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Hi, I'm DJ4K a femboy and a writer. <3
The write cooking vore and gore. So if that's what you like then I hope my writing is good enough. My writing is often very gory so you may not enjoy it if that's not your thing. If you have any story ideas I can use I'd love to hear them and I'll credit you unless you want to remain anonymous.
I have a Dicord server for cooking vore RP. feel free to join. :D
If this link does not work PM me.

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Revenge Of The Food.Written By DJ4KCommissioned by Tkdigiboy.Prolog. In the future scientists seeking to end world hunger invented a new growth hormone that caused food to grow far beyond its normal size. This giant food was sent all around the world feeding millions but what no one realized is that the food was learning. The hormones had made the food self aware and what they saw horrified them. Innocent food was being eaten by humans in vast numbers. It was somehow both glorified and casualize

Anthro Hunting.By DJ4K.Contains: hunting, gynophagia, unwilling prey, unwilling, furry, female pred, male prey, buff prey, taxidermy, human pred, anthro prey, Eve was an ordinary salary woman in the year 2221. She worked in an office mindlessly punching in numbers for some reason she honestly forgot. To make the days less mind numbing she would listen to podcasts. Technically she wasn’t allowed to do that but everyone did it. One of her favorites was Interview With A Primitive, a

Going Feral Setting.By DJ4KContents: furry, human, anthro, world building, gynophagia, Anthros. Anthros are a space faring race native to Animal Planet, which is only a quick spaceship ride away from Earth. When they met humans for the first time there was a little tension but as time went on anthros and humans integrated with each other and now live as one, multi planet nation called the Anthro Human Alliance.  Anthros were once just like normal animals that walked on all fours, hunte

Hot Chocolate And Smores.By DJ4KContent: hard vore, male pred, isekai, food, unwilling prey, food creature, food creatures, male pred, male prey, female prey,  The Gingerbread Alps was the premier spa destination for travelers in the north of FoodLand. It was staffed by people made of either chocolate or marshmallow and some were a mix of both. They had it all: honey massages, hot chocolate tubs, whip cream faceshells, anything a person made of food could want. John was the only human

Jake’s Big Secret 2. The Reveal. By DJ4KThis story contains sexist and homophopic characters and language.  After Jake lost his brother he became worried that his ass would end up on his dad’s plate just like Jeff’s. Jake decided he’d get rid of anything girly that he owned before his dad could find it. In the middle of the night he snuck out of his room with a bag full of makeup, skirts and other such things. He crept through the front yard towards the garbage

Jake’s Big Secret. By DJ4K.Contains: male prey, female prey, male pred, female pred, cooking, gynophagia, oven roast, young prey, teenaged prey, homophopic, sexist, This story contains sexist and homophobic characters and language.  Jake sat in his room reading a dress catalog. The women looked absolutely gorgeous. Jake especially liked the large ball gowns with anthro fox scarves. They looked so feminine, yet powerful like beautiful queens.  If his dad ever saw him reading this

Class Field Trip To A Giant’s Cave.By DJ4KContents: cooking, cooking prep, small prey, giant pred, dragon pred, male pred, male prey, female prey, child prey, kid prey, gynophagia, chewing, living prey, human prey,  The second grade history class of Troll Bridge school was excited for their field trip to Mount Grim. Anything that got them out of Mr Makoto's history class was great as far as this class was concerned. As their bus traveled up the winding mountain path the kids sang a nu

Sold To A Giant.By DJ4KContents: cooking, giant, giant pred, shota, rape, under age, under age prey, pet play, fantasy, child prey, gynophagia, M/M, gay, kid, small prey, kid prey, Ken Amada was a cute boy, only 12 years old. He loved exploring the mountain he lived on with his parents. It was secluded and there weren’t many other kids around but Ken didn’t mind, he had lots of animal friends to play with.  One day he and his parents traveled further up the mountain than ev

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All commission slots are now full. Thanks to everyone who requested a commission. :)

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