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It had been a few months since Derick moved to a proper apartment with his Boyfriend, Sam. Apparently the dorm they lived in just wasn't enough for them. It wasn't actually a problem for the both of them since they come from rich families. It was nice. The apartment had already been furnished, nothing seemed to be broken. In other words, they didn't really have a problem with it and were very grateful for it. Well the only problem they had was they had to pay for the next rents so they worked pa

8PM. Drunk. I couldn't walk straight and my best friend Wyatt took me back to my dorm. Wyatt was a year ahead of me, in age and in college I'm 19 so he would be 20 years old. Wyatt had the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Considering mine were Hazel Brown, his eyes was far more prettier than mine. His eyes are the only reason why I fell in love with him in the first place. When I got to know him, he was kind, friendly, caring and so much more than I ever thought.

"Happy Vore Day babe!"

I was startled to see Jon popping out of the door of our dorm as quickly as he can before slamming the door shut. I already knew he was planning something from the moment I saw him lock the door behind him.

He approached me on the couch. He stood in front of me as he caressed my chin and gently lift my head up to look at me in th

"Okay, how about this. If I manage to make you cum within 60 seconds, you're going inside me"

Max never really was the shy type. He was always open with his best friend Gray. Although Gray can be the same, he was often more submissive to Max. Even if Gray doesn't like what Max is doing to him, deep down he will find pleasure in both their actions, and it will always end up the same. With one digesting inside the other

Ricky was well known in school, not for being one of the best but in fact he was one of the hated students in his school. He would often
make fun of other students and occasionally fight with them. He would pull pranks on them, even on teachers sometimes. Ricky, standing 6 feet tall, didn’t only sound like the part of bully, but also looked the part. Although he was baby faced, he rocked a neat undercut with a short ponytail on the back.

I think it all started like 6 months ago, everything was still going smoothly and normally. It's not like today where you risk getting eaten by ravenous man-eating women outside. Some say it's some sort of a contagious virus but we're not really sure, we just went with it. It's kinda weird though, that it only affects the women and not the men. But I guess it's better, it's hard enough to survive when it's only the women. Imagine how much harder it would be if everyone else could be easily infec

A snowy December night, Damien and Nathan were, as usual, hanging out at Nathan's place. Usually they would be with Brooke and the newest part of the group, Matthew but unfortunately both couldn't go to the hang out because Brooke had to deal with some family matters and Matthew was ill from all the snow outside. Even though Brooke and Matt couldn't come, that wasn't going to stop Nate and Damien from hanging out by themselves.

Dylan never was the party type. Every
time someone would throw a party, his friends would often force him to go. Although he actually could choose to not go instead, he only went just to see
again. Because at every party there would always be this one girl who just stays at one place. She’s cute, she’s hot but she always turns down every guy she meets. Although she always looks like she’s looking for someone.

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Been a long time since my last update and I haven't been writing anything yet since then and I've been somewhat inactive with my interaction with you guys. With life going and school at the side, I rarely have time to write stuff and on top of that I'm losing motivation to do so.
I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again, but sure enough I will.

Cheers, See you all soon~

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