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Now up for Role-playing! (Should've said this a LONG time ago...)

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"Jack, stop laughing, this isn't -Urp!- funny."Jack Darby couldn't help himself - the young man was doubled over with laughter, pounding the sandy dirt with one fist as tears of joy streamed down his cheeks. He was currently watching his Autobot partner Arcee trying to wedge herself free from a garage door that had closed from the sides against her hips, leaving her trapped on her hands and knees with her front half wedged inside of a small warehouse while her 'generous' bare rump was stuck out

Another night at U.A., another night of studying in the dorms and cramming in those pesky homework assignments to focus on those even more annoying tests that one so desperately needs to pass for the 'school' part of becoming a hero. And with how close of a friendship most of the students had with one another, that meant study partners."Man, I really hope I don't have to do some hardcore math when I become a Pro." Sero Hanta chuckled nervously as his study buddy; one Jirou Kyouka, looked over hi

June Darby is a rare kind of woman: a great nurse with a wonderful attitude, a caring mom who loves her son with all her heart, (despite the fact she keeps him on a strict soy and tofu diet) and a lady with an eye-catching figure to both sides of the gender spectrum. You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer person, especially in a small town like Jasper, Nevada.As of now though, you'd also be extremely hard pressed to find someone so…large. Which leads us to her current predicament. She was curre

It was a normal day at the New World in Seliana as the morning sun rose up from behind the mountain range (Now short one mountain due to the antics of one particularly grumpy Elder Dragon). Light shined down onto the bustling town, the chilly air having just a hint of welcome warmth to it. Even as the morning dawn came to be, it was clear that its residents were still bustling about; several Hunters coming in yawning after late night expeditions, felynes tending to their daily toils carrying obj

“Arcee, are you sure it’s safe out here?”“You doubt my judgement Jack?”“Of course not! It’s just that, we’re out in the middle of the woods, at night… like last time.”“You said this kind of place would be romantic for this. And it is, if I’m being honest.”“I know, it’s just, I’m being paranoid. Bugs, wild animals, Decepticons…”“You worry too much. The first two are ignorable, and I can handle the third.”“Alright…”Jack Darby rubbed his shoulder awkwar

Music lightly echoed throughout Kaminari Denki's room as its electric blonde resident swayed to the beat of Jirou Kyoka's guitar; her eyes were closed as she let years of practice and the beat of her sonic heart guide her fingers to make the magic happen. She didn't make music just because someone asked her to - she only played her instruments for her close friends that asked nicely. And as big of a dork and an idiot that Kaminari was on his best days… he was definitely on her list of 'close f

"How do you even put up with him?!"Izuku Midoriya let out a sudden squeak as he suddenly found himself staring Mina Ashido right in the face, her normally relaxed demeanor replaced with a look of both worry and anger as she frowned at the sight before her. Said sight consisted mostly of a nervous wreck of a green bean laying down on a dorm couch with an ice pack over a serious black eye, as well as burn marks covering the majority of his face in the rough form of a handprint. Bakugou had thought

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Finally found a format for posting stories that I like and that doesn't require you to download a PDF to read them. Yay.

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