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Low-level vore enthusiast/hobbyist. I mostly read, write, and look at stuff.

Not available for RP, but I'd be happy to brainstorm an idea with you.

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The Fourth Seal
Chapter 6: Black Daggers
"She exploded! Holy crap!" Keziah lay on the floor, legs kicking with laughter. Mag rested on her back, astonished, in a puddle of gore where the mummy queen had been standing only moments before. Smears of goop and slop spread out from where the girls lay. Nihluembra’s crown had been blown away with such force that it had become impaled in the ceiling above.
"I did it," Mag gasped, staring at her twitching hands, brilliant light slowly fading from

The Fourth Seal
Chapter 5: Cradle of Bones
An archway of moonlit iridescent masonry, all blues and greens, stood erect in the far corner of Nightingale's estate. It was a bold, ancient thing, littered with delicate masonic inlays depicting horned animals and enchanting forests. Some of the runes Keziah recognized, others were too archaic. One in particular caught her eye.
"Palos..." She mused aloud. "This glyph here, it's extremely similar to Ilgera's iconography. That's odd though, I thought th

The Fourth Seal
Chapter 4: Fatal Illusion
“There’s something you need to know,” Keziah had said last night. The girls wandered through the alleyways of Whitehaven under the moonlight, dodging between drunks, vagrants, and delinquents ignorantly inhabiting the roads after dusk, not knowing what horrors teemed at the edge of crawling shadows. Outside the disused rear entrance to Magen’s temple a salty chill lingered in the air. Magaera shivered in the dark despite the disap

The Fourth Seal
Chapter 3: Chained
Keziah paused at the name. “Gods be damned...” She knew that name, hearing it again sent shivers down her spine. She tugged on her tunic nervously, mind racing.
“Could yeh keep the blasphemies to yerself? I triple checked it meself because I didn’t think yeh’d believe me otherwise,” the old dwarf rasped. Keziah looked to his brother for confirmation. Ethaniel nodded silently, returning to his stool a

Slime’s First Kiss
Panting. You are resting upon a stone bench. The exit to this lair wasn’t far, but here seemed as good a spot as any to recuperate. Your bag of spoils rest next to your impaler, still slick with dripping bloody sheen coating its length. Beside it, a hefty weapon, a greatsword - girth befitting of a true warrior.
Drip. You’ll clean the creature’s blood from your steel later, whet the blade in a glen upon your return to the surface. For now, you assess th

The Fourth Seal
Chapter 2: Stonesong
Magaera's dreams were full of beautiful, naked, daemon-eating angels with golden hair, glowing green eyes, and perfect breasts. They brandished giant flaming swords, slicing gracefully through the miasma of the Eight Hells. After engorging on the damned the seraphic host flew back to Elysium on gloriously pure-white feathered wings, passionately kissing each other, bodily bulges and curves rubbing in heavenly ecstasy.
Magaera awoke abruptly. There was no heav

The Fourth Seal
Book 1: Oathbreaker
Chapter 1: Smitten
I've been down here for hours and I haven't sensed a single hint of evil, devilry or malice. No sight, nor sound, nor sense of impending doom. The only thing I feel is the dry, dusty air. This'll be terrible for my skin.
A lone woman wandered the dilapidated ash-covered halls. She moved from room to room, brandishing a radiant sword of considerable length. It illuminated the forgotten halls as a blazing torch would. Keziah Sorell was proud o

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