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Player 1 is Pred - Yuri vs Athena By Tsavo -- Report

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A sorta sequel commission to  
's Player 1 is Pred series, featuring Yuri Sakazaki working her way through her next opponent Athena Asamiya.

Below is an accompanying short story written by Draconatedz for this piece. Read it! it's great!

"Thank you everyone! Really!" The glamorous pop star idol Athena Asamiya waved to the crowd of fans gathering around her private dressing room. The groups of eager attendees had gotten so much larger since she defeated Mai Shiranui and... used her body to upgrade her assets to surpass the competition. Honestly, it was a bit of a pain, really. The poor girl had to toss out her entire wardrobe when her tops wouldn't fit around her huge chest anymore, and don't get her started on how all of her longer skirts now barely covered her enormous rear! Kensou's lust had gotten to the point that she felt she needed this private dressing room to just get away from it all every once in a while, fans and almost-boyfriend alike included.

The purple-haired maiden sighed in relief as she slunk her tired body into a comfy chair parked right in front of a large vanity mirror. She took a moment to compose herself, feeling the cool air-conditioning of the small room relieve her of the sweat clinging between her cutesy idol getup and her overly voluptuous form. She started undressing herself casually, removing her usual oriental bead necklace, and kicking off her stylish red boots. She almost wanted to purr like a kitten when she peeled her socks and finger-less gloves off, the heavenly cold air bringing a new sense of relaxation to her overworked body. Being an idol was tough, as it didn't leave you much time to enjoy some of the basic pleasures of life.

Like enjoying a hearty, filling meal. Athena gave her empty stomach a feel through the thin layer of clothes between her growling, needy tummy and her pale fingertips. She was starving for some real food, and had been since her last meal of Miss Shiranui. The problem was who should she eat? Sure, she had dozens of fans who would happily pad her hips, but it didn't feel right to eat someone she didn't earn the right to do so through an honorable fight. What she needed was another warrior, someone like Mai's remaining teammates. Miss King and Miss Sakazaki... ooh, the thought of dining on either of their lovely bodies made the young girl lick her lips in anticipation! Of course, she'd have to run into them and prove herself in battle first, just like with Miss Shiranui.

"Whatever you're thinking about, I bet it has to be about food, right?" A high pitched voice suddenly cut through Athena's fantasies, as a pair of hands took hold of her slim shoulders. "I see that look on my own face when I look in the mirror, y'know. Ooh, it wouldn't happen to be about little ol' me, would it? I bet you're just dying to finish off the rest of the team, aren't you?" Athena's eyes went wide as she gazed into the mirror before her, to see none other than Yuri Sakazaki standing behind her with a cheeky grin. A bead of sweat dripped down the idol's brow, this was not what she had in mind when she was imagining a chance encounter with the mischievous practitioner of Kyokugen Karate.

"M-Miss Yuri, what are you doing here?!" Athena buckled and struggled under Yuri's strong hands, but was unable to wrest her plump butt from the chair she was firmly being forced down on. Yuri's grin widened as she felt her upper hand on the cute, meaty treat solidify.

"Well, I just happened to be in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd take a nap in here while you went on with your silly little final show. You have something of mine I intend to take back, after all~" Yuri's grip loosened for a moment before her fingers squished around the breasts that Mai was now proudly padding. Athena yelped as she was violated, feeling powerless under the dominant brunette's fevered groping. "Oh yeah, I can feel her in there. You thought you could get away with eating my teammate? I was saving her sweet butt for a rainy day! I suppose you'll have to do, though I like eating sexy gals more than cute ones." Athena was struggling with all her might now, but Yuri had her right where she wanted her. She wasn't going to be getting out of this room in any way other than nestled in Yuri's tight, grumbling gut.

"S-stop this, someone hel-" the idol tried to scream for help, but suddenly found a hand covering her lips. She yelled into her captor's palm, to no avail. No one was going to be coming to save her.

"Now that I get a closer look at you, you might be more sexy than cute with Mai padding that big bubble butt! Mhmm, I can't wait to dig in..." Yuri was drawing her words out in a way to tease her soon to be feast, and it was certainly having an effect on her. Athena couldn't stop shaking and quivering in her grasp, was she really going to be eaten here? Just like that? A famous pop star reduced to a dinner for a plain karate girl? That couldn't be, that just couldn't be!

But it was. Athena felt a wetness encapsulate her scalp, before its decent hastened. Her beautiful purple hair and her favorite hair-band with the star decoration disappeared inside Yuri Sakazaki's greedy lips, as she took her first swallow of her idol snack. Her hand moved just enough for the girl to utter one last yelp before her head was consumed entirely.

"Kensou, h-" a loud gulp followed after, eliminating all sounds inside the small room, save for smacking lips and feverish gulping of a very hungry girl.


"Oh man, I can't believe Mai got eaten by a chump like you! Were you even trying to get away from me there? And you call yourself a warrior, hehe~" Yuri giggles at her struggling prey while sitting on the dressing room floor. The chair got knocked over during the shuffle, and she was far to lazy to bother putting it back up to fit her Leona padded butt on top of it. She was more than content enjoying Athena's squirms on the carpeted ground below. She used her foot to press against the bulge that she assumed to be her cute crying face at the bottom of the massive belly bulge, twisting her heel to rub her belly stuffer's fate in just a little further.

"Your cow breasts and oversized butt made up for you stealing my meal, I *urrp* guess... But I would have rather just eaten you both together! More yummy meat that way." Sakazaki licked her chops, tasting the lingering sensation of her most magical meal yet. If she thought Leona made her ass fat, Athena was probably about to rip the tight spandex barely clinging to her butt right off! "I hope my pants still fit when I'm done digesting you!" The fierce brunette steeled herself as she hefted her heavy body up, using her hands to support the hanging orb filled with the titular Psycho Soldier. This was gonna be a long walk home, that was for sure. Good thing she wore her favorite shoes!

The door to the private dressing room swung open, and the crowd of fans immediately returned, only to find their cheers halting into confused silence. Teenage girls, middle aged men, and even Kensou himself were not greeted with the magical Athena Asamiya in her lovely casual wear, but a very pregnant looking brunette girl in a bizarre half karate/half workout outfit. She smiled at all the confused glares, patting her stomach in a smug fashion. She spotted Kensou right away, and stuck her tongue out at him as cheekily as she possibly could. She didn't need to say anything as she started strutting her stuff right through the awestruck crowd. Her stomach writhed with the groans of digestion taking their toll on the weak little girl trapped inside, as her pleas for help went unnoticed.

Everyone's eyes were locked on her swaying rump as she walked away, her fat ass cheeks just barely contained by a pair of dark blue spandex pants. Kensou rushed inside the empty trailer, desperately looking for his beloved idol. By the time he realized what had truly happened, it was already too late. Yuri Sakazaki was halfway home, with a sloshy potbelly full of melted cutie. Mai had rightfully been reclaimed, with the bonus of Athena Asamiya, a magical girl who's journey seemingly ended here... or did it?


Athena drowsily came to a start. What... What had happened? The last thing she remembered, she had just finished a show, when...

"Looks like they still held up! M-mostly!" a familiar voice boomed above her. A happy high pitched voice that could only belong to one girl. That's right, she was eaten by Yuri Sakazaki! But, if she had truly been eaten and... digested, where was she now? There was darkness around her, a tight oppressive force surrounding and constraining her body. She couldn't move or do anything, she was just stuck here... wobbling and jiggling. Wobbling and jiggling? What on earth was this sensation? Was she... Was she really...?

A hand roughly smacked against Athena's body, and squeezed her tightly. The same hands that had held her still the night before! Yuri rubbed her all over, giving Athena's immobile form a thorough groping. Athena wanted to squeal from the immensely pleasurable sensation, w-why did being grabbed like that feel so good? It couldn't be, she couldn't have become...!

"Hope you enjoy being my butt fat, Athena-chan!"

Athena could only mentally frown in utter embarrassment as her new owner gave her fat cheeks a squeeze. This... was going to take some getting used to.


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Posted by VeryBatty 8 months ago Report

nice BUTTE


Posted by JohnnyF102 8 months ago Report



Posted by Altimos 8 months ago Report

Absolutely glorious... and the story was just as good <3 <3 <3


Posted by ChowDownSyndrome 8 months ago Report

Athena adds to the best part of Yuri, her butt~


Posted by JohnnyF102 8 months ago Report

but dang dat ass I love iiit. lol


Posted by Paradox 8 months ago Report

Must feel amazing to become and be such an amazing butt <3


Posted by linthia 8 months ago Report

Sure she does enjoy... who wouldn't~


Posted by Garwood 8 months ago Report