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Hello, I'm Narrows. Here's what I write:
-Female Prey Only, lots of focus on feet and butts
-Human Prey mostly, though I have been dabbling in Antrhos lately
-Primarily Headfirst
-Primarily Fatal, unwilling with digestion
-Occasional sexy situations
-Oral vore; mostly soft, some hard
-Feral, Male or Female Preds
-18+ Prey

Here's what I don't write:
-Genital Vore
-Anal Vore
-Bestiality, Rape or Loli
-Male or Herm Prey

If this sounds like your cup of tea, give my gallery a peak! I'm also on Deviantart under Narrow-Eyed-Grinner, you can find my stories there as well! I like comments, constructive advice and being an all around swell guy! Hope to hear from you!

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Posted by Narrows 3 months ago Report

Hey guys - was wondering what stories from my DA account I should transfer over. These stories tend to be longer but the beginning chapters have been posted here. Which would you like to see a continuation of?
-Fire Nation Girls
-The Great Lion Maahes vs 4 Punk Rock Girls
-7 Sharks Vs. the Crew of 'Blood Gold 2'


Posted by darkemper 4 months ago Report

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your stories were so spectacularly awesome to read I just had to fav them an I am watching to see what amazing works you make next, keep up the awesome work an have a marvelously epic day


Posted by Narrows 10 months ago Report

Hey - had to be out of town for a few days to take care of a family and property affair. The incident in question in pretty far away and has required a fair share of my time and energy. Apologies to those I am commissioning with and/or trading with - the delay was sudden and I'd meant to update sooner. I expect a resolution within 72 hours.


Posted by CorporalDred 1 year ago Report

Female prey is the best!


Posted by dragonjerky 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch, friend! Much appreciated! Also, Skeksis avatar... nice!

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Posted by von-de-rush 1 year ago Report

What is wrong with male prey i f i may ask?

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Posted by Barghest236 2 years ago Report

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Glad to hear I leave an impression. :) Thank you for Watching!


Posted by BeautifulBad9 2 years ago Report

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no worries

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Posted by 101danmnations 2 years ago Report

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No problem,buddy!


Posted by sinner1632 2 years ago Report

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You're Welcome

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