs Paddington as she presented a diagram of a vagina before the class. For most of the biology lesson the class was falling asleep. A mixture of boys and girls sneakily looked at their phones or whispered jokes to each other. Dan Jameson was no different as he twirled his pencil like it held the answer to relieving his boredom. It wasn’t until his teacher said the V word that ev

My sister is a size-dom!

“I’m home!” shouted Dave as he entered his house. Behind him was his newly made friend Walter. Both were students in their class at uni and had just spent most of the day trying to stay awake in class. “Looks like no one is home. Fancy a beer?” said Dave as he made his way to the kitchen. He had shaggy black hair and a thin frame which he didn’t do much to maintain. Rule breaking was the norm f

Into the womb of the Demon Lord

The Demon Realm was once a land of darkness and pain. Demons would crawl through the muck like insects. Pain tormented them as they plotted and schemed to take the land of the living. For over a 1000 years, those plots have been thwarted by valiant heroes. But the age of heroes was starting to come to an end. Approximately 10 years ago, a demon rose to gain the respect of her fellow demons. She united them under a banner t

The Great Hair-dini 6: A weekend to remember

Deep within the chirping forest, Tiffany and Linda were driving to the holiday cabin they had booked out for the weekend. Both of them looked no stranger than any of the other holiday goers they had passed on the way into the resort. But that was because they were restraining themselves. Both of them were now in possession of luxurious magical hair which had been blessed upon them by Linda’s daughter. De

A Ro

yal Reception

The evening was in full swing at the annual ball. The kingdom was gathering at the castle for a night of splendour and mirth. The richest people in the capital turned up wearing their finest clothes, each trying to outshine the other. Dresses varied in practicality with some having several servants carrying the extra layers of fabric. The hall where the ball took place was one that outs

Super Short Story

– Confessions

Waiting outside of the school gate, Harui watched for his best friend to finish cleaning up the classroom and changing. He always walked home with his childhood friend Matoko and he wasn’t going to change that now. Checking his watch, he waited ten more minutes until he heard heavy footsteps and saw Matoko running towards him. It was hard to miss someone when t

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Hey all

I am going to be away on a business trip for a week so I probably wont have access to the site.

Anyone who wishes to contact me please bear this in mind



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Heej, thanks for the fav! I like your work too. O, there might be a chapter 2 soon, don't miss it :)


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Means a lot to me that you Favorited my story! Thnx!


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Oh, Thanks for the watch and fave.
I do appreciate your works (but not all of them, sorry).


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ah yes, now I remember. thumbs up


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