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I'm a long time lurker on the site, just recently started a gallery.
Ill mostly do stories of my OCs and occasionally Pixel Art.
I also want to commission the amazing talented artists here to draw my OCs, because i can't draw.
My main focus is Same-Size vore, with Female Pred. I love big bellies and also a lot of other weird stuff involving gulping and digestion.
If you are interested in using my OCs for something, feel free to PM me!

If you enjoy what you see in my gallery and want a place to chat and discuss ideas, send me a PM and i'll give you an invite to it ^^

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Hello! ^^
It's really hot where i am now, so i'm suffering quite a bit. I REALLY can't stand hot days...

Anyway, now that Marion's first story is out of the way, it's time i actually write down two new side characters that you guys made ^^

First is going to be an assistant for Thalia, done by  daeway
Second is a new friend for Mary, done by  Natolin and me

I'm not sure when they are going to be done, but that's what the next two stories will be about.
After that i'll probably continue "Mary's Getaway" story.

On a side note, on my Discord server i was convinced to try my hand at drawing, so whenever i feel the spark i'll give it a shot and if it's not utter garbage i'll post the results here as well...
[ Continued ... ]

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Pizza god is watching little me, I will try to provide some good stuff O my lord!

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