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Annabel was once again on the couch rubbing her stomach and feeling her family sleeping inside

her. There was a stir of movement earlier with Raquel eating Sally. She told Annabel that Andy was feeling hungry since he ended up inside Amy after George ate him so she swallowed down the baby to make sure that Andy felt at least a bit full. Annabel couldn't be any more proud of the kids


An hour or so later Annabel was still sitting on the couch enjoying the pets and Sally inside her

belly sleeping. As time


it seems that Sally was still hungry and ate the stuffed dog Thomas too from what Annabel could feel. She couldn't be happier for her growing baby sister. Next thing she knew she heard footsteps coming from the side of the house of were the kids like t

"This is gonna be fun." 21 year old Annabel sa

id as she woke up the Saturday morning at 6 am knowing that today was going to be a special day. She got out of her older aunt's bedroom that was

supposed to

be her room when she wasn't visiting. As she got out she couldn't help but to feel up her big breasts and bigger ass. After putting on a tank top and a pair of shorts

It has been a month since Amy had gone to Vore College and began her college lifestyle. During

of which she had consumed 34 people into herself. Having the infinite vorgy may have been very pleasurable, but it was also very demanding since there were times when the girls wouldn't eat each other for some period and demand to be fed as babies should. And boy did she consume. As of right now she herself had eaten 85 students, unbirthed 60 of them t

Amy woke up the next day, her classes didn't begin until the afternoon so she decided to get a better look around the campus. She felt how heavy her womb was and remembered what happened yesterday, she couldn’t help but smile about it. She could still feel her sisters (or daughters now) inside along with the secretary inside her sleeping all together from her late night fun. She gave her stomach a gentle rub and began to get up until she felt an arm wrap around her. She looked and found th

Amy had just arrived at her college for the year and she was eager to start it off. She was going to a college where Vore was freely encourage and was mostly the main subject threw out the classes. The college had a lot of people who had big stomachs to show off their catches. Either they were having someone digesting away,


inside, pregnant, or having a large pair of tits with hanging balls, they were everywhere. There

“Why do I always have to come in on days after everyone has finished having their birth orgies?” Janet said out loud as she was busy making sure that all the babies in the ward were all hooked up to their feeding machines. All 285 of them. It wasn’t an easy life to live in Vore City, the place where vore is practically occurring everywhere. Inside this place, anybody can be vored as long as it is of their consent. Or if you are like those who can’t talk for yourself or to


so how big are you?” I asked Amber as we lay back on the couch. Her hands were on my stomach, rubbing it as we waited for the cheerleaders. They were waiting until all the girls arrive before they started their feast. But back to Amber, it did feel nice having her rub my stomach, not that I remember giving her permission to do it.

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Alright, I know that as well as me and everyone, the disappointment of not being able to keep the promise of doing all of those stories and sequels in November. They are not cancelled and I'm currently in the middle of the kingdom series (splitted up into 4 chapters since I wanted to add monster girls into the equation) and progressing.
So please bare with me and I'll get you all something.

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np-- was a cute concept, just be sure to work on the flow in your writing. folks can get pretty confused by some things-- that and dont be afraid to embelish a scene with some detail; for instance you could take the story I fav'd , and draw out some of the vore interactions a bit more descriptively as the opener, and then go for the time passage. dont feel bashful for embellishing things in an erotica. ;D also try drawing from writers you enjoy for concepts and style. it can only help you to grow your ability to write.


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