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Can't draw at all but I enjoy writing. I tend to write what I can't find online. So although I like various types of vore, I will only write stories I feel are unique. If you like my stories and have an idea you think I will like then let me know. I also have a patreon should anyone wish to express there thanks. Full details about it can be found in my blog here on aryion.

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Temporary Heater

“What the hell is a temporary heater supposed to mean?” said John as he read the letter from his heating company. The 24-year-old was shivering in his flat, wearing about as many layers as he could physically manage. It was the middle of winter and his boiler was completely busted. He had contacted his heating company a week ago and only received word back from them yesterday. The letter gave no exact date as


– Living Hell

The second day of the Sumo Tournament was about to start. The crowd was already bustling with even more people than the day before. It was so crowded that some of the larger women were offering theirs laps as seats for men (for the right price). The first match of the day would be Indigo Uni vs Lilac Uni. The man-sized coach of Lilac University Lillie was assessing her much larger team memb

Scarlet Witch Switch

Rain battered down against the rocky surface of the mountain. The dark stormy night made travelling difficult for the five mutants making their way up the mountain. Well, four conscious mutants and one unconscious on the shoulder of the other. They were the brotherhood. Magneto’s personal squad of evil mutants. Among them were his own children, Quicksilver and Scarlet witch. Leading th

Forgotten in Frozen

Anna had barely slept a wink last night. She had spent nearly the whole night fussing over an artefact she had recovered. With


sister Elsa now ruling the kingdom, anything magical that was found to be without an owner was quickly stored in the castle. Anna took it upon herself to identify these items and

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Hey all

Suddenly got an urge to make an interactive story ... gone-wrong

I have already made a start by offering you guys characters in the boy section, but I encourage anyone to make characters and create scenarios.

Premise is simple, male or female hero is rescued by a powerful female hero. However their rescuer has plans for the hero.
Themes can include but not limited to vore, giantess, futa, smothering, squashing, loli, maternal play, femdom and of course HAIR!!!!

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with and by all means send me any questions...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by stargate1990 11 days ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

idk why whenever I look for that I always miss it lol, this is like the 4th time I've looked for it over the last couple years Thanks!


Posted by stargate1990 11 days ago Report

was that chocolate transformation story removed?


Posted by ShamefulInterest 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

It Worked! thanks so much for taking the effort to do that for me!

[ Reply ]


Posted by ShamefulInterest 5 months ago Report

Sorry to bug you but did you ever write a story by the name of "Inflight meal"? if so I noticed it was removed do you still have a copy of it? i wanted to download it but i forgot to and now its gone - forgive me if i'm wrong here and your not the creater of it, coulda swore it was you...

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Posted by Mancrer74 6 months ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

Great I will read it now


Posted by Mancrer74 6 months ago Report

Waiting for the next GTS sumo chapter


Posted by Giovaigiog 8 months ago Report

Where's the story commissioned by Anon2727? I started reading it 2 hours ago but now has disappeared...


Posted by slupiniks 8 months ago Report

what happened with the Midnight Feast story?


Posted by jonathan123 8 months ago Report

You ever rp?


Posted by subjectdelta101 9 months ago Report

<< Reply To crime0edge

ty alot ;D


Posted by Mancrer74 9 months ago Report

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your gts sumo series. I'm looking forward to read this new tournament arc.

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