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Ok so now after all the time that passed I finally see a major change to my body. My hair still reaches down to my lower back, and while my looks are still the same I did really grow. Now I'm 6 foot 9 inches with an N cup and having a bigger but along with thunder thighs. Took a while to make another jump but hey, can’t complain really. I understand that anywhere else, I would be looking like a total standout or mini giantess but around here not so much. Like I covered last time, I was right w

“So much for nine months huh?” Josephine, Francine’s mother joked as she placed a stack of blueberry pancakes in front of Elizabeth. Josephine had long black hair, previously short like her daughter’s and slightly darker tanned skin tone. She was the same age as Elizabeth’s mother and had a similar figure. Though instead of having breasts as big as her head, her ass was as big as soccer balls. She also worked as a home contractor and made enough to support her and her daughter. And now

"Don't worry mom we're going to catch up with you at the food court. Yeah I'm still with Ellie and Ellen. Ok in thirty minutes. Alright love you too. Bye. Hey Ellie hurry it up mom is coming in thirty!" Elizabeth yelled to her sister while they were in the clothing store. Elizabeth was a 17 year old high school girl with a pale skin complexion coming from European descent. She was a beauty of average height and a busty body. Right now she was with her younger sisters Ellie and Eliza both respect

“Are you sure that you will be alright, dear?” The elderly woman tried to convince me once again. “I know you’re young and strong and all. But still, a woman walking along a trail during the night all alone. And pregnant at that?! It be better for you to stay here for the night. I’m sure we can find some blankets for you to sleep on.” I just smile at her kind gesture. While I’m sure not all humans are like her, it is still nice to appreciate it once in a while. The thanks of anothe

1st: Family problems"SIS? Have you seen mom?""m-maybe..." "SIS?! WHY IS YOUR BELLY SO HUGE AGAIN?? AND...ARE YOUR TITS LEAKING...""Yeah...I unbirthed... mom..." "AGAIN!? WHY?""Well... daddy was lonely in my womb...""GROANS Please at least tell me that they're not permanently trapped inside again?" looks around not willing to make eye contact "SIS..." "...I'm sorry..?"smiles"I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE!" "Where... where are you going?" "To Mandy!""WAIT! you can't go to your girlfriend in this

It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. No major incidents have happened so far to cause anyone problems, besides a mini-giantess unbirthing a bus load of people and then running off with them. Also, for the first time in a decade, the population on campus and city have not decreased by 20%. Meaning more people are sure to survive and come back. The first group were idly chatting away until a woman duo caught their attention via their megaphones. The woman on the left was a average sized brunette wi

Alternative Ending 1: Mommy gets a meal“Oh my~ Someone is eager. Tell you what dear. You can stay down here and wait a little bit while I go upstairs and get Paulina out of the house. As soon as she leaves, I want you to bring your little thing and see if you can give us another baby before the sun comes up, ok?” Richard nodded quickly, watching the fleeing form of his wife grab her purse and begin to go upstairs while he started unbuttoning the rest of his shirt. As Sarah peeked into the fi

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Hey Personad i was looking at your devaintart and saw you didn't post of few of the stories to aryion, including to chapters to the family tradition story. Is therw a reason for that or did you just forget.
Love your stuff btw


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