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Heyo there!

I'm... me. Don't ask, I'm probably sleeping as I write this...

So yeah, I like writing short stories (3-10k on average) about whatever floats my boat. Big AV fan, so if you wanna get me to write something, that's the way xD
I'm down for requests or commissions. Otherwise, just have fun, explore the 2 stories I write per decennia, and hopefully enjoy it! :D

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[Some traumatizing events are told. It’s one big paragraph, so you can skip it if you don’t like those] It started out simple. Clara and I put on some clothes to simulate our respective characters. I take the red cape she threw me, and she takes a grey one piece. Where did that come from? I have no idea. She probably went and took them from her car or something. I don’t have a clue why she would have that with her in the first place, but hey, we’re roleplaying in the wood

Wind blew through the tall trees, majestic pillars of the forest which the Village was so proud of. It raced itself over the land, once a breeze, once a storm. In the distance, central to the large forest, were the impressive sculptures of the region’s previous leaders; the Hokages. Four were eternalized in the stone already, three others waiting in line for their visages to be imprinted on mountain sides. Their firm gazes surveilled the nearby land, oozing with confidence that shone from

The next day, I woke up early. I jumped out of my bed, scrambled some clothes together and rushed downstairs. Dad had left for work already, but my mom and sister were still here. I arrived in the kitchen with two thoughts in my head. First: I gotta say hello to my family. Second: God, I wanna see Clara again!! But for now, I must keep my composure. Ridiculing myself in front of my sister, who will laugh at me forever about anything, would be terrible.-” Hey mom, sis.” I begin.Mom turns arou

As dawn crawled upon us, my alarm clock started shouting it's lungs out. Groaning, I shift around in bed, trying to succumb to my inner will - sleeping - again. Can't this stupid machine shut up for once? Eventually, I pull my eyes open. Intense white light blinds me instantly, and I shut them again. A few tries pass, and I can now look around without suffering constant pain. Finally, I can turn my alarm off...The red curtains are wide open, my closet is closed tight, and a small pile of clothes

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Matteo42's Blog - Where I'm at? Posted 1 year ago

Hey there

So, euh, there's stuff going on.
End term exams, to be specific. If someone wants to talk about metaphysics, send me a PM or something, I do always like some of that, when I have time.
I'll be done with all this in about a week or so, maybe a day more.

So, what am I gonna do? Write, play games, work, relax, cool off in this ridiculous heat, swim... basic summer things.
I've got the scaffolding for a story that'll work on first, so... hype for that?

Yeah idrk where to take this blog xD
I wanted to try it out, so this is an excuse for that, if anything.
See y'all around when this is all over!

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No problem!


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You're welcome! the AV beach storie was a pretty fun read ^w^


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No problem at all mate, keep up the good work


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Thanks for the watch! :)


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Thanks for the helpful advice on my work, it's really appreciated.


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i always loved fairy tale themed vore


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Thanks for the watch!

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Thanks for the watch!


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Thank you for making me your first watch.

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