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Comic and unreleased story Posted 2 days ago
Hello all. Just thought I'd post an update for anyone curious about the latest uploads. The story I have posted is just one that I forgot to upload. I am still planning to stay retired. However, I have commissioned some comics I plan to share with you all. "The GTS and the Barber" will be 2 comics that are 100% hair fetish stuff, rather than vore. Sorry if that is not your thing, but for those few fans of mine who like that stuff, I figured I should post it here.Hope everyone is doing well.
Interactive story Posted 3 months ago
Thank you all for your kind words about me posting my last story. One thing I forgot to clarify, is I will still be posting the odd interactive chapter on It is a lot less time consuming than writing full stories, plus I tend to do it on a whim rather than feeling obligated. If you check my profile you will see some of the stories I had added to, as well as my own interactive. Feel free to add to any of my chapters and maybe I will add to yours.
My last story Posted 3 months ago
Hello all. As you may have noticed due to my hiatus, I am finding less and less time to write stories for this site. With all the drama happening in the world right now, I no longer have the luxury of devoting time to such things. So it is with a heavy heart that I say that I have just posted my last story. "Marco Ruffalo’s Final Review" is a showcase of many of my fetishes that I have shared with you all over the years. Thank you to everyone who praised my works. Thank you to those kind enough to commission me. I will still be lingering on the site, so don't fear that my stories are going anywhere. You can still send me messages, but please understand that requests and commissions are no longer possible. One last time, thank you.
Food girl ideas for compilation story Posted 7 months ago
Hello friends

One thing that I have been planning to do is to write more compilation stories. These are stories that are essentially random ideas I have had but never felt compelled to write a fully detailed story for. While some of these ideas may end up as short stories, some ideas can only exist in this format. Think my 50 word story format, only consisting of a few hundred words instead.

One of these ideas calls for food girls. Anthropomorphised food in the form of sexy, vore obsessed girls. The story is essentially the memories of a prominent food critic whose been plagued by strange food fantasies since he was young. Anytime he eats something, he imagines himself at the mercy of a food-themed monster girl. Whether it be a big breasted cow girl named milk, a...
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GTS Sumo finale Posted 10 months ago
Hello all

Well I know it has been over a year since the last installment, but I am finally planning a finale for GTS Sumo. I would however appreciate any suggestions for it. The plan is that Jake is rescued by his team and Crimson Uni. In exchange though, he must satisfy every team member on both teams. This includes Jade, Rachel, Coach Olivia, Chika, Megan the Atlas and Lillie. If any one has any kinky scenarios for specific girls, let me know.
Commissions closed Posted 11 months ago
I have decided to stop taking commissions in the hope of slowing things down. While I still enjoy writing stories, I feel I have too much going on in my life to also worry about a dozen or so commissions. So from today, no new commissions will be accepted until further notice. Current commissions on the queue will of course be addressed and people I have already agreed to do series with will be treated differently. I will however remain open for trades but obviously in moderation and to those who can write well about my personal tastes. Thank you everyone for the support over the years and I hope you continue to enjoy my work.
New interactive story Posted 3 years ago
Hey all

Suddenly got an urge to make an interactive story ... gone-wrong

I have already made a start by offering you guys characters in the boy section, but I encourage anyone to make characters and create scenarios.

Premise is simple, male or female hero is rescued by a powerful female hero. However their rescuer has plans for the hero.
Themes can include but not limited to vore, giantess, futa, smothering, squashing, loli, maternal play, femdom and of course HAIR!!!!

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with and by all means send me any questions...
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RE: Crime0edge and Grimmahr Story Pic Game Posted 3 years ago
This is now my 3rd story pic game, this time with Grimmahr.
Same format as the other ones, one person uploads a picture or 2 and the other has to write a short story about it.
Looking for "all the way through" stories/pictures Posted 3 years ago
I know it is not exactly vore, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any stories where a futa's cock or a man's cock goes all the way through a persons body, through the ass and out the mouth or visa versa.
Not in a gory way you understand, more stretchy like they are a human condom or cock ring
It would be even better if the cock was big enough to lift them up or if they put their underwear back on while they are still attached.

Here is a good male example, in particular the part of putting the underwear back on really interests me

Thanks to anyone who can help
Removed stories back up Posted 3 years ago
I believe all my removed stories are back up

Let me know if I have missed any
I have changed them to registered users only which I feel is ok for those who wish to read them