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A Vorish History of Humanity By GooInABox -- Report

I got writer's block for Amalgamation, so I started writing this. Three days and over 23,000 words later, this monster was born. I was considering adding images, but I've already worked on this long enough and it wouldn't be fair for the people still waiting for the next Amalgamation update to wait longer because of a side project, so here's my first unillustrated story.

Don't let the word count and tags intimidate you, this is actually 10 mini-stories strung together in something of a chronological order. Each of the stories can be read individually or as a whole and each has its own theme and type of vore content, so if something isn't appealing you can skip ahead and not miss much. The individual stories are separated by three row of asterisks, so it should be easy to spot where one story ends and another begins.

Let me know if you enjoy the story and if you manage to read through the entire thing. I've been wanting to write something of this category for awhile, but I didn't fully expect how big it would get. I tried to tag everything, but feel free to add/remove as you see fit.

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Posted by BaseKing 4 months ago Report

Hot damn that was long but worth. Any of these would be fun to read about in the future


Posted by MellowYellow 4 months ago Report

Holy shit, when I say this is some of the best writing I've seen in the vore space I mean it. The areas explored in these stories are genuinely enthralling and leave you wanting to learn more about them. The way some tie into each other is great as well. On another note, the first line of the 9th story shouldn't have a space before the semicolon and the period. Also in the 2nd line the word "insider" should just be inside.


Posted by GooInABox 4 months ago Report

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for pointing out those mistakes, but it was weird as the spacing issued for the semicolon and period weren't showing up in my MS Word copy of the story and I had fully delete the lines and re-type them out to make the spacing issue go away in the final upload. Weird, but it should be fixed now.


Posted by awakener 4 months ago Report

Wait, so this is just 10 mini stories in a trenchcoat?


Posted by Nuenshi 4 months ago Report

The scope of this is just incredible. Excellent work! I think the most impressive thing is that I can't pick a favorite; they're all just so good.


Posted by R3X 4 months ago Report

That's some damn good writing.


Posted by Matteo42 4 months ago Report

Holy hot macaroni, that is some SERIOUSLY good writing right there, even when compared to any "normal" written text/book.

I'd develop what I mean, but other people have done so already, so just read what they said over lol