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Acidless Stomach By LTAF -- Report

I really need to watch this show. I literally never heard of Mina until I saw her in fortnite lmao

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Posted by joe354 2 months ago Report

You really dont need to watch it tbh. But it's up to you! Also great pic!

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Posted by PlaTT 2 months ago Report

The show is good. The mha fan base is what makes it odd

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Posted by Loverofhalo 2 months ago Report

The show takes a million years to get anywhere, but has some good moments.

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Posted by SideOrder 2 months ago Report

Compared to most of the shonen anime I've seen, MHA is honestly pretty well-paced. I'd say its bigger flaw is the way it tends to side-line its female characters, however that's a larger problem with anime as a whole.

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Posted by Tanookicatoon 2 months ago Report

Perma endo is so fuuuuun♥♥♥

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Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 2 months ago Report

I’m not usually into perms endo but in this situation I’ll gladly make an exception ~ Mina is 2nd best MHA girl (tsuyu is best)

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Posted by Obj3ctive 2 months ago Report


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Posted by Jackpot13666 2 months ago Report

For sure

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Posted by YummyxKitty 2 months ago Report

I'm kinda amazed I don't see more perma endo on this site

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Posted by Hot_Plate 2 months ago Report

Permanent entrapment is the last thing I expected from you, but I'm glad we got it!

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Posted by Hexagoo 2 months ago Report

very unique idea. i like it

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Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

It’s an average show , all you really need to know is Mina is a dancer / superhero / kinda a tomboy . And she controls can blast acid from her body

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Posted by DrAgonStranger 2 months ago Report

Ermm...I will skip the "average show" line because it's all up to subjective standards, but calling Mina a tomboy is such a blatant...mistake. She is quite feminine and I rarely saw her in male company. She is often seen doing girly stuff. She is just very opened, that doesn't make her a tomboy.

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Posted by DrAgonStranger 2 months ago Report

At least I wouldn't call her that. Maybe she has characteristics that can be seen as tomboyish and I just don't see them like this.

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Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

mina is definitely a tomboy , her being feminine doesnt mean she isnt a tomboy. the terms arent mutaully exclusive. and while bnha being average may be subjective. its not like bnha is a groundbreaking new totally different never done before take on superheroes . plus it isnt that good at portraying the points it wants to get across . so average is a polite description .

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Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

in this context the terms arent mutraully exclusive a person can be both

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Posted by DrAgonStranger 2 months ago Report

Okay, you may be right on Mina then.

As for "never done before argument", if you want to go that route, every story is in it's origin a repetition of old legends and fairytails. Many modern stories are like that, but they add enough to seem distinctive from others. In my subjective opinion MHA did enough to seem distinctive from others and leave it's mark on how future stories of that kind will be seen which for me is a mark of quality on it's own.

As for points it's trying to get across I think you are wrong. Tell me, which points it doesn't get good?

I am not shaming you for having a bad opinion on something. I know few people that think Harry Potter is average while I think it's a great story. Not without flaws, but good and even great considering it's impact. But you seem to try to make your opinion seem objective without making any objective statements.

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Posted by HulkHogan177013 2 months ago Report

Mina’s stereotype is the Genki Girl or Gyaru. She acts brash and friendly but doesn’t do much to cement herself as particularly masculine. I’d say 1-A doesn’t have a tomboy but Jiro is closer

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Posted by Quek 2 months ago Report


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Posted by MoonDustPl 2 months ago Report

Safe vore, i like that

Hey mina what about a deal? You let go ochaco and take me

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Posted by noisekeeper 2 months ago Report

Got addicted to being mistaken for pregnant, love it!

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Posted by semisenpai 2 months ago Report

This is probably my favorite LTAF piece

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Posted by WoodyBLike 2 months ago Report

Why don't you do animations anymore? Your art style would work well.

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Posted by Cc4 2 months ago Report

Wow this is great~

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Posted by Chomperman2001 2 months ago Report

The show has a great concept, decent execution, decent characters, and a terrible fanbase.

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Posted by Reiko 2 months ago Report

So perfect! Mina is best girl. Part 2? ;3

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Posted by Burr 2 months ago Report

Your gonna be safe as long as you don't get into ships

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Posted by Dundemi 2 months ago Report

The show's pretty decent, just avoid its toxic fanbase and its even more toxic antifanbase and build your own opinion of it.
At best, you'll get a decently lengthy show to be invested in. At worst, you'll still see many interesting character designs for possible vore scenarios

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Posted by Moss 2 months ago Report

bro think about it

weightless belly bulge since it's Ochaco inside her. It was just feel like nothing while Mina is carrying her

AND if Ochaco was the pred, she could make her OWN belly weightless! Like, she could do Mass Vore and just walk around lol

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Posted by Coldfox 2 months ago Report

Her being happy to help and then freaking out is so hot when you imagine how dark and wet it must be inside, no sense of light or direction or weather. Awesome picture

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Posted by tankbuster626 2 months ago Report

Im still gonna favorite because its a good piece, but Mina without a bigger ass makes me the big sadge.

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Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 2 months ago Report

Excellent female choice

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Posted by Golden 2 months ago Report

Awesome, glad you're back and uploading again!

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Posted by ConsumptionZ 2 months ago Report

The show is pretty fun until a certain point where the pacing goes off the rails and it gets real stupid.

Unfortunately Mina never got her "moment" like other characters did amongst the cast too. Great pic.

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Posted by XeNO333 2 months ago Report

Perma endo lets go!!!!

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Posted by brattydinosaurs 2 months ago Report


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Posted by Mordecai777 2 months ago Report

She should digest her little by little and remain with a smaller belly to fool people easier

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Posted by almindore58 2 months ago Report

I recommend watching it, myself

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Posted by KittenBow326 2 months ago Report

Man i LOVE this kinda scenarios

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Posted by Lordcontroller 2 months ago Report

REALLY!? You never heard of seen my hero academia!?

Or best girl Mina Ashido? She's amazing!

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Posted by Darkatio 2 months ago Report


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Posted by Bright 2 months ago Report

This one was pretty cute :p

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Posted by Wavevore13 1 month ago Report

She should eat more girls just to be sure

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Posted by strongjimmy 1 month ago Report

I dont watch the show myself but I do like Mina from what ive seen. Plus she got a nice big rack and big ass to boot :3

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