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Welcome to my page. I'm Lucifer's Chef.

I'm male, mostly gay, and from the land down under. I write mostly M/M and F/M vore fiction. Also CTF, castration, and random weird stuff. Don't venture inside my gallery if you're easily offended or squirked. It has all sorts of strange stuff. However if you like the unusual, you may just like something.

~ Presently not taking commissions. ~
~ Requests always welcome, but I don't promise to do them. ~

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Dantalion woke from hibernation hungry. Really hungry, the kind that made his stomach burn and ache with the empty void inside. He shook sleep from his head as his senses came back to him. The air smelt of dust, and the only light came in a thin trickle through closed blinds. Dantalion eyed the cobwebs and dust that had accumulated over his room with a grunt. He’d have to clean that up.

Forever the biggest irritant of hibernating was the dust. Maybe this time human

The Haskerville High School basketball team was on its way back from an away game. A bus full of horny, sweaty eighteen year olds, rumbling down an old road that Coach had declared a “shortcut”. It certainly didn’t feel like a shortcut to Lazarus (“Laz” to friends). He had kicked off his shoes, and stripped off his shirt when the heat started to rise, and he desperately tried to spread himself out to cool off. Sweat slicked his lean body.


Mike’s first impression was the spicy scent of magic, like cinnamon and chilli. The classroom had a vaulted ceiling, and tall arched windows that let light stream into the room. An ancient, hulking desk of dark wood stood at one end, like a judgemental sentinel. Work benches filled up the room in orderly rows.

Lord Audacious’ Magical Collegiate was one of the most prestigious institutions of magical studies in the world. In the seventy years since the Wyrding

No clothes beyond this point,
the sign boldly proclaimed its warning. Carter paused, and wiped droplets of sweat from his forehead. The sun seemed determined to bake the whole world today. It was pleasant when a breeze caught the skin, and thoroughly too hot the rest of the time.

Carter supposed that was why so many men were here today. The path ahead was full of bare asses, winding their way down to the beach. He kicked off his sneakers, and stripped me

Sam wasn’t the normal type of guy who used a vorehole. He’d watched from the bar for a while, as they went in, and came out again via their hole - down the throats of predators. They were twinks. Rabbits, Foxes, an Otter who had squirmed so delightfully as a Rhino had swallowed him down.

Sam filled out his clothes with muscle. He’d always had compliments from lovers for it. But when it came time for dinner, they wanted to be the food. He’d complie

Mr K was still dumping clothes from his last class in the trash when his senior science class at Brakeburn Boarding School for Boys started to filter in. He wiped his hands on a towel as he walked back to the head of the class.

Jesse shoved his friend Niall playfully as they came into the class. Joking and shoving as they hit the seats. Jesse was a lean guy, on the school track team, with curly hair that was endlessly unruly. His hair was slightly wet from hitting the sh

Gurgle. Churn. Squelch. SPLAT.

Music to the ears of any cum connoisseur. The sound of a new batch of cum being brewed and splurting out to fill the tanks at The Creamery. Jack watched one of the brewers milk the last few drops from his thick, cut cock. The white, creamy cum splattering into the clear tank.

Ten minutes ago, that cum had been Dave. A handsome, 30 something ranch hand who worked on the McAlistair farm. Or he had, until he’d go

Jake O’Neill was one of eight strapping sons the O’Neill family had birthed. Having that many brothers wasn’t unusual these days. The war had been dragging on for decades and every body was invaluable to the effort. Jake had the big broad chest of his father, and the fiery hair of his mother. Perfect fodder for the war.

As he headed home from work, he eyed the recruitment center. It was a big concrete block between the supermarket and the fertility clin

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Uploaded a few stories today that have been sitting in my docs for ages, unfinished, and finally got the motivation to finish em. Sorry if they're a bit lower quality, as I did write most of them over a year ago and just added endings. Enjoy though!

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