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The room was unlike any they had seen before. It was surprisingly large, and the walls and ceiling were painted a pleasantly warm shade of off-white. What first caught the girls’ attention, though, as they hurriedly took off their shoes and sometimes stockings and pressed eagerly inside, was the complex network of narrow, criss-crossing half-pipes that extended at all different heights across the width and length of the room.

America’s Top

. A popular television competition show in the United States. The first season’s winner was 19-year-old Gabrielle Paramo (eating twenty-eight people in the final), who soon after competed in the North and Central American regional vore qualifiers (eating thirty-one people). Though not formally endorsed by the Vore Council, it was created and produced by the brother of the then-president of the Council.



, Turkey, 19 December

Have a good look! Isn’t it
?” The image of the stone ruins down in the forested mountain valley blurred a little as Caramel swung her mobile phone in a sweeping gesture with her hand, filming the view below h

“And how about you, Uyên?” Bae Kyungsoon placed her hands lightly on the fabric of her elegant dress over her knees, and leaned almost imperceptibly towards the very young Vietnamese woman seated beside Carissa. “Would you like to tell us how you got into vore?” She offered a friendly smile.

Uyên tensed a little with concern at being the focus of unexpected attention. She had been trying, and

Tall and blond, her curves barely diminished by her trademark white lab coat, Alison Sedlak surveyed the new shrink machines for a brief instant.

They were new, more sophisticated. The basic mechanism was still the same –a set of pads on which volunteers would stand to be shrunk– but there were now significantly more controls and readout screens. The apparatus was supposed to be able to determine users’ mood,

Seoul, Korea, 8 May 2028

The Exhibition for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Technologies had been set up, somewhat unappealingly, in a tall long white pre-fabricated building on the large stone esplanade in front of the far more classical design of Seoul’s Museum of History, surrounded by the greenery of well-tended trees and meandering red brick paths. Carter Perry, a 23 year-old young man who had come

London, 1 May 2028

At this time of spring, the evening sky was still bright and warm. There was barely a lazy cloud to trouble its pale bright blue. Down in the streets of one of the busiest capital cities in the world, though, the young Jamaican woman hesitated amidst the bustle of the evening crowd. People of all social classes, all colours, all types of dress flowed like mingled streams around her, heading ho

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 16 April 2028

Her blades, responding to the swift movements of her body, performed a controlled skid across the ice, their sound mingling with the whoosh of her racket and the sharp, echoing

as she slammed it up into the shuttlecock. The feathered cork hurtled back throug

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I've created a poll here, with a selection of scenes provided if you'd like to read some of them again.

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Posted by Drpepper3ds 1 year ago Report

I love the inanimate tf and food tf stuff! there's never enough of it and to the standard you write it! Please could you write more! you do it so well.


Posted by NightRoller 1 year ago Report

How did it take me SO LONG to notice that your icon is a personalized version of the default on here?!
Admittedly, I grew accustomed to your profile image from other sites, but nonetheless my self-disappointment is severe.

[ Reply ]


Posted by BunnyWrites 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To French_snack

Oh lol, I've a tendency to do that too. I saved my first two stories as myStory1.rtf and myStory2.rtf too. I'm trying to be a bit more descriptive with my titles so I can better organise them later, but there's only so many ways you can phrase "girl eats other girl."


Posted by BunnyWrites 3 years ago Report

I've been a big fan of your stories for a long time. One thing I've always wondered though if it isn't rude to ask, what's with the naming scheme you use? Is it just easier to use numbers?


Posted by Tarip 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To French_snack

It seems like the Junaya and Tarip have all their bases covered. It is interesting that the only thing protecting a Tarip from being eaten when they don't want to be is that it would hurt a Junaya's reputation. Then again, i guess they wouldn't be concerned because generally they don't mind being eaten. Also interesting that the Tarip at Junaya feasts are just as much guests as the Junaya are - even though they're also food.

Anyway, I don't mean to spam your shout box with comments. Thanks again for answering my questions.


Posted by Tarip 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To French_snack

You're very welcome. I found the way the Tarip embrace their role as food for the Junaya fascinating.

What would happen if a Junaya ate a Tarip that was reluctant to be eaten? Or if one Junaya ate too many Tarip at once? Do they have rules for that sort of thing?


Posted by Tarip 4 years ago Report

Hi! I just made my account here, but I've been reading your stories for a few years now.

I was curious if you ever considered returning to the Aenhue stories. I always thought it would be interesting to see a story about Junaya characters pushing the boundaries of their society and how the others would react to them.

Anyway, thanks for posting your writings.


Posted by Gravitiii 4 years ago Report

Will there be more of the Emily & Laura stories? Female transformations? It's a bit lacking on those.


Posted by Gravitiii 4 years ago Report

Will there be more of the Emily & Laura stories? Female transformations? It's a bit lacking on those.


Posted by oishi1 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave. Welcome back.


Posted by tuyulacil 6 years ago Report

French Snack write :

I once had a story idea, which I never wrote but which would have gone something like this:

A married couple are in the process of splitting up. They don't hate each other or anything; it's just that married life hasn't worked out for them. As they're preparing for divorce, the wife asks her husband whether she can eat him. He agrees. They get their divorce, amicably. A few days later, she shrinks him. She eats him (he's still willing). After she's swallowed, her new boyfriend, who had been waiting in another room, comes in. She has blissful sex with her boyfriend, while her ex-husband is being digested in her tummy.

i can't wait this story.. please..

in my dream.. i don't good enough sex for my wife, my wife no feel chemistry with me any more.. she start cheat.. i start enjoy become cuckold hubby.. and the climax is .. she make me small in real .. just like your idea..

i just share my dream.. thanks a lot


Posted by Frakass 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To French_snack

Merci ^^
ça va, par bonheur... Bon, je ne suis pas de Bruxelles, mais les lieux des attentats (et en particulier la station Maelbeek) me sont familiers, et ça fait bizarre.
Je suis triste et fâché pour les morts et les blessés, mais mon état d'esprits est comme celui de mes concitoyens : ce n'est ni la peur, ni la haine qui dominent, mais une sorte de mépris ironique pour des terroristes certes nuisibles mais au final plutôt pied-nickelés...

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