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I tend to take delight in the crueler kind of vore, including sexual violence and gore, so beware.

Also, it's always nice to receive comments about my works!

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Large buildings have the uncanny habit of appearing larger still when they are empty, as if the accumulating silence could add up to extra space somehow. Then again, walking alone in such a building after the closing can inspire a feeling of the walls closing in ever-so subtly, and thus break the symmetry of abandon by the lightest tread of leatherbound boots on stone. His fellow guards often remarked about similar sensations after their shifts, as a rule hiding their true thoughts in jokes, but

Valeria. She had looked up the name once in a dictionary when they’d been staying overnight in the city library, looking for unlicensed shelter among the steep shelves of old teak. It was a name with roots in health, strength and bravery. Valeria wasn’t a girl in whose world words, especially printed ones, had a whole lot of meaning, but this one had struck a chord within her chest, if only because she now virtually knew more about the origin of her name than she did about her actual

Lonesome hoofsteps clacked on the grass-consumed cobblestones as a twin-tailed earth pony trotted along, passing an abandoned building after another in pace slow enough that his mind could linger on each and imagine who had once lived therein. The site must’ve been part of the castle complex, a home to a few hundred servants and labor ponies perhaps. The road itself seemed older than any ruin around however, the flagstones worn smooth as silk over the centuries, though his must’ve be

Everypony has routines, and in case of nopony is that more true as with supervillains, their habits of excess cultivated across all aspects of life. By now Sombra’s day-to-day schedule was so determined that a deductive mind could read it by the imprints left on the carpets of his castle. They always started and ended in the bedroom chambers, parked in the dining hall after a brief visit to the torture chambers (mostly out of routine as he hadn’t had any prisoners rotting there in ye

Agret and the Tourist Season

The Sparkling Sea hadn’t earned its name for nothing. The calm waterbed was like liquid mountain crystal in its cerulean of a thousand shades, scattered across the limpid vastness by the painter nature’s whim. Islets of pearl-white sands littered the seascape, their roots of coral transcending the color spectrum in cascading structures of submerged, fantastical rainbows of ge

Three Friends’ Cake
For Neutrality
This is how it goes…
Start with a saffron stem, the rightful medow’s diadem
let powdered grain, cinnamon reign
a couple peppermint clots, nutmeg just a shot, and don’t forget
to add sugar a –
“Lots of spooks!”
Zecora’s spine curved like a cat had just ran its claws over a chalkboard next to her ear, the table set with two dozen carefully arranged bottles rattling ominously as the sound wave shook the whole cabin

Cruel Cruising
For Rathalos
By Stanku
Canterlot University had its spring break about to end, which meant the campus was once again populated by freshpony students coming from all over Equestria and even beyond. As a rule they moved in groups or pairs, with the exception of some individuals whose narrative paths yet remained untied to any life-lasting link that would be forged in these walkways and lecture chambers over the coming years. That’s what CU’s motto non scholae, sed vitae

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Once again I'm looking for a spark or an inferno of inspiration, and what better source to turn to than my readers. So, go ahead and comment below what you'd like to read from me next! Especially the following themes have been on my mind of late, though they do not pose any kind of a limit to your proposals, which can consist of anything so simple as a fave pred or a particular way of voring to something as complex as a plot outline or a recipe for pegasus wings. You know what kind of thing to expect of me I should think.

Possible topics to write on:

1.) Lore for new OC Rog the drake

2.) Another Mane 6 group adventure, this time into the antarctic poles

3. Lore for a new OC Catnip the Curious mare (a prey type)

4.) Animal...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thanks for the watch *p*


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Thank you for the watch! <3
May you receive my goddess's blessing.


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Glad to see some new stories from you! You're definitely one of my favorites!


Posted by Narrows 1 year ago Report

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Hello! I do in fact have the completed story of Maahes the Lion on my DA account. I go by Narrow-Eyed-Grinner and can be found at


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Thank you for such high praise! (*゚∀゚*)
There's more to come.


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Thank you for the Watch and Fav. Was Jessica cruel enough? ;D


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And thank you for watching me too, you’ve got some nice tales on your page ;P


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Thanks for the watch and favs pally!


Posted by anyonarex 2 years ago Report

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Yeah my main thing is disney/cartoon based vore. X3 I did a really short MLP piece once with Spike as a pred. Should probably revisit thaf sometime. X3

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Posted by anyonarex 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch man, always had a lot of love for the stories you write. :p one of the best vore writers around rn

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