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I tend to take delight in the crueler kind of vore, including sexual violence and gore, so beware.

Also, it's always nice to receive comments about my works!

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The city slept as cities often do, which is to say with one eye open and lights left on to repel the dark that fell over the tiled, irregular roofs. No moon watched over the affairs conducted in the alleys and streets devoid of daily traffic, ranging from drug smuggling in the harbor to B-class whoring in the red light district. It was from the direction of that region that Violet’s sharp ears fancied catching the start of a scream, muffled shortly and decisively. Were it a different night

A young human female in tight fit jeans, a trendy fake-leather jacket and heels so high her toes were almost vertical surveyed the address texted to her, then the building that supposedly went with it. A special kind of dissonance crackled between Duke street 14 A and the rathole before her. When her agent had described the place as a castle, he hadn’t bothered to mention it was closer to a ruin of one. Brits had a twisted sense of humour like that, she’d discovered.

It had to be the fourth time this month, reckoned Twilight as she turned the envelope over in her hooves by the candle of her bedroom. The letters of congratulation had been streaming steadily into the treehouse ever since she’d recently become an alicorn, something she shouldn't continue to be surprised by really even if the idea of being worshipped did still have a strange taste to it. However, the cause of wonder on this instance was more specific, for ardent though her addressors tende

There’s nothing like a summer meadow for a natural metaphor about innocent and carefree life, especially if the scene includes an energetic female sprinting after butterflies, fluffy seeds and pretty much anything that moves. Neither did it matter much that the female in question was factually a bitch, a dog named Winona. She stopped by a low mound overgrown with dandelions to wait for her owner to catch up. For some reason she lagged behind more than usual, occupied with exchanging boring

The room was a storm of kinetic energy embodied in movement and sound, coloured by the electrical rainbows of latest tech, oiled with alcohol and juvenescence. The rave cave had been packed as full as a Friday night could be without the walls busting off, although they did tremble under the hammer blows of the music, endowed with its own gravitational force. By one of the bar counters made of hardened glass and redwood, two women in their early twenties and late-drunkenness shouted into each oth

In a house of clouds, a cyan pegasus twitched and turned in her sleep. The blanket lay bundled at her feet, exposing a lean, young body in all its unconscious cuteness. The prismatic tail was tucked between the hind legs, mostly covering the parts many vied to explore most in that sleek, gorgeous figure. Listening to her steady breathing, its rhythm, anyone with a pulse would’ve been hard-pressed not to give that rump a pat.
Rainbow Dash woke up with a start and a chilling feeling that som

A breath of flame erupted towards Viri from above as one of the dragons, red as dawn, took the initiative and swooped over him. No one could cast spells at that speed, but luckily, he had cat’s reflexes and a fierce desire not to become fused with the floor in molten stone. After rolling aside, Viri was up on his legs just fast enough to dodge the other pillar of flame that rushed at him from an opposite direction, hurled by a blue-green beast. A third one would’ve landed right on to

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Stanku's Blog - Taking Story Suggestions Posted 3 months ago

Once again I'm looking for a spark or an inferno of inspiration, and what better source to turn to than my readers. So, go ahead and comment below what you'd like to read from me next! Especially the following themes have been on my mind of late, though they do not pose any kind of a limit to your proposals, which can consist of anything so simple as a fave pred or a particular way of voring to something as complex as a plot outline or a recipe for pegasus wings. You know what kind of thing to expect of me I should think.

Possible topics to write on:

1.) Lore for new OC Rog the drake

2.) Another Mane 6 group adventure, this time into the antarctic poles

3. Lore for a new OC Catnip the Curious mare (a prey type)

4.) Animal...
[ Continued ... ]

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And thank you for watching me too, you’ve got some nice tales on your page ;P


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Yeah my main thing is disney/cartoon based vore. X3 I did a really short MLP piece once with Spike as a pred. Should probably revisit thaf sometime. X3


Posted by anyonarex 10 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch man, always had a lot of love for the stories you write. :p one of the best vore writers around rn


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