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You hear a low hiss before your eyes open up. The feeling of the warm air hits your face as you reach out of your hibernation pad and look around. You see nothing around you inside the empty metal room except for a locker with a bright yellow suit and helmet inside it. The door with a red screen keypad right next to the locker begins to beep."THE SKID HAS ENTERED MANUAL MODE. PLEASE MAKE REPAIRS TO RE-ENGAGE AUTOPILOT." It said. Suddenly remembering what your job is, you step outside the hiberna

“I can’t wait to get eaten today!” Little Molly giggled excitedly as she got out of bed dressed in her unicorn pajamas. The blonde little five-year-old bounced out of her room and went straight down the hall to her baby sister’s room before anything else. She just hoped that her mom or brother wouldn't get to her first, otherwise she wouldn’t be a better filling meal for anyone! She entered the room and heard the bedtime tune that always put Emily(baby sister) to sleep, which means she

3rd:Love comes at no cost.A girl walks up to you with a blushing face"Hey...I want to do what you suggested to me.""Oh! Really? You changed your mind then?" I put my book down"I'm getting tired of seeing her with those girls. I just want her to pay attention to me again..."I lick my lips "how many girls are we talking about?""3 plus the teacher. So 4""That is a lot... it would ruin my figure, when I think about it... hm... so you want her to give you your full attention, right?""Yeah. But I don'

Hours passed and the sky darkened until all 8 predators found themselves on center stage. The city and campus had a total population of 65%, much better than previous years. The few spectators that were left alive were granted "vore immunity" for the grand finale. And as you would see, more than 3,000 were still around to see it! It was time for Summerman to claim her 8 “lucky” contestants to further plump up her body.Tied up uncomfortably in their seats were Benny, Evan, Lauren, Zoey, Bianc

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Personad's Blog - Among Us: A New Role Posted 2 weeks ago

Rules & Roles
Like the game itself, everyone is on the map skeld traveling to another planet after an expedition. But the expedition had a "hiccup" and now two of the crewmates are futa Impregnators. They take over for imposters and instead of killing victim, is capable of defiling and instantly knocking up crewmates. They serve the role of breeding the crewmates and turning them into their slaves. After bredding results in instant and rapid pregnancy, usually resulting in 2-3 full grown futa babies. If someone finds the victim of one, emergency meetings are called before voting phase beings.
*No communications with crew unless during the meeting.*

During the voting process, crew decides who is most sus with vote. If majority vote on someone, the...
[ Continued ... ]

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