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Mitsuko and Summer were seated side by side in the centre, at tables six and seven, while Carissa was on her own at table three – the outside challenger, in a sense. She had insisted, during interviews, that her comparatively low qualifying score of thirty-eight was not indicative of her top-form abilities, and now she was proving it. Her face was serious and focused as she ate her way through her seventh tray. She was showing signs of visible effort, and strain, and was eating almost mech

To Mistuko’s left, Owen watched from between Summer’s fingers as the young Japanese woman swallowed, the sizeable bulge slipping down her slender throat.

“Wow…” he breathed, a little shakily.

“Sexy, isn’t it?” Summer teased, and he turned his attention back fully to her. To the very young woman who was about to ea

Carissa was sitting in bed, breastfeeding her son as she read her detective fiction novel, when there was a knock on the door. She looked up sharply. She had reached a point in the novel where a janitor character in a cathedral felt he was being stalked, and was probably about to be murdered, and the knock at her door made her think immediately of Josie and Inès having been eaten in their hotel rooms in Toronto. She calmed herself quickly. It was almost certainly…

Carissa sat facing her computer, in her bedroom. Behind her, her window was open, revealing colourfully painted Barbadian homes on the opposite side of the street – and beyond them, a glimpse of the sparkling, sunlit Caribbean Sea. The sky was a perfect azure blue, with only faint wisps of lazily drifting white clouds. Faint snatches of conversation drifted up from the street outside, along with the thrum of a passing motorbike – up through the upstairs bedroom window and to the micr

Reference list of my stories

Here’s a list of my stories, indicating what each one is. (The very earliest stories are from all the way back in 2008!) Colour-coded for convenience:
is the International Vore Competition (including the Vore Quiz and the Vore Restaurant),
is Felarya,
is DotE,

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

On Bastion, the Imperial Knights are still seeking to define their relationship to the Force. They learnt on Rrlk’k II there may be other ways than those they’d known.

Now, a whisper in the Force seems to want to lure the Knights to t

It was a pleasantly warm September day, and the late afternoon sun was a soft, lovely gold through the dining room window. Although her table –with its elegantly simple, white-frilled cloth over richly dark wood– could have seated half a dozen guests or more, Clara dined alone, glancing out now and then in quite quiet appreciation into her sunny back garden as she ate.

She did not

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It has been almost two years since



last held her children in her arms. As the Cold War simmers on, the Empire fiercely defends the remnants of its territory.

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Just to let you all know: I’ve entered a busy period at work again, which is likely to last until Christmas. So don’t be concerned (or too impatient! :)) about my story output slowing down.

I’ve written a large part of the next IVC story, but much remains to be done. At the point where I’ve stopped for now, I need to (re)organise things a bit before writing the rest. And for that, I’ll need a stretch of several hours in which I’m not distracted by work. Not very likely in the near future.

Well… That’s all, really. But the story will definitely be written. There are tummies to be filled, stuffed tight and stretched and groaning, and a world champion to be decided!

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Posted by Tarip 1 year ago

<< Reply To French_snack

It seems like the Junaya and Tarip have all their bases covered. It is interesting that the only thing protecting a Tarip from being eaten when they don't want to be is that it would hurt a Junaya's reputation. Then again, i guess they wouldn't be concerned because generally they don't mind being eaten. Also interesting that the Tarip at Junaya feasts are just as much guests as the Junaya are - even though they're also food.

Anyway, I don't mean to spam your shout box with comments. Thanks again for answering my questions.


Posted by Tarip 1 year ago

<< Reply To French_snack

You're very welcome. I found the way the Tarip embrace their role as food for the Junaya fascinating.

What would happen if a Junaya ate a Tarip that was reluctant to be eaten? Or if one Junaya ate too many Tarip at once? Do they have rules for that sort of thing?


Posted by Tarip 1 year ago

Hi! I just made my account here, but I've been reading your stories for a few years now.

I was curious if you ever considered returning to the Aenhue stories. I always thought it would be interesting to see a story about Junaya characters pushing the boundaries of their society and how the others would react to them.

Anyway, thanks for posting your writings.


Posted by Gravitiii 1 year ago

Will there be more of the Emily & Laura stories? Female transformations? It's a bit lacking on those.


Posted by Gravitiii 1 year ago

Will there be more of the Emily & Laura stories? Female transformations? It's a bit lacking on those.


Posted by oishi1 2 years ago

Thanks for the fave. Welcome back.


Posted by tuyulacil 2 years ago

French Snack write :

I once had a story idea, which I never wrote but which would have gone something like this:

A married couple are in the process of splitting up. They don't hate each other or anything; it's just that married life hasn't worked out for them. As they're preparing for divorce, the wife asks her husband whether she can eat him. He agrees. They get their divorce, amicably. A few days later, she shrinks him. She eats him (he's still willing). After she's swallowed, her new boyfriend, who had been waiting in another room, comes in. She has blissful sex with her boyfriend, while her ex-husband is being digested in her tummy.

i can't wait this story.. please..

in my dream.. i don't good enough sex for my wife, my wife no feel chemistry with me any more.. she start cheat.. i start enjoy become cuckold hubby.. and the climax is .. she make me small in real .. just like your idea..

i just share my dream.. thanks a lot


Posted by Frakass 2 years ago

<< Reply To French_snack

Merci ^^
ça va, par bonheur... Bon, je ne suis pas de Bruxelles, mais les lieux des attentats (et en particulier la station Maelbeek) me sont familiers, et ça fait bizarre.
Je suis triste et fâché pour les morts et les blessés, mais mon état d'esprits est comme celui de mes concitoyens : ce n'est ni la peur, ni la haine qui dominent, mais une sorte de mépris ironique pour des terroristes certes nuisibles mais au final plutôt pied-nickelés...


Posted by SwallowMe 2 years ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by tigercloud 3 years ago

You have a large amount of great GTS-Vore Stories <3 Thank you for this =)

[ Reply ]


Posted by kokeman 3 years ago

<< Reply To French_snack

It might not be yours but I would have sworn it was, I'll just keep looking for it


Posted by kokeman 4 years ago

Okay I'm SO sorry to disturb but I've been looking for a story of yours and I can't find it so I was wondering if you could tell me the name. It's about a predator who has a sort of genie living inside of her and I don't remember much more... do you know what I'm talking about?

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