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Hello out there internet peoples! My name is Jaennessa and I am a succubus. Like full on, demon horns and tail, feeds on sexy energy, sometimes swallows people alive Succubus. For a long while, I was just a “cold hearted bitch” who’d eat you just because I could. I wouldn’t even be hungry. It wasn’t until I met my Robbin that I actually felt something for someone beyond lust or predatory intent.
My parents died in a Car accident when I was one and a half and I was

“Anyways, What do we do with the other jerk bag then?”
“I-I can try.” Mina said, sounding uncertain. “But mommy said I might not be old enough.”
“Never know.” Wyndia said, looking curiously at her daughter. “Maybe Mina’s an early broomer.”
“Bloomer; and she might be, she’s able to keep herself airborn for longer than the average times I’ve seen on YouTube.” James said.
“But I don’t know how.&r

Daily Life With A Hungry Slime
So apparently this is a place to share Odd Liminal stories. Well, Here’s mine. And I think it qualifies even though... well... You can Call me Isaiah Lovegood, and My common-law ‘Wife’, Mary, is a Slime. She has no fixed height, it changes depending on a variety of factors, her mood and level of hydration are both big ones though. She usually floats between a four foot five preteen body and a 5 foot 6 curves mature body.
Mary isn’t her ful

“DADDY!” Cried a small voice, as the bedroom door opened, and the clitter-clatter of hard nails could be heard on the floor. “Daddy!” The child said again, rushing to the bed and raising two long winged arms with white feathers. “Daddy, daddy!” She cried, pushing him gently with her crude bony thumb digits.
The man in the bed stirred. “Urrgh... Mina? What’s wrong?” He murmured groggily.
“Daddy! I had that bad dream ‘gain!” S

Ummm.... yeah... so... I’m Amanda Kenson, and I’m nobody just a nerdy girl from a small town who made a big mistake after I left home for college. Though that mistake is also a mixed blessing as it was due to it that I met my roommate Alannah. my Roomie is a Dullahan, look it up if you don’t know what those are. She’s tall, about 6’10-and-a-half”, she has pale blueberry colored skin, with burning red eyes. She normally wears an odd corset like leotard with a c

Nearly 10 years have passed since ‘monster-kin’ more commonly known as “Liminals” Came into the open. In order that humanity and monsterkind should live in peace, new laws were passed governing behavior between the two species. This legislation, dubbed the Trans-Species Behavioral Accords lay down strict rules for behavior between the species, chief of which is that humans and monsters are forbidden from hurting each other. As most Liminals are vore-capable, and a few spe

Adagio Dazzle’s Suite no. 3 DETENTION in G-



It was a balmy day in late May, and you find yourself seated in the guidance councilor's rather large office after school. You received detention from Ms. Running River the Physics teacher for not doing your homework for the fifth day in a row. You are jo

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Hi there! Thanks to everyone who read my latest story. And special thanks to out to the people who voted in my poll.
The poll is now closed and Succubus tail vore narrowly won with a vote of 9.
Close second was Minotaur Breast Vore with a vote of seven.
And Ogre/Oni Mini-GTS took third with a count of four.
I’ll be honest I didn’t expect the Minotaur idea to garner much support. But color me surprised.
Anyways, I’ll get started on the new story and hopefully get it out within the week or two.
Dunno if there will be a poll for the next one or if I’ll skip it and just do the Minotaur idea after. I’ll see where I’m at when I’ve finished with this one.
Hope you’ll enjoy it and thanks again to everyone who voted!

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Posted by Helios542 9 days ago

Thanks for the fav :)

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Posted by fallenandscattered01 12 days ago

Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


Posted by CioneDavnira 1 month ago

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You're welcome. ^w^


Posted by Nobodyofintrest321 1 month ago

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Darn, Thanks for the heads up. Do you know if there is any place I can find her works?


Posted by Nobodyofintrest321 1 month ago

Hey do you happen to know Voltwreker? he was a writer here, but I cant find his work, do you know where i could find it?


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 1 month ago

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Np^^ ive been looking since ages for a good centaur/ess vore story including digestion and yours was the best one i read. Keep up the good work and pm me if your interested in some help/advise/tipps ect. Im always honored to help out where i can. Wish you the best with your work and live.


Posted by Naganommer 2 months ago

Thank you for the watch as well. I appreciate it.


Posted by Naganommer 2 months ago

Thank you for favoriting my work.


Posted by avatar300 2 months ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by Raven5689 4 months ago

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You're welcome


Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 5 months ago

Hi Smax! (if you don't mind me calling you that), I'm flattered you liked my story enough to watch me, since I've been watching you after all (blush).


Posted by Humbug 5 months ago

Thanks for watchin'! Hope you enjoy the gallery. :)

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