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Heya Posted 1 month ago
I just updated Making Art Out of Jocks with some typo fixes, mixed up a character with another at one point, and also used the wrong pronouns for Jet in one place. As you might've noticed, that story was my experiment with writing a nonbinary (they/them) character as the MC.

Sorry there haven't been many stories out of me. This month has been hecctic. As always, sent me your story ideas and I might find one really gets my motor going. I love hearing you guys creativity.

I'd particularly love to know if there is a story of mine you'd really like a sequel too or a character you'd like to see again.
Oops! Duplicate post, sorry! Posted 2 months ago
For some reason the gallery double posted my last story, and I didn't notice until now. I've deleted the duplicate, so make sure to go and fave the copy that is still there if you want to be able to find it easily in future! Thanks guys for the support!
Summer of Casual Vore - Entries so far! Posted 4 months ago
I dunno how many people realised I had updated the last blog post with the submissions list, so I wanted to share these peeps awesome stories with you all! Some more have also been submitted via discord in the draft stage, and I presume will be posted publicly soon!

Enjoy and give them a comment!

- C-Gel by theJester :
- Hydra Slide by VoraciousPreyator :
- The cave by the beach by zidanes123 :

Entries are still open to anyone.
Summer of Casual Vore! Posted 4 months ago
You're invited to the Summer of Casual Vore story writing bonanza!

Rather like the Casual Vore-a-thon I did years ago, the idea is simple: Everyone who wants to contribute can write a story that takes place during the same event. I will link all the entries together in a blog post and on discord for people to browse. The aim is to help new authors get inspired, get eyes on authors with smaller platforms, and all have fun!

**What to write?**
This year, its the VoreCity Summer Bash. Sun, summer and fun at a giant beach vore party.

Each story is self-contained and can be understood on its own. However, they are all taking place simultaneously at the VoreCity Summer Bash.

There are no limits on the stories regarding content, except that...
[ Continued ... ]
Yes, I have a discord server Posted 6 months ago
I never properly announced this, except in comments sections, so I wanted to jump on and let you know - I have a Discord server now! I've been really honoured to be joined on it by a lot of my own personal favourite authors and readers. Its small, chill, just be polite, and don't be a nazi. If you'd like to join, hop on:
Discord server? Posted 8 months ago
Would a discord server for my fans (and therefore by extension the kinks we share in common) interest people?\

Somewhere we could share art, I would probably share drafts and ideas, as well as shorter pieces that I don't feel fit a gallery posting.
Update Posted 9 months ago
Hi guys gals and nonbinary pals.

I've just been moving house, a process that isn't entirely finished yet, plus going into the new university year, starting a business, dealing with the realization I have autism, and my body has decided to betray me and come down with something, so I'm out for the count for a while. Sorry.

PS: Stay strong, Trump's almost gone
Go vote Posted 11 months ago

Time to go vote.

Weird topic I know, given this website's topic is nothing to do with it, but given most of us here are LGBTQ+ or by the nature of visiting this website, necessarily only able to do what we do due to sexual freedom and freedom of expression.

I have seen prominent people in the kinkier spheres of the community promoting Trump. I simply have to ask - how can you support a politician who is so adamantly anti-LGBTQ+, anti-sexuality, and pro-censorship? Its a rhetorical question, the answer is hypocrisy.
Requests invited Posted 1 year ago
Hey! Its been a long time since I opened myself up to requests. I've been in a major mental health slump for a while, so I'd love some ideas to work on to get my mojo back. No promises it'll be completed, but fire away
??? [CW: Underage?] Posted 1 year ago
So, just discovered there is an entire community of Discord servers dedicated to vore for minors (no sex). And I'm deeply concerned. Can someone explain to me what I'm missing here that makes this ok??

EDIT: To clarify, not vore OF minors, but RL minors who are into vore.