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Alternative Ending 1: Mommy gets a meal“Oh my~ Someone is eager. Tell you what dear. You can stay down here and wait a little bit while I go upstairs and get Paulina out of the house. As soon as she leaves, I want you to bring your little thing and see if you can give us another baby before the sun comes up, ok?” Richard nodded quickly, watching the fleeing form of his wife grab her purse and begin to go upstairs while he started unbuttoning the rest of his shirt. As Sarah peeked into the fi

Within the state of Florida, at one of their many universities, held a festival that truly was wild. It was the university's annual V-day festival. Where students, faculty, and outsiders come to set up stalls and well... vore freely. The campus' reformers would of course bring someone back, but participants were allowed to sign waivers to allow for more permanent outcomes for those thrill seekers and adventures. It was the 50th festival, which means that this year there were even more games and

Its 6:30 and I’m at the diner where the bitch wanted to meet. But where the hell is, she?! She said to meet her here at exactly 6:30 but she’s not even here yet. Honestly should have expected this since I’m the one who is on the screwed side of this deal…*Ding*I look up to the entrance door again to see if she finally arrived. And lo & behold, I finally see her. A 30-year-old Hispanic woman walking in wearing a red jacket with a black hat. Wrapped around her waist was som

“This bitch has some nerve of leaving Jackie and Jane on the couch.” I growled as I looked from my bedroom window over at the “babysitter” that was hired to take care of my neighbor’s kids while they went out for their date night.

The Johnsons were a nice family that moved in about 2 years ago. Their parents, Jacqueline and Joey, a herm

(who liked to be refereed as she or h

then what does he do? He tries to start a conversation with me during
battle!” Pauline finished ranting as the other girls got into
another fit of giggles.
should have been paying closer attention when Captain Falcon punched
his red hat off the stage!”
was a relatively peaceful evening within the mushroom kingdom. The
only thing anyone could hear were the snoring of the piranha plants
after a long day of snapping. So peaceful that the most famous and
beautiful w

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It has come to my attention that while I have a ton of stories on my deviantart account, I don’t have them here.

I will post 3 Mass vore stories in the week that I will edit and make sound better, along with a lot of vore tournaments and the secret unbirth tournament.

Oh, and the most voted story? I will get onto that and change it for a summer theme. Hope you all enjoy.

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