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Welcome to my page. I'm Lucifer's Chef.

I'm male, mostly gay, and from the land down under. I write mostly M/M and F/M vore fiction. Also CTF, castration, and random weird stuff. Don't venture inside my gallery if you're easily offended or squirked. It has all sorts of strange stuff. However if you like the unusual, you may just like something.

~ Presently not taking commissions. ~
~ Requests always welcome, but I don't promise to do them. ~

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Cam’s drunk decision

Cam was, admittedly, drunk and high enough that the television screen had started to swirl into a vortex of pretty colours. But he’d been staring at the box he’d impulsively ordered last week for hours, and taking a hit, then another and another, felt like the only way he was going to build up the courage to open it.

The long legged man spread his thighs. His cock bobbed, hard and leaking a

Evan shifted awkwardly, his feet aching after a long flight packed in economy class and now he’d been standing around with the rest of his team for a good half hour while they sorted out some sort of paperwork mess up. They were coming back from a hockey tournament in Toronto, crossing back to the US, and it was all supposed to be really simple. That's what Coach had said.

He poked the guy in front of him, Dave. “What’s taking so long man?”

Kate leaned over to her best friend and clinked their martinis together. “I’m so glad the neighbourhood association banned plastic skeletons this year.” The two women were lounging on Kate’s porch, taking in the sun.

“So much better for the environment!” Ivanka agreed with a smile. She stretched happily, martini sloshing lightly, her voluptuous assets moving freely. Neither of them wore a stitch of clothing.


Dishwashing Dangers

Tristan slammed a soapy plate down on the pile with more than enough force to make the whole stack wobble precariously. “Fuck this.” He hissed under his breath, then hurriedly casting an eye around the kitchen to make sure no one heard.

It was a joke, getting called into a shift on Halloween. He’d had a costume all sorted, a party to go to, and he finally had a chance to get with Sally. Salty

Ahmed didn’t really expect the ‘broparty at Iota Chi to turn out exactly this way, but he wasn’t complaining. Iota Chi was well known as the
gay frat
and their bro parties were basically gay raves. Better than any club he’d ever gone to, as well.

Ahmed had pulled on his most flattering pair of tiny speedos under his jeans and headed to the party fully intending to lose the jeans. He’d been right, he’d

Sayeru passed the campus meat grinder every day on the way to classes. It sat adjacent to the agricultural studies building, where the fertiliser was always in high demand. As he shouldered his bag and crossed the windswept square, there were already a few guys using it. He couldn’t remember a morning he hadn’t seen it busy.

The grinder resembled a great wood chipper, with a hopper at one end and an outlet that sprayed into a large pit at the other. The pit c

There were three men lined up today, waiting for his attention. Cam had peaked at them on the cameras, he always liked to get an idea of what he was up for before he actually entered the room. Each of the men was stripped to underwear and handcuffs. They were a diverse crowd, just the type he liked.

He strode into the waiting room with a great deal of casual bravado. “Morning.” Cam easily smiled, running his eyes over each of the men. He ran his fingers over

“I double dog dare you!” The words were shouted empathetically across Ross’ long room.

Everyone was pretty drunk and lounging around, working their way through the vodka, while they exchanged various dares. Ned was presently naked thanks to the last dare, his lean body on display as he lounged on the couch, nearly in the lap of Carl next to him.

“Woah dude, no blood . . . .” Ned called out.

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LucifersChef's Blog - Update Posted 13 days ago

Hi guys gals and nonbinary pals.

I've just been moving house, a process that isn't entirely finished yet, plus going into the new university year, starting a business, dealing with the realization I have autism, and my body has decided to betray me and come down with something, so I'm out for the count for a while. Sorry.

PS: Stay strong, Trump's almost gone

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