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Adagio Dazzle’s Suite no. 3 DETENTION in G-



It was a balmy day in late May, and you find yourself seated in the guidance councilor's rather large office after school. You received detention from Ms. Running River the Physics teacher for not doing your homework for the fifth day in a row. You are jo

and Dagger
was a slightly overcast day in the kingdom of Alexandria, snow had
been falling on and off all day. And all day, said snow was watched
occasionally by the young woman siting on the throne. Queen Garnet
til Alexandros was currently holding court, the role she considered
to be them most dull of all her royal duties, as it consistently
amounted to her listening to pissy nobles whining about being asked
to contribute to rebuilding efforts aimed at repairing the damage
done to th

and Sonata in Vore Minor
for some it’s only a religious holiday, for others, it meant
presents and lots of them, for some it was a time for family, and
still others, it was a little bit of some or all of the above. You
and your wife Harvest Moon were some of the last sort. You both were
enjoying a nice shopping trip at the Canterlot Mega-mall, doing some
last minute Christmas shopping before the big day.
Look!” Harvest said, dashing over to a lingerie store.

were many perks to being a powerful Majin, Eternal youth, enormous
power, the ability to survive in virtually environment among them.
Though above all, Reigna, Elite Member of the Time Patrol enjoyed her
ability to turn virtually anything or anyone into food.
Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed to use her power on just
anything. Use of the Majin’s “Candy Beam” had been strictly
restricted by order of the Supreme Kai of Time herself after the last
time Majin Buu had vis

Majin’s Meal
was a bright and sunny day in Conton City, home to the prestigious
Time Patrol. Everywhere you looked, you could see many different
faces of several of the galaxy’s strongest races, Saiyans,
Earthlings, Namekians, Majins and members of the same race as the
Galactic Tyrant Freeza as well as several others could be seen. One
Patroller in particular, a young Majin female named Reigna with pale
blue rubbery skin and bright magenta eyes flew over the city. As an
elite Time Patr

lone Earth pony stallion walked into Fort Jethro he trotted down the
street with deliberate purpose towards a smelly and dingy building
labeled 'BANK' his bulging, muscular legs rippled as he pushed the
door open., raised a minigun grafted to his shoulder. "ALRIGHT
EVERYPONY!" He yells, firing a few rounds into the wall as a
SANDWICH!" Several ponies screamed and a lone Pegasus mare
jumped through a

walked through the ancient abandoned train yard, looking around at
the empty skeletons that once could house hundreds of ponies at a
time. She giggled a bit as she let out a loud, raucous belch, patting
her belly, which was stuffed with a raider mare who was crying and
begging for help. Her belly was the only part about her that was fat.
Every other part of his screamed muscularity. Her legs were muscular
and strong, her flank was toned yet perfectly curved, and her wing
muscles were bulgin

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Ok, first I want to extend my greatest appreciation to all my readers for liking my newest story. I can hardly believe it but in a single week, Sonata's Taco has become my second most viewed story ever, (only Life with a Gryphoness 1 has more views, but that gap is quickly closing) again, thank you all.
The reason for my unforgivably long absence was, RL shit, more specifically my job working as a mail carrier at my local post office, the work schedule is unbelievably ridiculous, leaving me exhausted at the end of the day and killing my motivation. I am looking for work else where, but in the mean time, I snagged a transfer to a smaller office the next town over which is much better run and my schedual has improved greatly so I should be Avila me to write more in the near future. Not gonna...
[ Continued ... ]

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