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Mina wrung her hands, her long fish tail swaying nervously behind her. The waters of the wide Jewel


flowed round her. Normally comfortable and familiar, they were disturbed now by the flow emerging out from the smaller tributary river she was gazing into with apprehension. The proximity of the silvery-blue, unsettling


Forest did little to calm her,

Rachel Roy exhaled a sigh of relief as she pushed shut her front door behind her, and took off her thick winter jacket and shoes. The inside of her flat was pleasantly warm, and it felt all the more pleasant with the thought of a day’s work behind her, and an evening ahead to relax. She padded into the front room in her warm tights, switching on the bright, sunny-yellow lights and closing the curtains to dispel the early winter darkness. Slouching comfortably on her sofa, she picked up her

The air was warm and rather humid over the jinjamb fields. The young woman was sweating somewhat, and she kneeled on the rich brown soil and slashed at the yellow-green stems of the crops, with the small machete she had been given. She gathered up the latest cut, stashed it neatly in the burlup bag she carried over her shoulder, then got up and took a few steps to her left. She knelt down again, and began cutting once more, continuing along the row of plants. The gesture was quite mechanical, re

The early evening was warm, the sunlight gradually turning to gold as it splashed peaceful, pastel colours across the distant sky. Crisis glanced up at it, her gaze quietly appreciative, travelling up through the lush canopy of the forest to the vast bright sky beyond. Out here, down on the forest ground, she wouldn’t get the best view of the sunset. Her line of sight was impeded by the trees – not like the spectacular view she had from her home in the Great Tree. But it was nice all

The dry-food storage room, underground, was quiet, many corridors away from the bustle and hum of the tribe’s communal activities and conversations. The barrels and shelves, table and chairs were starkly functional. It was a room that no-one came in unless they needed to – and then only briefly. The walls, made of solidly packed earth, were held up in places by thin wooden panelling. Other parts of those walls were left bare, so that the phosphorescent moss could grow, casting its ye

Seira Kwin stirred in her sleep, as the morning sunlight filtered between the leaves of the tall tree and played across her eyelids. She murmured amidst her slumber, the warm bark feeling pleasantly soft against her back, and tried to turn to a more comfortable position, away from this intruding daylight. She was hampered, however, by the warm soft weights pressing down on her arms and legs. Holding her in place.

That was unusua

A long time ago in a galaxy f

ar, far away…

A year has passed since the Empire’s disastrous defeat at


Minor. Squeezed back near the galaxy’s outer edge, Imperial loyalists fear for their survival.

Janine clenched her teeth, straining, as she swallowed her thirty-fourth person. The naked, slender young woman slid wetly down her throat with a fading squeal of excitement. Janine bit softly at her upper lip. She felt excessively full – and rather disappointed at herself.

She knew the inside of her stomach was… capacious. She knew it because she had always been able to eat large meals, pack away more beer than mos

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Don’t get excited; I doubt I’ll be writing any of these any time soon. (I have other types of stories I want to write first.) But I may at some point, so I’d be interested to know what you’d prefer.

Or, if you would like to write one of these stories, just let me know. The IVC setting is open to new writers / contributors.

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Posted by Tarip 10 months ago

<< Reply To French_snack

It seems like the Junaya and Tarip have all their bases covered. It is interesting that the only thing protecting a Tarip from being eaten when they don't want to be is that it would hurt a Junaya's reputation. Then again, i guess they wouldn't be concerned because generally they don't mind being eaten. Also interesting that the Tarip at Junaya feasts are just as much guests as the Junaya are - even though they're also food.

Anyway, I don't mean to spam your shout box with comments. Thanks again for answering my questions.


Posted by Tarip 10 months ago

<< Reply To French_snack

You're very welcome. I found the way the Tarip embrace their role as food for the Junaya fascinating.

What would happen if a Junaya ate a Tarip that was reluctant to be eaten? Or if one Junaya ate too many Tarip at once? Do they have rules for that sort of thing?


Posted by Tarip 11 months ago

Hi! I just made my account here, but I've been reading your stories for a few years now.

I was curious if you ever considered returning to the Aenhue stories. I always thought it would be interesting to see a story about Junaya characters pushing the boundaries of their society and how the others would react to them.

Anyway, thanks for posting your writings.


Posted by Gravitiii 11 months ago

Will there be more of the Emily & Laura stories? Female transformations? It's a bit lacking on those.


Posted by Gravitiii 11 months ago

Will there be more of the Emily & Laura stories? Female transformations? It's a bit lacking on those.


Posted by oishi1 1 year ago

Thanks for the fave. Welcome back.


Posted by tuyulacil 2 years ago

French Snack write :

I once had a story idea, which I never wrote but which would have gone something like this:

A married couple are in the process of splitting up. They don't hate each other or anything; it's just that married life hasn't worked out for them. As they're preparing for divorce, the wife asks her husband whether she can eat him. He agrees. They get their divorce, amicably. A few days later, she shrinks him. She eats him (he's still willing). After she's swallowed, her new boyfriend, who had been waiting in another room, comes in. She has blissful sex with her boyfriend, while her ex-husband is being digested in her tummy.

i can't wait this story.. please..

in my dream.. i don't good enough sex for my wife, my wife no feel chemistry with me any more.. she start cheat.. i start enjoy become cuckold hubby.. and the climax is .. she make me small in real .. just like your idea..

i just share my dream.. thanks a lot


Posted by Frakass 2 years ago

<< Reply To French_snack

Merci ^^
ça va, par bonheur... Bon, je ne suis pas de Bruxelles, mais les lieux des attentats (et en particulier la station Maelbeek) me sont familiers, et ça fait bizarre.
Je suis triste et fâché pour les morts et les blessés, mais mon état d'esprits est comme celui de mes concitoyens : ce n'est ni la peur, ni la haine qui dominent, mais une sorte de mépris ironique pour des terroristes certes nuisibles mais au final plutôt pied-nickelés...


Posted by SwallowMe 2 years ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by tigercloud 2 years ago

You have a large amount of great GTS-Vore Stories <3 Thank you for this =)

[ Reply ]


Posted by kokeman 3 years ago

<< Reply To French_snack

It might not be yours but I would have sworn it was, I'll just keep looking for it


Posted by kokeman 3 years ago

Okay I'm SO sorry to disturb but I've been looking for a story of yours and I can't find it so I was wondering if you could tell me the name. It's about a predator who has a sort of genie living inside of her and I don't remember much more... do you know what I'm talking about?

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