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If you wish to share an idea for a story, scene or roleplay, let it be known that I'm most always open to suggestions.

I tend to take delight in the crueler kind of vore, including sexual violence and gore, so beware.

Also, it's always nice to receive comments about my works!

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Pink Follows Purple into Brown
For Saybin
By Stanku
Princess Cadance was not a pony to whom prudence would come grudgingly, an indication of which was that upon seeing Twilight’s castle’s front door ajar, she didn’t hesitate to follow her invitation to the letter and let herself in without checking for further authorisation save what the casual knock on the frame represented. The signal found a reply by the direction of the bedrooms, where from some racket could be heard.

A young redcurrant shrub held fast valiantly despite the rampant deer that surged through it. Unfortunately the act of shrubbery valour was instantly forgotten as a full-grown bear trampled over the plant after his prey. For a moment it looked like the predator would field the day, but a duo of stout birches ended the chase with their unequal treatment of the participants that ran between them. The bear, stuck tight between the stout trees, could only roar in frustration as the deer hopped into

Daring Times Two
By Stanku
For Cainiam
They say one can get used to anything one can survive, following the adage that whatever doesn't kill you surely makes you stronger. Daring Do had been thinking that a lot of late. She had found that while whatever did kill you certainly didn’t make you any stronger, it did incite certain proneness to self-contemplation, e.g., what is my place in life, what difference does my existence make, what’s there to remember me by and so on. Spending mos

The thing about achieving everything you want in life is that it can leave you with nothing else to do than sit on your laurels from one week to the next. As a result, all the ambition required to have pushed you were you are ends up spoiling inside you, made obsolete by its own success. It’s like indigestion after a royal meal.
Sombra, the Dark King, put down the inked feather and let out an idiosyncratic sigh, then a mildly acidic burp containing a couple long pony tail hairs of indistin

The universe is a strange, confounding place. A place many a philosopher has dedicated their whole lives to unravel, only to find their efforts toppled by a breeze born of reality turning its other side in its infinite slumber.
For one, everything important in existence appears to happen in threes. Take a little unicorn recently settled in her new home in a small town library who, on her third night, woke up for the third time to the same persistent sound carrying from downstairs. Now Twilight,

The castle of Aquilanée province was special in that its final totality had been built during three consecutive different eras with three different functions in mind. The first, original one was to withstand any foe from rampaging hordes of savages of south to a fierce, ice-breathing dragon from the northern lands. The second function, invented during the boring decades in which no such threats were to be seen, was to accommodate and ensure the might and splendour of the keep’s hold

Life like a Box of Chocolate
By Stanku
For Gorat
A cheery metallic ring echoed through the dim room and seeped into the darkness of the kitchen at the back, briefly dancing around a figure seemingly built of condensed house dust. Then a bright green eye opened in the shady face, a flicker of uncertainty entrenched deep in the void of reality. A lot could have been read of that glimmer, had there been even a ghost to read it.
“Syrup and meringue, wonder and bewitch,” he called by rote

How They Think about It
For Skye
By Stanku
A frosted glade disturbed by snow crunching under paws. Scarlet air bleeds the smell of pines and blood, lingering sharp mile after another.
And far from lonesome.
It’s not what to expect by a wolf returning to a kill. Not usually, at least.
A sleek figure shifts in the shadows, prowling the clearing. In the middle, another of a kind if not kin pays no mind while devouring what’s left of the hind. Below the wind the intruder has little chan

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Just out of curiosity I ask: who would like me to continue the Equestria Anno Zero series?

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Posted by AlbanyExpression 2 months ago

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Haha, too little of that and good disposal stuff ^^

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Posted by AlbanyExpression 2 months ago

Ooooft, thanks for the fave Stanku! I'm not normally as cruel as you, haha, but glad you found that too your liking~

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Posted by CausationCorrelation 7 months ago

Hey thanks for watching c: glad you like my stuff :3


Posted by Gorat 10 months ago

Heyo! How are you? Its been a while - any plans for new stories? I miss ya hard vore! T_T


Posted by theclaw 11 months ago

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no problem it wasnt hard as its true, have a good one.


Posted by theclaw 11 months ago

thanks for watching my archive, i hope it brings back memory's, also big fan of your work, the word play you use in your story's is really good.


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Thanks for the watch! ^_^


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