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"Okay, how about this. If I manage to make you cum within 60 seconds, you're going inside me"

Max never really was the shy type. He was always open with his best friend Gray. Although Gray can be the same, he was often more submissive to Max. Even if Gray doesn't like what Max is doing to him, deep down he will find pleasure in both their actions, and it will always end up the same. With one digesting inside the other

Ricky was well known in school, not for being one of the best but in fact he was one of the hated students in his school. He would often
make fun of other students and occasionally fight with them. He would pull pranks on them, even on teachers sometimes. Ricky, standing 6 feet tall, didn’t only sound like the part of bully, but also looked the part. Although he was baby faced, he rocked a neat undercut with a short ponytail on the back.

I think it all started like 6 months ago, everything was still going smoothly and normally. It's not like today where you risk getting eaten by ravenous man-eating women outside. Some say it's some sort of a contagious virus but we're not really sure, we just went with it. It's kinda weird though, that it only affects the women and not the men. But I guess it's better, it's hard enough to survive when it's only the women. Imagine how much harder it would be if everyone else could be easily infec

A snowy December night, Damien and Nathan were, as usual, hanging out at Nathan's place. Usually they would be with Brooke and the newest part of the group, Matthew but unfortunately both couldn't go to the hang out because Brooke had to deal with some family matters and Matthew was ill from all the snow outside. Even though Brooke and Matt couldn't come, that wasn't going to stop Nate and Damien from hanging out by themselves.

Dylan never was the party type. Every
time someone would throw a party, his friends would often force him to go. Although he actually could choose to not go instead, he only went just to see
again. Because at every party there would always be this one girl who just stays at one place. She’s cute, she’s hot but she always turns down every guy she meets. Although she always looks like she’s looking for someone.

Friday afternoon, I decided to cancel the Movie time with Brooke and Damien. Both of them were busy so I had to cancel it because it would be a hassle. It was fine, there was always next week. Anyways, the class had already ended and we were dismissed, I said goodbye to Brooke and Dami, and I packed my stuff in my bag. I caught a glimpse of Brooke going out and she was looking at me, smiling. She gave a wink at me and I blushed a little bit and smiled back. I head out to my locker to pick some o

Derick was at his dorm watching tv, wearing only a pair of boxers, he sat down on the bottom bed of the double decker.

Suddenly he saw his roommate, Sam, walk in, quickly taking off his shirt leaving his nice body for Derick to see. "Sup, man?" Sam greeted. Derrick waved at him hello as he continued to watch the show on tv. But Derick got distracted and stared at Sam, eyeing him from neck to toe, he blushed. Then Sam removed his shorts, right in front of Derick

The Bell rang and everyone was dismissed, inside the classroom of the STEM students was a young man named Nathan. Nathan was a fair looking kid, tall, dark brown hair, blue eyes. He's 'that one average guy' inside the class. He sometimes gets bullied by this one dude named Matt but only when He's in the mood to pick with anyone he sees.

"You ready to go, Nate?" Said Brooke, One of Nath

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I was planning to do a Christmas themed Vore story but non of my ideas seemed to relate to Christmas.
But I do have a lot of ideas atm and I'm just starting to put them in words.

Anyways, I hope all of y'all have a ver Merry Christmas!
Have fun and don't get eaten out there!

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And thank you for the wonderful story!

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