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was another day for the city of Paradise. The only place where the
streets and all the buildings were clean. The place where even though
it was nosy, was peaceful and worthwhile to live in. The place where
people and pets all had houses to live in, with some more to spare.
Yes, this place of paradise was considered to be a sanctuary. As long
as one helps to keep it that way and not cause any disorder that may
damage the city's perfect image. Like a certain someone was doing
right now.

as possible for a person with two inside of them, I went up in front
of Jennifer and took the girl’s feet into my mouth and started
swallowing. I started to remember the time when I did the same thing
in the first event and wanted to relish in the memories before
continuing to swallow her down. Jennifer was taken aback by this and
stopped a little allowing me to take more of her prey. But she came
to her senses and went back at continuing to try and when the girl in
our mouths. We kept

getting the order, Susan last since she was the last to arrive. They
began the game. First one to spin was Ashley with her landing on
your ready Susan dear. My tongue is quiet the devil.” Ashley
boasted as she crawled over to Susan.
and try.” Susan taunted as she opened her legs and shrank her
stomach to be flat. Ashley not missing her chance dove her head
between Susan and started. Susan was given pleasant shivers as the
girl tried her best to warm her up. It

So, hey. Its me


Cathy again. Its been about a year since, you know, you heard from me. Where do I begin… Uh yeah, I’m eighteen now, birthday was just last month so you know, growing up. Me and Amber started dating like a week after the cheerleader night, and since


of our dates now end with us having eaten someone, my breasts are now J cups, so

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It has come to my attention that while I have a ton of stories on my deviantart account, I don’t have them here.

I will post 3 Mass vore stories in the week that I will edit and make sound better, along with a lot of vore tournaments and the secret unbirth tournament.

Oh, and the most voted story? I will get onto that and change it for a summer theme. Hope you all enjoy.

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