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If you wish to share an idea for a story, scene or roleplay, let it be known that I'm most always open to suggestions.

I tend to take delight in the crueler kind of vore, including sexual violence and gore, so beware.

Also, it's always nice to receive comments about my works!

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A unicorn mare of pinkish fur peered hard at the picture on her hoof, then even harder at the stone tablet on the wall in front of her, then at the paper again. “Sorry,” sighed Starlight Glimmer. “I just don’t see it.”
Beside her, a hopeful face fell. “You sure you’re holding it the right way around?” said Twilight.
“Hah hah, not funny. Not anymore at least. Are you certain you got the translation right?”
“Yes!” cried Twilig

The spoon falls and with it the sugar. Two lumps. Thankfully she had already spilled the coffee before she heard the news. The white grains are so fine and distinct against the blackened, shining tiles; like cubic icebergs floating in oblivion. They’re all watching her, including Meredith herself; she’s the one watching most closely. Always has been. She’s so proud of herself at that moment. Always will be.
High heels clack clack clack on the steel floor, their rhythm impeccabl

The evening smelled of cinnamon, beeswax candles, sprigs and goodwill so thick the window panes steamed. Fluttershy hummed a silly, monotonic tune to herself while hanging yet another shiny bubble into the small spruce they had planted in a jar by the corner. “Good for one more?” she mused, the glogg mulling in the mare’s veins making casual conversation with a tree a perfectly sensible proposition. “It's your big night, we have to ensure you’re properly dressed up&

The room was vast, too vast; especially after the markedly unvast cells where Mocha had spent the last fortnight. His crime: still unknown and probably irrelevant. He’d been rounded up along with six or seven other ponies “for loitering”, which he’d consider somewhat vague. The guards had been decent enough in the processing though; if anything they had seemed even more afraid than him – a typical trend in the Equestrian population.
Not only was the room they’

Trust in a friend’s capabilities was no doubt a good reason to postpone worries about their absence, especially when the friend in question had proved their trustworthiness several times over. In the case of Rainbow Dash the trust reserve lasted almost three weeks. On the fourth one, however, her friends in Ponyville began wondering how long one adventure could take even in a place as big as the Amarezonia rainforest. It was Fluttershy who first raised the concern that something might&rsqu

As far as conformism went, dragons were natural at it, with biology to fault for the most part. Being the top predator in pretty much any food chain alleviated a lot of the pressure to adapt, after all. Even griffons, despite their inborn arrogance, had learned to build nests and develop other similar marks of culture of late, yet for dragons a cave seemed to be the pinnacle of real estate market. The bigger the better for hoarding all the loot and bones, the only decorations imaginable.
To asse

Ears out in the open or tucked under the cap? Were the shoes really obligatory? And what on earth was she supposed to do with the tail – let it roam free or stuff it down the trouser leg and pray she wouldn’t stomp on it herself? Clear and distinct as the Facility dressing code was, reading it through had revealed to Kayleigh certain key lacks concerning, how did the official jargon put it now… alternative anthropomorphic biologies?
Sighing to herself in the otherwise empty lo

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a king fair and wise, blessed with three daughters from three different wives he had been married to during his long life. All over the prosperous kingdom he was loved, as were his kin, though they were rarely seen in public. For the king was highly protective of his precious gems, one of which would ultimately succeed him on the throne. However, as the girls grew to the age of adulthood, they became all the more anxious about their caged lives, no

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Stanku's Blog - To My Watchers Posted 5 months ago

Dear watchers,

I recently counted the people following my profile and was glad to find out there's almost a hundred of you out there (97 to be precise)! Similar grand figures include over a 100k views and a thousand likes across my stories, all of which I now feel deserves some kind of celebration. Usually I'm terrible at this sort of "fan-management", preferring one-to-one engagements or just silence, but now the mood has struck me to try out something different. In particular there's one question I'd like to present to you (or whoever happens to be reading this and wants to join in).

What story of mine would you like to see a sequel for? Consider this a pseudo-voting of sorts, or just an opportunity to push your agenda as to what I should be writing...
[ Continued ... ]

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