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Can't draw at all but I enjoy writing. I tend to write what I can't find online. So although I like various types of vore, I will only write stories I feel are unique. If you like my stories and have an idea you think I will like then let me know. I also have a patreon should anyone wish to express there thanks. Full details about it can be found in my blog here on aryion.

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Just a normal day

Brad began to stir from his sleep. “Hot, too hot” he muttered in his sleep. The 18 year old had gone to sleep with the window open so it was strange that he would feel so warm. In his half-asleep state, he tried to kick off the duvet. But no matter how hard he pushed against it, it came back down on him like leather. It also felt strangely damp, like his whole bed was soaked. Opening his eyes, he realised he couldn’t s

Bewitching thighs

The near empty train carriage pulled into the station. The only person there was a man laying across some seats fast asleep. He was so lost in the land of nod that he didn’t even stir when the doors opened. Neither did he wake when the sound of laughter of emanated from two girls. They were the Olive sisters. These young girls had olive green hair and were near identical. Not just in their bubbly faces but also in their even more

Big Bubbly’s Day Care

It was another smoggy midday in Old Tokyo. Sat on the back of a bus was a very exhausted woman by the name of Hina. She was in her mid-20’s and stood barely over 5ft. Combined with her skinny frame and shoulder length black hair, she blended into a crowd as easily as the rest of Old Tokyo

’s inhabitants

Disinterested Amazon

Tommy waited in the hotel room with his phone in hand. The mid 20-year-old was admittedly a bit nervous as he looked at the account information on his phone. It was his first ever time hiring an escort and it wasn’t exactly a cheap one. While he promised himself not to spend too much money, there was no denying that the organisation in question was expensive. These women were literal amazons, whose towering forms could make a 6

Dark as Ebony

Mary waded her way through the snow in the baron fields of the British countryside. The young woman had been a part time worker at the local stables for a few weeks now. She had skin as pale as the snow around her and neatly cut brunette hair that just reached the centre of her spine. Though most of her was completely covered in layers as she marched through the snow. The owner of the horses couldn’t believe his luck when Mary volunte

High Grades for Big Boobs

Greg Button was currently sat in his office going through potential exam questions for the summer exams. It was currently break time at Hummingbird School, the kids now running around in the hot summer sun. Mr Button was happily married and still enjoyed his job. Most of his peers had somewhat lost their enthusiasm, unable to keep up with the children and their unlimited energy. But Mr Button got along with all the students, fin

They are just animals

Caroline Pittsburgh was brimming with happiness and excitement while she was packing the car for her parents. Her parents had been invited to a conference on genetic engineering. The Pittsburgh family have been working on genetically enhanced animals for almost 100 years. Their breakthroughs were the stuff of legend, as was there generosity when it came to animal welfare. While they had progressed animal health and medicine exponent

I want to be weak

It was 11:35 in the morning, over half an hour after the time I had asked people to come here. I was standing in my late father’s dojo, home of the Phoenix Fist style. My family had been teaching this martial art in this very dojo for over 5 generations now. But my mother and father died recently, leaving me to inherit the dojo before I could even call myself a man. Barely in my teens, I have a scrawny figure with short white hair

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Hey all

Suddenly got an urge to make an interactive story ... gone-wrong

I have already made a start by offering you guys characters in the boy section, but I encourage anyone to make characters and create scenarios.

Premise is simple, male or female hero is rescued by a powerful female hero. However their rescuer has plans for the hero.
Themes can include but not limited to vore, giantess, futa, smothering, squashing, loli, maternal play, femdom and of course HAIR!!!!

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with and by all means send me any questions...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Mancrer74 6 months ago Report

Hi. Any news about your GTS Sumo story?


Posted by stargate1990 9 months ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

idk why whenever I look for that I always miss it lol, this is like the 4th time I've looked for it over the last couple years Thanks!


Posted by stargate1990 9 months ago Report

was that chocolate transformation story removed?


Posted by ShamefulInterest 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

It Worked! thanks so much for taking the effort to do that for me!

[ Reply ]


Posted by ShamefulInterest 1 year ago Report

Sorry to bug you but did you ever write a story by the name of "Inflight meal"? if so I noticed it was removed do you still have a copy of it? i wanted to download it but i forgot to and now its gone - forgive me if i'm wrong here and your not the creater of it, coulda swore it was you...

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Posted by Giovaigiog 1 year ago Report

Where's the story commissioned by Anon2727? I started reading it 2 hours ago but now has disappeared...


Posted by slupiniks 1 year ago Report

what happened with the Midnight Feast story?


Posted by jonathan123 1 year ago Report

You ever rp?

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