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That night, John fucks every last member of his private staff as he watches the replay of Dylan's final hours over and over.
Money pours into his bank account over the next weeks as his staff publishes the five latest adventures to his web site. The sixth, the one of Dylan, will remain a private memory. Just for him, well, him and the next willing son, whomever that might be.
Eight hundred miles away, nineteen year old Dominic boards the bus after work. It's just before two in th

John stands, and walks to his lounge. Dylan following like an excited little puppy. He knows that he's the last brother left, and he can't wait to spend some quality time with his dad.
John sits down, not bothering to crush Alex's body behind his powerful abs as Dylan lays his head on his father's distended gut and listens to the slowly diminishing movements of his brother and the gurgling sound as the belly prepares to deal with its meal.
"Yeah so

An hour later, the door from the terrace opens and Dylan and Alex come into the house. Both boys are shirtless and the sun gleams off the thin sheen of sweat on their lithe bodies.
They stop short when they see their dad, naked, being massaged by his sexy assistant. Dad lifts his head from the massage table when he hears them, "Hey boys, how was your hike?"
"Great dad," Dylan responds, shifting the t-shirt hanging in his hand over to cover his groin as the sig

John lays on Danny's bed for a half hour or so, letting the boy stretch his belly and struggle, then finally the abs flex and crush the partially digested teen. He runs a hand over the rock hard, flat abs that hide the stomach that has destroyed three sons in a matter of hours.
Meanwhile, Connor is painfully hard and waiting, cuffed to his bed and desperate for relief. Across the hall, John stretches and looks a the clock. "That ought to be enough time to make sure he's horny and re

Opening the door, he finds Danny in the perfect position. He's laying on his stomach, his morning hard on forcing his ass ever so slightly into the air. He's obviously kicked off the blankets in the night and dad notes with interest that there isn't a tan line on the olive skin of his perky bubble butt.
Shedding his clothing as he walks, he approaches the boy. Admiring a body that looks like it was chiseled from stone by a very horny, very closeted, renaissance sculptor.
He leans

Sunlight streams in through the window. Working its way across the plush carpeting, up the satin sheets and imparting its glow onto the pale, naked body nestled in the luxurious folds. The boy stirs and the lids of his eyes half open, revealing blue eyes that seem to shine almost as green as his father's in the golden light of dawn.
Dylan lets out a soft moan as he stretches his muscles and casts a glance around the unfamiliar room. The last couple days had been so incredible that he wou

Alone in his son's former room, dad hastily showers to wash off the smell of sex. Presently, he steps out of the bathroom absentmindedly adjusts his cock as he pulls the security feeds up on the large tv. He lets his body air dry as he checks to see if any of the other boys are having any trouble sleeping.
All of the rooms are still and quiet, but then he notices that one of the beds is empty. Flipping through banks of cameras—checking for motion—he spots Paul sitting out by the pool

Once everyone has composed themselves and gotten dressed, James leads the boys down to the dining room. The boys are greeted by a spread that makes their jaws drop. They sit down and dinner passes more or less uneventfully with casual talk, though not a single boy mentions the excellent service of their room assistants.
After thoroughly devouring five delicious courses with the efficiency that only six college-aged boys can, they all retire to the theater for a movie. After which, the bo

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