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The mother’s room was directly down the hall and the only one that was decorated with flowers. Inside my stomach I felt the girls sleeping off inside of me and not having a care in the world. This is probably, because of all the family voring and thinking that being in a belly is safe. Oddly enough it seems that the mother was the only one that doesn't snore while she is sleeping given how I didn’t hear anything coming from the room. I opened the door to see her lying on her back wit

Sneaking into the house of my feast, I can truthfully say that the house wasn't that bad. Like those old houses that were only one story tall, but wide enough for everything to fit on the same floor. Also the walls were designed for people who vore a lot for how wide they were. Speaking of vore I took a glance at the bracelet and saw that only 4,000 contestants were left and that was enough to tell me that I needed to hurry so that I could be ready for the next event. Looking down a hallway I sa

I woke up the next day realizing that I’m not inside my dorm and was inside someone else’s bed. Looking to the left of me I saw Amy sleeping soundly and that’s when I remembered yesterday’s events and how I ate both Amy’s ex and her ex’s girlfriend. “Good for that bitch” I said inside my head before getting up out of Amy’s bed and going up to her full body mirror. Looking at the effects they had on my body and I have to admit that I’m a

It took me up to 3 days of digestion to finally get my stomach to be flat again, but it was all worth it. My body had grown to look like I was a supermodel that was stacked. Busty if you will if you saw me. I had grown again in height and was 6ft tall, my breasts were huge around GG cup size. My hips had become wider and made my ass become as big as soccer balls while remaining tight, while my waist was thin to give me an hourglass shape, and finally my face looked more mature and my hair had st

After I was done I wasn't able to stand up, because of how large and heavy I was from the occupants inside my stomach. So some people had to come and get me to bring me back to where everyone else was. When I got out, I saw that I was the third one to finish and come out. The first group to be done was one with a tall red headed woman and the second was a short Asian girl. How she was able to win was beyond me. We all had stomachs that were big, but mine was a little bigger for how I had one mor

I woke up the next day to see that my stomach had digested most of my meal while still showing some remains of them. I gave it a little smack before going into the mirror to see my enhancements from it. I was shocked to see that my breasts had grown to be bigger than Sammy's from when I ate her (probably E's now), and my butt had the same effect. Another bonus was my skin did feel smoother and looked


than before. "W

The next morning I woke up and noticed that my stomach was gone from fully digesting Sammy and then I was getting up and feeling the enhancements she gave me. I walked over to my mirror and saw that she went to right places that I needed. After digesting her I seemed to have gotten a size c bust line along with having my butt becoming bigger so that I wasn't flat and also giving my thighs some extra thickness to it. I can even see that I look about


The next morning I woke up and knew that today would be the day of when the competition was starting. I looked at my clock and it said 8:00 am, "Two hours before the mass voring would start huh?" I said. I got up and started to get dressed, thankfully the day was a Saturday so I didn't have to wait long and do much. I went and took a shower and after I got out I looked at my body and wonder how much more thicker it would be when this was all over. I smirked imagining myself

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Alright, I know that as well as me and everyone, the disappointment of not being able to keep the promise of doing all of those stories and sequels in November. They are not cancelled and I'm currently in the middle of the kingdom series (splitted up into 4 chapters since I wanted to add monster girls into the equation) and progressing.
So please bare with me and I'll get you all something.

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