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“Ugh! This just sucks Maddy! I can’t think of anything to do tomorrow!” A girl was heard whining on a phone. Laying upside down on a couch inside a


than nice apartment was a girl named Angela. Angela, or Angel(a nickname only for her friends) was a freshman student attending college who was just any average rich girl looking to have some fun in her life. While not the


The sound of us flying within this metal container was all we heard for the past six hours. Even with the 5 of us, six if you were to include the pilot, no one really talked to each other or said much of anything. The only time we ever talked to each other would be when she took off and when we would get dropped off. And if anything, it would only be to say which direction any of us would take or to casually say “good luck.” But yet who can blame them given how we were all forced int

I think it all started at the bathhouse. It was the place where we first met and where I first saw how effortlessly she could vore. It was a sight to behold, and one that I still remember to this day.
It was another regular day for me, albeit one filled with more soreness and fatigue, but still regular when you're a member of the guild “Sun Seekers”. However, it was still more tasking than other days. I mean, who wouldn't be sore after you were given the job of hunting down a two-he

Our story takes place this time at sea during a storm. The location is unknown, the world and customs unnecessary, just who and what is important right now.
And right now, the only thing that matters is that there was someone caught up in all this, and she was scared.
Within a cold and damp cave that luckily or unluckily had water only reaching at just below the person's toes, a women was there, crying. She covered in soaked and washed out clothes, if dried and still full of c

Goth Girl’s Womb Storehouse
I looked at the text again, making sure that I’m at the right place. “Sinners Docks, Warehouse 31, knock three times.” I read the message aloud as if doing that really did anything to help me. I just couldn’t believe what the person said in their previous text. And thought more about how fucked this is for me if I didn’t do it. I scrolled up to read again the conversation me and the person had.
“We know your secret. The one about what happen

The Protector: part 1

Rebecca was walking down the halls of her college campus ready to head home for the day as she was done with classes for the week. She couldn't help but have her nine tails stay spread out and sway along with her hips with her five foot seven frame. You see she was a unique breed of kitsune that came from her heritage. While having the body of a seductress with breast as large as a man's head, hips as wide as a stripper, long legs,

Aphrodite Gets Put in Her Place

This is a tale of what happened to the goddess of love and fertility, Aphrodite and of how she was forgotten from the world.

The famed Greek Goddess was well known for how beautiful and fertile she was. Giving birth to many legends within Greek mythology, yet no one knows the full history of her. While other gods were away, she birthed many more children from mortal men and were never recorded. Sh

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I will get started on the nurse story, but it will be a while since I still have a lot to do.

Rest assured, it will come before the end of the month.

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I like the twist you added that she knew about what was going to happen and got eaten on purpose because of it :D Characters willingly taking a one-way trip to become food (or at least thinking they are) for various reasons is a favourite of mine!

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Sure, make alternate routes if you like! The stuff you added gave me ideas to add more to it.

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