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Low-level vore enthusiast/hobbyist. I mostly read, write, and look at stuff.

Not available for RP, but I'd be happy to brainstorm an idea with you.

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The Fourth Seal
Chapter 2: Stonesong
Magaera's dreams were full of beautiful, naked, daemon-eating angels with golden hair, glowing green eyes, and perfect breasts. They brandished giant flaming swords, slicing gracefully through the miasma of the Eight Hells. After engorging on the damned the seraphic host flew back to Elysium on gloriously pure-white feathered wings, passionately kissing each other, bodily bulges and curves rubbing in heavenly ecstasy.
Magaera awoke abruptly. There was no heav

The Fourth Seal
Book 1: Oathbreaker
Chapter 1: Smitten
I've been down here for hours and I haven't sensed a single hint of evil, devilry or malice. No sight, nor sound, nor sense of impending doom. The only thing I feel is the dry, dusty air. This'll be terrible for my skin.
A lone woman wandered the dilapidated ash-covered halls. She moved from room to room, brandishing a radiant sword of considerable length. It illuminated the forgotten halls as a blazing torch would. Keziah Sorell was proud o

Chapter 12: The Price of Mercy
Saturday Night
Alina checked her watches again. One displayed the current time, 10:05 PM. The second watch displayed the countdown Alina had set up days ago for Daniel.
Though it was just an estimate, it had haunted Alina for the past week. Seeing it so close to zero now made Alina nervous.
She reflected on the events of the last week. It had probably been the worst week of her life. She had witnessed her one true love being devoured whole by a repu

Chapter 11: Faust
It was far too early to need to remember important things. Every bone in Alina's body ached. It felt like she had exercised all night. Particularly: ab exercises.
In a way she had. Her still engorged belly was working very hard to constantly massage and constrict it's occupant down to a more manageable size. Her lower abdominal muscles were working extremely hard to keep her belly from sagging.
Oh my god. Colin! Alina thought soberly, jolting herself awake.

Chapter 10: Relinquish
This might have been a dumb idea. Alina considered. She never thought that she'd be acting so vindictively.
After her scare in the darkroom, Alina had laid low. She considered it to be miraculous luck that her best friend had been present, because otherwise Alina would have been a quivering mess. Instead, Dez had steadied her and they worked on a plan to rescue Daniel.
It's okay, Alina. This is to help Daniel. She centered herself and recited the plan to her

Chapter 9: Informal Gluttony
Rebecca lived off campus in the same building as the senior students from the academy. It was a squat old brick building with ivy growing up two sides along the cracks and mortar. It was beautiful and served as exclusive housing for a few lucky seniors each semester. These were no mere dorms however, they were actual apartments. To students who had been cramped into tiny single rooms with a communal bathroom at the end of the hall, this was a palace.

Chapter 8: Devour Me, Colossus
~14 Years Ago~
“Again, Daddy! Again!” A little girl squealed. Huge hands wrapped around her waist and launched her a foot or two off the ground. She screamed for joy. Their dog, Macbeth, barked excitedly.
A mile down a winding but well traveled path was a stack of stones. The girl's father, with a smile peeking through his beard, once explained that such a formation was known as a cairn. The small pile could blend with nature had it not been for

Chapter 7: Under Her Skin
Friday ~5 Days Earlier
This is different. Daniel thought.
Hours prior, Daniel had been in full possession of his liberty. He had driven to a concert in the town adjacent to his college with a girl. Not just a girl, but a hot girl that was into him. He was pretty sure Rebecca had started it and by now had been flirting with him for a few days. They hadn't spoken much previously, but that was strictly due to natural social dynamics keeping their paths from crossing

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