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The night watchmen eyed the
approaching cart suspiciously. It was a very strange time for any
respectable merchant to be approaching the Imperial City; the gates
were sealed and could only be opened with the approval of men of
great authority, most if not all of whom were currently sleeping. The
senior guard elbowed his junior compatriot in the ribs and gave him a
significant glance. Expect trouble, it meant. At the very least, it
was likely to be some sort of smuggler, at the worst… well, it

Days had passed and Branwen was anxious. The villagers had shown no
inclination to leave the supposed safety of their sanctuary, and not
so much as a reply had yet come from the Archbishop. What she knew
and hoped Red did not was that the same power that imbued one with
the talent for witchcraft also could provide a sort of instinctual
knowledge of how to use it. She could only hope Red was sitting about
idly, for if she had tried to work so much as a basic witchery in the
days that had passed s

Once upon a time there lived a
little girl whose red hair and equally fiery disposition prompted her
village to bestow upon her the sobriquet ‘Red’. The styling was
so apt that even her family adopted the appellation, and her real
name was soon forgotten. The only one who might still recall it was
her father, but as he had vanished when she was just a baby he could
not be consulted on the matter.
Red lived with her mother in the
small cottage in the woods, situated far from the village. Onl

 It was clear that Arnold would agree to anything Jackie proposed. He, at least, felt guilt; not for what he had done to Jane but rather for what he had put Jackie through by doing what he had done. As hard as Jackie tried however, she found herself unable to convince Betty.
 "No." Betty has responded emphatically the most recent time Jackie brought up the matter, and, when pressed, "It's too dangerous. It's a risk not worth taking. I'd have thought you learned f

 As she finished brushing her teeth, Jackie eagerly ran down the stairs, almost crashing into her mother.
 "Take it easy there, jumping jacks!" her mother exclaimed, gripping the railing tightly, "You've still got plenty of time to get to the bus!"
 "But momma," Jackie exclaimed, "it's my first day here! I can't be late!"
 "I know, I know," sighed Jackie's mom, "Just mind where you run, you hear? I

 "Five minutes left." Chloe thought to herself as the clock slowly ticked down. Her sixth period teacher was kind of an idiot, and was insisting that everyone spend the entire class reading silently. Normally this was the sort of behavior that would provoke outright rebellion on the last day before summer vacation, but Ms. Crabapple was the sort of old, stern teacher that children feared to cross even when the stakes were high. That's not to say that there was perfect silence, som

"But Mommy, I don't want to learn piano!" Allison riposted unanswerably, "None of my friends have to! Piano is dumb!"
"Now, Allison, we've been over this already," her mother, Mrs. Fisher, murmered distractedly, holding the phone to her ear with her shoulder as she shuffled through a file of papers, "Just a moment, Mrs. Smith, I have the documents right here..."
"It's gross and stupid! Why do I-"
Mrs. Fisher abruptly cut o

Warning: I'm not going to warn you about anything
 It had been easier than Holly expected to convince the manager that Julia must have done something horrible to her food that caused her to bloat horribly and have indigestion, but then again she hadn't considered that the manager had been managing Julia long enough to form an opinion on her work ethic. In fact, he was quite sympathetic to her,

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Posted by JackieateSimon 1 year ago

If you can't write it can I ?


Posted by JackieateSimon 1 year ago

Can you write a story were Jackie eats a willing younger boy named Simon please i beg you


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Thanks for watching! ^^


Posted by Humbug 5 years ago

Hey, thanks for watchin'! If this was specifically about that "Pred Quest" thing, I hope you enjoy it. :)


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Hey i think i saw that logo before!(your profile pic)


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Thanks for the watch :)


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no prob


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Not a problem


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Your welcome.You got some good stories espicially with Amy


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Thanks alot for the watch!^^

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