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I’ve never been to a summer camp before, so going to one felt weird at the moment, especially at my age of 18 years. I felt like I was too old to go to summer camp. I was nervous. I feared that we may be the oldest ones there. I guess by the end, I enjoyed every second of it.

About a month ago, nearing school’s end, random senior year students were chosen from each class to attend a yearly summer camp, this was free

Ash didn't know what was in store for him today. He wanted to go visit his best friends Max and Gray to see what they were up to, and it was a complete surprise to him.

"Dude, shut the door" Max panted. Ash saw him lying down on the bed, his belly distended with an outline of a person inside with Gray nowhere to be found.

"U-uhm.... where's Gray?&

“Oh come onnn…” A loud complaint can be heard from one of the dorms in the building. “Babe, you know I have a very busy schedule right now so I really can’t”

Rich has been urging his boyfriend to do something for him. Every time he manages to do a favor for Steve, he always wanted one thing “But I want you to eat meeee….” Rich always bugged Steve with his requests and Steve

It had been a few months since Derick moved to a proper apartment with his Boyfriend, Sam. Apparently the dorm they lived in just wasn't enough for them. It wasn't actually a problem for the both of them since they come from rich families. It was nice. The apartment had already been furnished, nothing seemed to be broken. In other words, they didn't really have a problem with it and were very grateful for it. Well the only problem they had was they had to pay for the next rents so they worked pa

8PM. Drunk. I couldn't walk straight and my best friend Wyatt took me back to my dorm. Wyatt was a year ahead of me, in age and in college I'm 19 so he would be 20 years old. Wyatt had the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Considering mine were Hazel Brown, his eyes was far more prettier than mine. His eyes are the only reason why I fell in love with him in the first place. When I got to know him, he was kind, friendly, caring and so much more than I ever thought.

"Happy Vore Day babe!"

I was startled to see Jon popping out of the door of our dorm as quickly as he can before slamming the door shut. I already knew he was planning something from the moment I saw him lock the door behind him.

He approached me on the couch. He stood in front of me as he caressed my chin and gently lift my head up to look at me in th

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Narkotic's Blog - Me bacc(?) Posted 10 days ago

I'm back after a few months being gone. Had recently broken up with my bf who was actually the one to get me to start commissions. Although I don't really get commissioners, I still wanna write stories and I have one coming up tomorrow. And I'm also planning to do a little surprise for my followers here in EP. Tune in for that also tomorrow, for now Imma go to sleep. See you guys then~

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