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Download it immediately. Thinking this week might be the week I actually take everything down (I know, right? Like we've heard that before).

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Posted by Anesthetic 7 days ago Report

Are you OK?

Hope you are doing well and your disappearance is not a sign of your real life being in a bad way.


Posted by mibankai1171 3 weeks ago Report

What happened to the baby fat stuff?


Posted by kidclef 1 month ago Report


Posted by 121199 1 month ago Report

You're gone now... well that sucks... glad I at least got most of your stuff I guess...


Posted by Eddibble 1 month ago Report

Part of me is hoping you’re gonna come back all like “LOOKS LIKE MEATS BACK ON THE MENU BOIS!!!”


Posted by Zenaughtyman 1 month ago Report

Somebody post a mega link


Posted by Krowl 1 month ago Report



Posted by F1reDem0n 1 month ago Report

Welp this sucks. They've removed everything now. :/


Posted by namad 1 month ago Report

btw that mega link appears to be missing certain content that was only posted to eka and not dA like:

I could be wrong though, dA and the rip both have a version that's 10mb smaller, which I assume means this eka version has extended content? I'd love it if someone slash some people could help me look through all the great art and find a way to add the small handful of missing files to the mega.

this is also missing, but I assume it was removed on purpose?


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 month ago Report

Also why are you going to delete your entire page here? Why not just leave it up as a sort of archive?

Was really sad and disappointing when BlondieVelvet did that and I don't get the point of why that's required.

Let others who find this place come across your work and enjoy it. Don't trash years and years worth of your sweat, blood and tears for the sake of...well why ever it is you are choosing to take it all down.


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 month ago Report

As a fan and follower of your work for years (even helped pay for that Miniature Pony scene in your Pet story Baby Fat flash game), the ending to the Baby Fat series you've put to much love and effort into is...well disappointing man. Going out like a wet fart is never wise.

It's far better to end your work over so many years on a strong note while having a few rough spots before then having a ton of strong notes and ending to poorly.

I really hope you reconsider the ending to Baby Fat and end it on a really dang strong note. I think myself and many others would rather love your work and see you leave the fandom strong then leave on such a weak note. :(

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