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If you wish to share an idea for a story, scene or roleplay, let it be known that I'm sometimes open to suggestions.

I tend to take delight in the crueler kind of vore, including sexual violence and gore, so beware.

Also, it's always nice to receive comments about my works!

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In a house of clouds, a cyan pegasus twitched and turned in her sleep. The blanket lay bundled at her feet, exposing a lean, young body in all its unconscious cuteness. The prismatic tail was tucked between the hind legs, mostly covering the parts many vied to explore most in that sleek, gorgeous figure. Listening to her steady breathing, its rhythm, anyone with a pulse would’ve been hard-pressed not to give that rump a pat.
Rainbow Dash woke up with a start and a chilling feeling that som

A breath of flame erupted towards Viri from above as one of the dragons, red as dawn, took the initiative and swooped over him. No one could cast spells at that speed, but luckily, he had cat’s reflexes and a fierce desire not to become fused with the floor in molten stone. After rolling aside, Viri was up on his legs just fast enough to dodge the other pillar of flame that rushed at him from an opposite direction, hurled by a blue-green beast. A third one would’ve landed right on to

After careful deliberation Viri and Adisa agreed on opening the door to riches, judging the symbolism to most favour their combined skill set. Adisa was no stranger to riddles but when push came to shove she’d rather trust a good old fireball to clear the road, and both sorceress’ were disinclined to test their companionship in practice any more than was strictly necessary.
Opening the gate itself turned out to be rather simple, supposing one knew anything about magic. Apparently th

Adisa had no special love or hate for either Jorge or the woman, so the faithful decision was made in practical terms. She was a little closer to the top and anyways lighter to lift.
The woman let out a shriek as she was suddenly pulled free from the creeper vine, only to find herself suspended in air. Adisa yanked her upwards right as the lizard seemed about to lunge at her. Failing that, it turned its attention to the other morsel available.
Adisa heard Jorge to shout something indistinct in f

The port town, though small compared to the capitol, was an exotic place especially to Adisa who had never ventured abroad before. She would’ve been glad to explore the several markets, temples, native ruins and other cultural points of fascination for a week, but so long as she desired to elevate in the ranks of the lore, the mission would have to be completed post-haste. Nonetheless they decided with Viri to favour the slower route by land, trusting that slow and steady would win the rac

After careful consideration and weighing of gains, Adisa decided to propose an alliance with Viri the black panther. He might not be the most trustworthy partner around, but his other qualities would hopefully compensate for the extra energy sacrificed to keep on her toes. At least she’d be a well of envy for the lot of her female colleagues, which was a prize on its own terms.
As expected, the tomcat played hard to get with her at first, and she had to resort to minor flattery in order to

By the next noon Adisa strode into the university with her chin held high under the wide-brimmed hat, her uniform spotless and a backpack of (mostly) necessary equipment swinging in rhythm of her step. After having made up her mind yesternight, the anxiety had gradually seeped out, replaced by a novel sense of purpose, resolution and achievement. She had decided to take up the dreaded horrors of the Temple of the Serpent.
Before the Shoots were sent on their way to reap glory or an untimely demi

Adisa Silverwisp stared long and hard into the fire of her stove, with each slightly more noticable puff of smoke and every little memorable whip of flame making her heart bounce. Expecting mail had never been this exhausting for the twenty-two year old female. After hours of burning, her little rented apartment practically served as a sauna in the summer heat. Her naked, tanned skin (she had discarded her cape and garments on the floor ages ago) glistened with perspiration and a salty, dank sme

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Stanku's Blog - A New CYOA Begins! Posted 3 months ago

My dear readers,

I started a new, open, works-by-voting vore adventure to have some fun together! The details can be found here: Go check it out if it suits your fancy.

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Yeah my main thing is disney/cartoon based vore. X3 I did a really short MLP piece once with Spike as a pred. Should probably revisit thaf sometime. X3


Posted by anyonarex 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the watch man, always had a lot of love for the stories you write. :p one of the best vore writers around rn


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Thanks for the watch ^^

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