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I can't believe I've reached 9 million Views Posted 1 year ago
So today I've reached 9 million total views on my page. Wow, just, when I registered this account 12 years ago I never thought I'd reach a million views, much less 9 million. So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who enjoys my art. The best part of this is seeing the comments and support roll in, as I truly enjoy making artwork for others to enjoy. Also, big thanks to everyone who has ever commissioned me! Your extra support is most graciously appreciated and you're all awesome.
Made a Discord Account Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone, I get a lot of requests from people on here to create a Discord account. I've always avoided it because I already have a Discord and I don't live by myself so privacy is always an issue. If anyone in real life ever found out about my fetish I would probably just have a heart attack and die on the spot. I get teased enough for thinking glasses on women is hot. But I've finally cracked, and created a Discord account for my all vore related activities.

You can find me at: Tsavo#7309
Back from my unannounced vacation Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone, it's been a while. I hope quarantine is treating you all well. I know I sorta disappeared from the neighborhood for a while without notice. I work several jobs that keep me busy, but my mother also passed away several months ago and I just sorta slid into a slump. I've been spending my time with friends, family and more video games than is probably healthy. But I'm dragging myself out of the rut I've dug myself into and I'm back.

I have a large story I'm going to be posting sometime soon that I've been working on, and I also I have a rather large comic based on this story well in the works.

I have a whopping 52 messages in my inbox to go through. So first off, thanks for that. I've been gone a while, but it does feel good to know people like my work...
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I'm still here Posted 3 years ago
Hey everyone, I know I've been slow with the uploads lately, and I've been slacking on replying to comments or PMs. So I just wanted to give out an update for those who are curious as to why and also happen to read blog updates.

Basically, I haven't gone anywhere. I'm still here, I've just been busting my butt working on commissions. Right now life is just busy for me. As I get older, I have to dedicate more of my time to other people in my life. My private time where I'm able to draw vore is a bit more limited lately. So when it comes time to replying to comments or PMs, or working to meet commission deadlines I've long since missed, I generally choose to work on the art. I'm also a fairly slow, methodical artist. I'm not a professional. Just a guy who has always loved...
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South Floridian here Posted 4 years ago
Hey guys, I just want to say that as a South Floridian, I'm going to be a bit busy trying to survive hurricane Irma. So if I'm not active or responsive for a week, don't sweat it, power is probably just out. My house is sturdy, and mostly made of concrete, so I should weather it ok. Obviously if I stop posting and never come back, something went a bit more seriously wrong, but I'm not sweating that situation.

To all my fellow Floridians, stay safe! If you have to evacuate, make sure you do so.
Wacom Cintiq 13 worth it? Posted 4 years ago
So after spending the last week trying to desperately fix driver related tablet issues, I've started seriously considering a new tablet.

Right now I'm experiencing tablet lag on my pen strokes. That's just the problem I reduced it too. The problem began with the pressure sensitivity disappearing completely.

I've had this problem before. It's always driver issues, and after spending pretty much a week installing, uninstalling, deleting registry entries, etc, and getting intermittent results, I think I'm in the market for a new tablet.

Right now I'm using a large Intuos 3. Great tablet, and it works great when the drivers aren't screwing me.

I've saved up some money, and I was wondering if a Cintiq 13 would be worth it? I must admit, when I...
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4 million views! Posted 4 years ago
I logged onto my account today and noticed I have just reached the 4,000,000 total views mark. Wow. I never thought that I would achieve any kind of notability, much less 4 million views!

I just want to say thanks to each and every person who has contributed to this. Your views, and comments are immense motivators for me to continue my work. I read every comment, and reply to as many as I can manage. So thanks for your support. It means a lot.

And to every other aspiring artist, I just want to say, stick with it. If you work hard, study, and genuinely try to improve your craft, the rewards will come. I never thought a single soul would enjoy my work, and while 4 million views may pale in comparison to other artist's feats, I'm immensely proud of myself, and as...
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Pardon my dust Posted 5 years ago
Hey everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that since I'm in the path of the hurricane, I may lose power or some such, and that if you message me and I don't respond, it's likely because I'm without power. I'm not sure how long it will be out if it does happen, but hopefully, it's just a whole lotta wind, and it leaves my internet alone.
Over 5,300 views in 24 hours! Posted 8 years ago
Hey Eka's I couldn't help but notice that my latest work got over 5,300 views only one day after uploading it! Never seen this kind of traffic before, and I just want to say thanks to everyone. Thanks to the people who commission my art. You help me buy overpriced college textbooks, and occasionally movie tickets. Thanks to everyone who enjoys my art. The views and comments keep me motivated, I love ya guys. Special thanks to Agnitnurk who commissioned these 3 pages. He was a more than gracious partner to work with, who knew how to state what he wanted to see in a simple, easy to understand style.

Also, just checked my user page, and apparently I have 615,000 views now. Seriously, love you guys. Been apart of the vore community in some form for many years now, and I never...
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Would you prefer quality or quantity? Posted 12 years ago
Here's a quick question. It takes quite a while as you can see to create a fully detailed piece of art. First it needs to be sketched out, then inked, then flat colored, then shaded, and highlighted. This can take a very long time compared to just a simple ink work. My question to you is, would you prefer I upload un-colored inks amongst my colored works or continue to focus only on pushing out finished pieces. The difference is you will see less colored works and more finished inks, but overall more material. The alternative is the continued pace of a colored work every couple of weeks. Which do you prefer?