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Welcome to my page. I'm Lucifer's Chef.

I'm male, mostly gay, and from the land down under. I write mostly M/M and F/M vore fiction. Also CTF, castration, and random weird stuff. Don't venture inside my gallery if you're easily offended or squirked. It has all sorts of strange stuff. However if you like the unusual, you may just like something.

~ Presently not taking commissions. ~
~ Requests always welcome, but I don't promise to do them. ~

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Circe High's Health and Physical Education teacher James Saint-James was a huge man. His body rippled with muscles under the tight PE uniform of blue t-shirt and white track pants. The big human was something of an idol for his students; he was strong and brave (it is said he once saved a student from a fire in the woodworking shed), never gave to much homework, always listened to questions, and his good looks made all the girls and most of the boys flutter. He had a single tattoo of a teardrop

“Yo, dude, check out what they were handing out at the mall for free.” Mike thrust the object, long and cylindrical, wrapped in a thin plastic sleeve, at his roommate Lloyd. Mike had always been prone to returning with something or other some salesperson had convinced him was the next best thing, usually in service of recruiting him for some MLM. As a result, Lloyd accepted it with suspicion.

Zebulon Corp, the PenectoSound. The print on the front had a garish

It was tough being a single father to a handsome 19 year old college athlete. Mostly because they lived in a college town, and Jo’s son was one of the kids who stayed at home for college, which meant his friends were always around to use their pool, or couchsurfing, or just hanging out between classes.

Like Mark, who came out of their shower in nothing but a tiny towel, acres of golden tanned skin and swimmer’s abs on show. Jo met him on his way to the bathro

Kent clasped his hands firmly behind his back, and stood at attention behind his desk. The crisp lines of the school uniform displayed themselves handsomely on his body. Just like every other man here. Excellence was not just an expectation of the men of Finar Private Academy, it was required.

The morning bell sounded, and Master Coxhead entered the classroom. He pushed his glasses back on his aquiline nose, and coughed for attention, but it was unnecessary. His eyes, a

Vampiric Party

Sally tugged the door closed. It smelt like young hormonal fratboy, like old sex and sweat, but she didn’t care. The guy she’d tugged off the dance floor was stripping off clothes, a Tarzan costume that consisted of nothing more than a loin cloth and jockstrap underneath it.

His muscles were amazing, and she knew he was on the lacrosse team. Sally licked her lips, bare feet squishing into the pile carpe

Neeson’s cock was hard up in his fatigues. It was always fucking hard up these days. Something in the air, or the plant life, or just the bruised purple sky with its violet clouds. The science sorts hadn’t figured it out yet. Every man had the worst case of blue balls from the moment they stepped through the portal.

If he wasn’t in the field, he would’ve found a semi-private spot - there was no such thing as truly private here - and jerked off, m

“Did you catch the game on the weekend?” Billy asked.

A man shuffled into the chamber through the glass. He was tall and rangy, boxers one size too small struggling to contain his cock. Archie didn’t pay much attention to him as he pressed the button in front of him. A roaring pillar of light filled the chamber. The boxers fluttered to the floor, empty. “No, I had to fill in for Janice. Her kid caught a cold.” Archie replied. “I heard

The big drakeling had been flirting with Duke all night. Every time he ordered a round for his companions, he tried to chat him up, and he’d caught him giving a wink across the bar more than once.

He was handsome, with predatory features, sharp sharp teeth, and a broad chest he left bare even in the winter weather. Duke had heard from Daisy, the other server at the tavern, that drakelings produced more than enough heat and never cared much for clothes. She claimed

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LucifersChef's Blog - Heya Posted 3 days ago

I just updated Making Art Out of Jocks with some typo fixes, mixed up a character with another at one point, and also used the wrong pronouns for Jet in one place. As you might've noticed, that story was my experiment with writing a nonbinary (they/them) character as the MC.

Sorry there haven't been many stories out of me. This month has been hecctic. As always, sent me your story ideas and I might find one really gets my motor going. I love hearing you guys creativity.

I'd particularly love to know if there is a story of mine you'd really like a sequel too or a character you'd like to see again.

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