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If you wish to share an idea for a story, scene or roleplay, let it be known that I'm most always open to suggestions.

I tend to take delight in the crueler kind of vore, including sexual violence and gore, so beware.

Also, it's always nice to receive comments about my works!

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For most professions, pleasure and business canceled each other out except for those few lucky individuals who were born to the trade they ended up plying. For a diplomatic envoy in the free city of Falut, however, pleasure was the business whether one liked it or not. It was for that exact reason why Duheim von Lamn had secured himself the post; because a man’s mettle measures not with how hard he finds his toil, but rather with what ease he leaves it, as he wrote in his diary the day he

As natural predators griffons weren’t inclined towards religion, it was generally thought, since hope for salvation generally was the resort of prey species. However, to think that was to get the causation backwards. Prey didn’t believe because the faith was laden with doctrines of atonement, other-wordly justice and strength in forgiveness. The faith was such because it was what the prey believed in. And there were so, so many other things to believe in than that, as Comus had come

Equestria – a land of magic. A land where morning promises everything. A land where a completely ordinary notice in a common newspaper of a rather regular town can lead to extraordinary events in a span no briefer than an afternoon…
This time the extraordinary started with a perfectly timed double knock.
That must be about the add, thought Fluttershy, and wasn’t in error.
“Good morning, Miss Fluttershy,” said the pegasus stallion standing on the doorstep. “I&

The view from the hill was a postcard, the kind of splendour that betrays something faked. Suspicion, that treasured virtue of any security officer, tempted Captain Melissa Sapiro to pinch herself just to be sure she hadn’t fallen prey to UE-0200’s dream trappings. How uncanny that she never felt like this while relaxing in one of Facility’s recreational VR chambers; as if the digital landscape could present reality better than the great outdoors in flesh. Still, it was nice to

Now once there was a certain cat
a brush stroke of white and black
silken of fur, silent of paw
shaped with an elastic curve and
in service of none but her whiskered maw
Sometimes a mouse, others a bat
would within a chilling feeling flash
once this certain cat
would off her paws dash, claws slash and
delicate teeth gnash
A brief fight, oft-times at night
when the moon be bright and weather’s aright
a critter little loses the light
on its way to feline shite
Afterwards, come the peace, co

An aquamarine-coloured canine thumb swiped the touch-screen every few seconds, scrolling sideways through a gallery of electronic pictures. A glimpse of any one of them would’ve made another male pause ogling on the spot. But Lucien had already seen them all, being the will who had frozen those sultry moments in pixel time to begin with. That being said, the occasional reminiscence rarely failed to stir his wry smile.
“What’s got your attention now, hun?” asked a slightly

À la carte of the dress
In Rarity’s professional vocabulary there was no such thing as a “difficult” customer. At least, not in her official vocabulary, where the preferred the term was “challenging”, or possibly “demanding”. At times, though, the only word that would spring to her mind to describe a certain type of client was “plain impossible”.
“I say, it does go well with your eyes, don’t you think?” she said. It w

Twilight Sparkle was nervous, something nopony knowing her would find newsworthy, although this time the cause of her anxiety would have made some splashing headlines if it ever were to become public. Equestria did love its princesses, after all, loved them and their privacy to bits. Awareness of that formed a distinct layer in the tissue of Twilight’s nervousness, yet not its fundamental core.
The core in question had been seeded in her soul a fortnight ago during a visit to her friend Ra

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I like writing interactives. They offer something of a completely new perspective into storytelling. So here's my latest creation, continuation to "Dinner for Two, Tragedy for Three":

It's still unfinished and if you so desire do feel free to add branches, though I have one tree pretty much covered in sketches already.

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