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Hey, just your average vore writer here.

Going forwards, because of my extended periods away, I want to thank anyone who favorites any of my stories. I think I'm starting to annoy people when I thank them for something they favorited over 2 months ago ^^;

So if its within a week, I will send thanks.

Please do comment.

And starting August 2nd, I will start to take commissions, will post the details later.

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On a cool Tuesday night, within a pizzeria restaurant, a night guard was on duty. When they first heard about the job a couple of months ago, they thought it was just going to be an easy gig. The restaurant was like one of those cheezy, pun not intended, places with anthropomorphic animal mascots that catered to young children and family. Their security system was modern and up-to-date with 720p cameras, all the doors were near impossible to manually break into, tough glass for the windows, and

You stay behind to attempt zipping back up the suit, but only get up to just below your belly button and stop. The effort and struggle are not worth the limited and dangerous time you have left. During the time, you kept tabs on where everyone was going. Blue & Orange went back left together, followed by Green & Purple going after them, but separate. Brown & Black went down together, you wish you could have seen how far down they went, but the vision was limited on the ship. Finally

You hear a low hiss before your eyes open up. The feeling of the warm air hits your face as you reach out of your hibernation pad and look around. You see nothing around you inside the empty metal room except for a locker with a bright yellow suit and helmet inside it. The door with a red screen keypad right next to the locker begins to beep."THE SKID HAS ENTERED MANUAL MODE. PLEASE MAKE REPAIRS TO RE-ENGAGE AUTOPILOT." It said. Suddenly remembering what your job is, you step outside the hiberna

“I can’t wait to get eaten today!” Little Molly giggled excitedly as she got out of bed dressed in her unicorn pajamas. The blonde little five-year-old bounced out of her room and went straight down the hall to her baby sister’s room before anything else. She just hoped that her mom or brother wouldn't get to her first, otherwise she wouldn’t be a better filling meal for anyone! She entered the room and heard the bedtime tune that always put Emily(baby sister) to sleep, which means she

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Personad's Blog - Thanking favorites Posted 2 weeks ago

Haven't been on in a while, should I send thanks to all the favorites starting from last month like in the past? Or should I not?

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Posted by LIamINSecret 7 days ago Report

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Posted by MistakenGoods 2 weeks ago Report

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You're welcome! My most favorite stories/pictures are ones where it's all safe and no one is hurt.


Posted by BlondeBellySam 2 weeks ago Report

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You’re welcome!


Posted by elliotalien08 2 weeks ago Report

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My pleasure i love your works

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Posted by bbwmilfsarehot 2 months ago Report

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No worries


Posted by Tesuma 2 months ago Report

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Its fine personad!


Posted by MaruMixA113 2 months ago Report

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All okay, dont worry. And no problem about that. I understand what most peoples can be busy. Glad what i started watch u. ^w^

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Posted by led 2 months ago Report

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no problem I understand that you are busy and you make some good things


Posted by chance10 2 months ago Report

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you are fine no need for a apology but thanks for the thanks


Posted by strijing987 3 months ago Report

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Legit replying to all/most of the messasges on here lol. No probs anyway


Posted by strijing987 3 months ago Report

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<3 np


Posted by mazdab 3 months ago Report

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You’re welcome as always~

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