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Whelp I knew that this was coming sooner or later with what I do, I just needed to be prepared. So basically last night after a week of digesting the girls that tried to get me and again not benefiting much, my bracelet had gotten a message. It was from Angie herself for one of her mini events that she said she would be having around in the contestants areas. First I really


thank the system for giving us the chance to cont

Now that I got those two out of the way I needed to figure out how to get the last two and the bonus one, making sure there was no surprises. If I remembered correctly, when Alexis


her cousin she said that she was almost immobile so getting her wouldn’t be much of a problem. I would have to worry more about Sapphire for how she could still knock me out. I may be faster than Alexis with 2 people in my stomach, but Sap


K after listening to what the rest of Sammy’s crew was planning. It seems like they were planning on having Ellie invite me with her to go outside to a cafe where she would fake an apology about all the mean things the girls had done to me. Then she would take us back to the school where we would run into Sarah and she would apologize to me and bring me and Ellie to an abandoned room where Sapphire and Alexis and her Rachel filled belly w

I’ll be honest I was expecting more from me eating so much, but I guess the major spurts stopped for me from voring
other people. It's been 4 days since the last event and I'm back with a flat stomach like always. But the thing is that since I ate all the other girls, my body didn’t grow much from it. I stayed the same height from last time, 6 foot 7, and my breasts and butt only grown about 1 inch from when I measured them. If anything, the only thing that felt diff

For my match it seems that only 5 non-contestants would be in the maze with me and the other girl and I knew that we would have to be fast and careful in order to win. The maze was fairly big, but from what I heard and watch from other contestants. I knew where I was and where I had to go, the maze had a center point where each side would meet. I was mainly dressed in sneakers with jeans and a tank top so I didn’t have to worry about running weird. This gave me time to hear and plan where

I woke up what looked to be mid-day the next day and I remembered about the family that I ate. I could see that while my belly made good work with them it was still big and was still digesting them. I rubbed it a little from the thought of the girls and looked at the bracelet to see 3,600 contestants left and I was glad that I got to eat them before time ran out. I figured that I should get a full look around the house and got out of the bed to walk around and saw that the house looked better th

The mother’s room was directly down the hall and the only one that was decorated with flowers. Inside my stomach I felt the girls sleeping off inside of me and not having a care in the world. This is probably, because of all the family voring and thinking that being in a belly is safe. Oddly enough it seems that the mother was the only one that doesn't snore while she is sleeping given how I didn’t hear anything coming from the room. I opened the door to see her lying on her back wit

Sneaking into the house of my feast, I can truthfully say that the house wasn't that bad. Like those old houses that were only one story tall, but wide enough for everything to fit on the same floor. Also the walls were designed for people who vore a lot for how wide they were. Speaking of vore I took a glance at the bracelet and saw that only 4,000 contestants were left and that was enough to tell me that I needed to hurry so that I could be ready for the next event. Looking down a hallway I sa

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Alright, I know that as well as me and everyone, the disappointment of not being able to keep the promise of doing all of those stories and sequels in November. They are not cancelled and I'm currently in the middle of the kingdom series (splitted up into 4 chapters since I wanted to add monster girls into the equation) and progressing.
So please bare with me and I'll get you all something.

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